Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Follow Your Hunches

Here's a comment I just tried to post on Max Keiser's website, which has been blocked (surprise, surprise!):

'Interesting to follow ones hunches. ZH is telling us that the CIC is advocating a gold-backed renminbi:

Then, a little research shows that a certain Lord Stern is on the CICs list of advisors:

And then a little research into Lord Stern and we discover (lo!) that he's an Ashkenazi who is advocating pushing climate change to bring about global economic change:

So there you have it, in a couple of clicks: the Zionists (who are bringing us dreadful weather in S Europe with their geoengineering) are continuing to manipulate the world into their NWO model, and are very active in China to bring this about.

J'accuse: and I think Max knows all of this. I throw down the gauntlet!'

Since I threw down my gauntlet into thin air, another couple of clicks discovered that another CIC advisor, James Wolfensohn, is also right up there with the NWO/globalists:

So I've confirmed a hunch (backed by a lot of research) that I've had for some while now: China and/or the BRICS are not  all that they appear to be, but part of the long-running NWO agenda to bring in a global currency and obtain complete control over the world. Prediction: as soon as the gold-backed new global currency is in place, the geoengineering will stop, the clouds will part and we'll all be expected to praise our masters for bringing this about.

Also discovered since:

Other members of the Advisory Council of the CIC (our saviours from the East, apparently…) are:
Merit Janow – Council on Foreign Relations
David Emerson – violated ethics code in Canadian elections
John J Mack – former CEO of Morgan Stanley
John L Thornton – former President of Goldman Sachs
Jean Lemierre – President of European Free Trade Association


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