Wednesday, April 11, 2018

What? More to Worry About?

Ha! And just when you thought WWIII was something to really worry about, along comes something even more urgent: a mini ice age!

Believe me or not, I don't care. Prepare now or don't - it's up to you. Do some research and buy some food, or don't - it's your choice.

This interview lays it all out:

Part two is even more fascinating:

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Missing Money

How much? Wow!

Pretty pointless pointing this utter corruption out, especially as it goes all the way to the top - the masses are far too busy being distracted and hating each other. Ho-hum.

Anyway here is an interview with someone credible, authentic and sincere, who explains all about the missing money:

I hope he doesn't take any small planes anywhere...

Thursday, March 8, 2018

World War Three

"Who could have known?"


Well, quite a few of us, actually:

PS Should be a good enough excuse for the stock market failure and the resulting moon-shot in PMs? Consolidation of Government power using existing COG legislation, (backed up by the Military, natch); food issued by ration books; new crack-downs on free speech, tightened 'security', etc, etc.

Eventually to be followed by a new ecological revolution (once 85% of us are out of the way, six foot under).

Let's take a guess: on 11/3? Or 22/3, one of their favourite numbers?

Up-date: maybe not on 11/3, but it's getting closer if you join the dots: the drums of war are beating louder...

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Peak Oil (encore) & the Collapse of Complex Societies

At the risk of repeating myself, peak oil and EROI are things you need to know about:

...and a book I've had on my shelves, and promoted, for years, describes how complex societies need more energy - which we haven't got:

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Total Solar Irradiance (TSI)

Interestingly, John Casey suffered a stroke just after this interview. They wouldn't, would they?

(Oh yes they would).

Grand Solar Minimum

Believe this Russian Scientist, or the BBC? It's up to you:

Or this American President of 'Global Weather Oscillations', or CNN? It's up to you:

Gee, ya don't think they would have made the climate artificially warm up for the last thirty years in order to prepare for the GSM, do ya? Do ya think they'll put women and children first, or themselves? Do ya think the COG laws have been put in place for just this type of scenario? Do ya think they might have kept us mightily distracted with this 'war on terror', whilst they get prepared, with their DUMBs, and underground food production?

Don't bother answering those questions, they're rhetorical.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

The FISA Memo

It's a big *yawn* actually, as we know all politicians are deeply corrupt and that there's a larger Agenda at play, but here it is anyway:

As Jim Stone says: 'One sentence summary: All this does is prove Trump has no ties to Russia, and that people acted illegally against the Trump campaign.'

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Co-Creating and taking on the Structural Elite

Take your sides, ladies and gentlemen! Mental slavery or the freedom to think critically? Subservience or the ability to make our own decisions?

Monday, January 29, 2018


Well, has it been worth the wait?

It's not exactly a gold standard, but is it taking on the fractional reserve team?

I'm waiting to see the logo to find out...

Meanwhile, here is some more about it:

PS: Almost missed this:

Monday, December 25, 2017

The Modus Operandi

Or 'How it Happened IV'...

So, it's pretty obvious what TPTB want in the coming months, isn't it? World-wide war with someone (take your pick: Iran, North Korea, Russia, etc), societal breakdown, quickly followed by financial breakdown (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) to be swiftly followed by deadly outbreaks of lethal diseases, brought to you by your friendly neighbourhood pharmaceutical laboratory:

Can you dig the third paragraph!

Oh, Merry Christmas too, and keep shopping!

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Early Adopters

Any of these names appear familiar?

...and yet Max Keiser is trying to tell us that Bitcoin will destroy nation states and central banks......what is that, if not a recipe for the ...NWO, with the UN at its head!

Monday, December 11, 2017

Context Richness

Exactly what the Singularity people are missing - the context!

It's a language, and they've only just discovered some of the words, or, at worst, some of the letters of the words...

(Listen to the bird in the background! Also trying to tell you something!)

One World Currency - Coming Soon!

Again, my favourite economist lays it out so clearly that a layperson can understand it:

Oh look! The BIS (note their logo) is starting to think about Central Banks crypto currencies: poor things, probably been left behind in the global monetary reset (nudge, nudge, wink, wink):

(Read the Protocols for more on this!)

Distributed Ledger Technology

So, with enough distractions to keep even the most avid dot-connector busy, the blockchain continues to be rolled out. Incredible how much information is out there when you start digging into it, but you wouldn't know it from the MSM.

Here we see that 'Satoshi Nakamoto' (whom Bix Weir thinks is Alan Greenspan - makes sense) first thought of the idea in 2007. I doubt 'Satoshi' worked alone, and according to Edmund J Dunne, the rash of banker 'suicides' was linked to the early development of this technology. Edmund says that he invented DLT to solve the corruption in the banking system, to atone for their evil actions. Makes sense they tried to kill him - à la 'Gold Warriors' and the burying alive of the engineers in the Philippines, the ones who knew where the loot was buried.

EJD was on the run in Ireland, (and I offered him shelter here), having worked for Barclays, and feared for his life - his tweets have now been removed and I have no further news. It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Barclays were up to their necks in dirty dealings, given their Apartheid history.

Quinn Michaels thinks Satoshi Nakamoto might, in fact, be AI: so that the whole new financial system was designed by computers - a less convincing argument, but worth keeping in the back of one's mind.

Anyway, someone wants this new financial system to be brought in, and quick, and I can't help thinking that it's very much linked to a major catastrophic event, which is dead ahead. GSM, or man-made 'GSM' being two likely contenders. The early adopters will be able to rise from the ashes, phoenix-like, after the event. The connection to The Economist 1988 magazine cover, predicting a global currency by 2018, is not lost on me.

Either way, hold on to your hats and don't get distracted!

NB Bitcoin was at $689 when I bookmarked this link - now it's at $16,466! Nosebleed territory, or just getting started?

Just seen this pertinent new post from my old chum Jared - there's no such thing as a coincidence:

Interesting times ahead.

PS Another major catastrophic event that they could lay on for us could be a nuclear war - global or 'limited'. Let's not forget that they're eugenicists, and a few million dead here or a few million dead there would not bother them. Believe it or don't believe it, it's up to you:

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The Plan

From A - Z, the marvellous, wonderful, intelligent and investigative Lynette Zang tells us the Plan of the financial wizards. It is soooooooo convoluted, complicated and conniving, but Ms Zang manages to lay it out very, very cleary for someone of average intelligence, so this interview is a must-listen:

For those with short attention spans or a complete lack of interest in economics, they will just have to be swept along in the coming mayhem. I reserve the right to stand aside when millions of lemmings go over the cliff, with the sad realisation that many people will be caught up in this chaos through no fault of their own. Sorry for them.

NB: Make no mistake, Trump's announcement to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem is ALL part of this Plan. Why? Because it helps along the narrative/script of "oh, the madman started off world war three, there was such a negative and violent political reaction to this news, everyone started fighting each other, then the financial markets failed, blah, blah, blah...".

This will be what will go down as 'history', although it is very, very far from the actual truth.

It also tells you WHO exactly is behind this Plan of a financial reset - it's really not that hard to connect the dots. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Getting Psychologically Prepared

There is a small chance that TPTB can pull this off without the mayhem described in this article. But even if they do - and why would they, when their MO to-date has been maximum pain and mayhem - ordo ab chao - the result will be that 'they' are still the owners, and we the people become mere serfs, again.

 I blame us, however: we didn't pay attention. We thought this time was different. It wasn't.

Sure as Eggs are Eggs

As Lynette Zang tweeted the other day, they need a war in order to bring in their new financial system.

I said as much in my 'How it happened' post here, written in 2014. Yesterday's news of huge tax cuts in the US is all (obviously) part of the script that will go down as 'history' ....."Trump was out of control and gave tax cuts to his buddies, which crashed the US financial system, which led to the demise of the petro-dollar .blah, blah,blah.".

And as if that wasn't enough, they've got one or two nice little wars lined up, in order to distract us.

Don't get distracted - follow the money - it's already gone over to the blockchain.

They are ready to 'crash' the present system, in the largest wealth transfer in history:

It's possible they could do this smoothly, but that's not their style - after all, they are eugenicists...

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

.......and it's gone!

I've been following this banking 'crisis' (read creeping take-over) for years, including the bail-in proposals made in Australia in 2014, which were later enforced by law. Basically any money put in a bank immediately belongs to the bank, and not to you. If the bank fails, the MSM will scream loudly that the tax-payer has been spared the cost of the bail-out, meanwhile the banks continue to consolidate into one tightly-knit group of people. Recently one failed Spanish bank was sold to another (Santander) for the princely sum of €1, but I doubt it made the press.

It's a long-term plan, being implemented incrementally, so as not to come to the attention of the public, with plenty of distractions to keep us diverted. "Look over there!" It's as evil as it is ingenious.

So here we have more of their creeping control mechanism being put in place. Slowly, slowly, softly, softly. Eventually they will be able to close the banking system down, and move over to the blockchain (plans well under-way to digitize all commodities). Meanwhile, we'll all be dependent on our over-stetched and deliberately under-funded Government for food stamps, to be spent in the four or five supermarkets left open, so that we can be fed GMO round-up sprayed processed food. Would it surprise you that the same group of people own the pharmaceutical industry too?

Happy days ahead! But don't look here, "Look over there!"

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Palentir, AI and the Singularity

I first wrote about the Singularity many years ago. Seems it has come a long way, and you'd do well to put aside an afternoon to listen to these two interviews:

And here Quinn Michaels says the the Singularity is rolling out - THIS WEEK! Our world will never be the same:

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Grand Solar Minimum & Geoengineering

A very clear picture is emerging of the not-too-distant future. A new Grand Solar Minimum which 'they' have been trying to prevent using geoengineering.

Sounds mad, doesn't it?

Here, some NASA documents from 1966, in an article which itself dates from 2014:

Here's an interview on CBS (barf!) from 2013, with the once-omnipresent physicist Dr Michio Kaku, admitting that they're firing trillion watt lasers (I kid you not) into the sky to bring about rain or lightening:

Much more about geoengineering on this blog, if you scan back a few years. I couldn't believe then that people weren't taking any notice of the huge abnormal white streaks in the sky! Now I've largely given up trying to convince anyone of anything - people have to wake up in their own time.

Unfortunately, if this GSM is true, and bearing down on us, they aren't going to make it...

Oh, BTW, thanks to Adapt 2030 for some invaluable information! Here's his latest:

(Some good comments)

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Understanding Cryptocurrencies

".....this is NOT outside of the is THE system...."

It takes an analytical woman being interviewed by another analytical woman to end up getting a clear, intelligent, cogent and perfectly comprehensible interview!


As opposed to the people who have invented this whole opaque system, deliberately designed only to be understood by the top banksters in the world - and even then, not by all of them! Can you say 'behind the curtain'?

Thank goodness for Ms Zang, and also for Adapt 2030, who has also explained the up-coming wealth transfer in very clear terms. I'm just not 100% convinced by the coming 'naturally-occurring' grand solar minimum yet, although it does seem to tie up a lot of loose ends in my mind, especially if you factor in geoengineering.

As Ms Zang says, look at who is spending all of the money on developing this technology. Exactly! It is their new system, and they need to get us all on board with it. "The cryptocurrencies are for a standard shift, they have to reset the current system, all of the debt in the current system, in order to make that transfer....." (1h24)

Enough of the 'good guys' vs. 'bad guys' meme: it is infantile!

Friday, November 10, 2017

Purge in Saudi Arabia

Eat your heart out BBC & The Guardian (of the status quo...) as here we have some decent and in-depth reporting from a Lebanese journalist, explaining the recent fast-moving events in Saudi Arabia:

I assume this will have very limited coverage in the UK, which really has become a news-free zone, much like the USA, just hours and hours of reality drivel.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How Cryptos and Grand Solar Minimum Coincide

Again, I've got to hand it to these financial whizz-kids, who've got us all desperately looking the wrong way and worried about all sorts of things - jihadis, global warming, EMPs, successionist movements, fascism, satanism, WWIII etc - whilst they get on with concentrating on the job at hand. And that job is: developing a way to bring in a global (digital) currency to march in lockstep with the on-set of the Grand Solar Minimum.

Once the GSM is underway (now), there will be nothing to stop it, so all fiat currencies and most Governments will crash, or at best become irrelevant to survival - so if you depend at the moment on your Government, you're out of luck.

But don't worry! Just learn a whole new set of useful skills, like farming and food storage, carpentry, stonemasonry, etc. Better yet, start twenty years ago...

Here we go, folks, it'll be a wild ride and I hope some of us come out on the other side of it:

Note to self: better get hold of some LEDs before the panic buying starts...

PS Here's a longer, more detailed explanation of the GSM by the same blogger, whom I'd like to personally thank for putting this otherwise obscure information out there: