Friday, November 30, 2012


Here's a two-hour documentary on the history of Palestine:

Catherine Austin Fitts

At a conference on 'peaceful coexistence' in Holland - now wouldn't that be nice!

Palestine gets UN Recognition

Congratulations to Palestine, with no thanks to the corrupt Governments of UK, US and Israel:

Nobel Peace Prize laureates call for military embargo against Israel:

911 Revisited in Kuala Lumpur

Finally a group of people plucky enough to take a second look at the event that changed history:

Cynthia McKinney

This wonderful woman is lucky to still be alive, after taking a moral stand against the corruption in high office in the US. She is worth listening to:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bill Still - Banking

Continuing our 'solutions' theme. This is quite old, but well worth listening to again (and is even more true today than when it was first recorded):

Solution: get rid of the cartel banks.

Solutions - Public Banking

From the wonderful Ellen Brown. Here's the 'shocking truth about our money system':

Here's a recent radio interview with her:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Bottom Line

Britain is run along fascist business model lines by a clique of Nazis, who are elitist, deeply sexist and overtly racist. They are propped up by the Freemasons, many of whom at the bottom of the pyramid (sic) have no idea what they are supporting, as they are being used as well, and will be cast aside when the time comes. British culture (such as it was) has been hijacked and the whole country has seemingly gone along with this agenda, preferring an easy life to standing up to obvious lies, distortions and outright propaganda. It is there for all to see.

I have always voted with my feet. I cannot support racist rhetoric, blatant sexist behaviour which goes unchallenged, or any of this (extremely prevalent) middle-class ladder-climbing, which means that you blame people below you on the social ladder for all of society`s ills, rather than the wealthier and wealthier fat-cats who manage this abominable country for their own gain.

If you buy into this then you are no friend of mine. If you accept this, you are no friend of mine. If you give in to it in order to make yourself some extra cash, you are no friend of mine. Today we need heros, who will challenge this disgusting business practice and call it what it is: the Fascist Business Model (H/T Jim Willie, but also Stieg Larsson, plus many others who have tried to raise the alarm on the internet).

As I said in a previous post, this Jimmy Saville story is just the beginning, and the country will go into a state of shock if/when the truth does eventually reveal itself. As I write this the Establishment has gone into full `rebuttal` mode, and no doubt some of the new paedophile witnesses who have finally come forward will `meet with an accident`. Waiting for justice can take a long time. I wish them luck.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Legalise Pot!

Not because I love to smoke the stuff - I've never touched it - but because it would pull the rug out from under the drug cartels, 70% of whose revenues come from it. Here is the truth they never tell you about Mexico and the drug wars:

Collapse Consciously

Maybe it's time to talk about this again? This article, by the respected Carolyn Baker, was written two years ago, but the title says it all, and is perhaps more relevant today than when it was written:

Here's her website:

The Emperor Has No Gold!

For years I've felt like the little boy in that fable, where he sees that the Emperor has no clothes. Once I discovered Fractional Reserve Banking it all became crystal clear. Well it seems this move by Governments around the world to finally wake up and try to get their hands on their own gold is picking up steam.

Of course Chavez was ahead of the game, asking for Venezuela's back in 2011, but now there will be an almighty scramble by other countries to claim theirs, and for the Central Banks (principally London, New York, but also Paris) to try to promise to everyone that there is no panic and that they can all have a piece of the pie. They can't, it was rehypothecated years ago, and lies off-shore somewhere (Jersey? Cayman Islands? Switzerland? Phillippines?) and all we have is these paper certificates denoting ownership, kept safely in a leaky basement vault in New York.

Oh, wait......

Japan Changes The Rules

Big, big surprise here, although there have been rumours on the blogosphere for a while now. Seems like someone, somewhere is ready to take on the TBTF guys (although I always keep in the back of my mind that it could be part of the Hegelian dialectic!):

Here's the pdf that the article refers to. As many of us know, all of this 'debt' could be wiped out with the stroke of a pen, and maybe that is what they're going to do? Japan to be watched very closely:

Ready For Truth?

One of the best (and accurate) rants I've heard in a long time:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tom Watson MP

Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, Kenneth Clarke et al. Question raised in House of Commons by MP Tom Watson. Here's his blog:

See Comments too.

The World Wants its Gold Back

Trust is going, going, gone:

Part 2: more on the $43T lawsuit:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ecuador Wants Its Gold Back

Jim Willie - The Gold is Gone!

You have to follow the financial scandals to understand JW's rather esoteric style, but he's right on the button, and here he confirms that the BBs are rushing to cover their tracks, as the 'Eastern entity' demands physical:

Only doubt in my mind: how is he so sure that the 'Eastern entity' is on the side of the little guys? Personally I am very suspicious that these 'Eastern entities' are, in fact, just the Central Banks moving their base to the Far East and out of the US, and in the process trashing the US dollar (and the Euro) and creating their long-awaited gold-backed global currency. And hey, it'll be on your mobile 'phone and totally virtual, so it's actually a continuation of their fiat scheme, but knocks out a large percentage of the middle class, thereby improving the standing of the so-called, self-appointed 'élite'.

I'm hoping the other so-called 'élite' will be so burned by the loss of their family fortunes, (with the theft of the gold in the allocated accounts) that they might let some of these ultra-secret manoeuvres out, but in fact I doubt it really, as there's nothing more odious to someone who thinks they're part of the élite than to admit that they may, in fact, be no better than the rest of us!

$43 Trillion Lawsuit


And here, a very strange story of two children of a CNBC exec (the Channel which broke the news about the lawsuit) died mysteriously at the hands of their Nanny:

Here's the Lawsuit itself:

Fascinating stuff!

Custody Certificates Damaged in Hurricane Sandy

Oh gosh! Oh how awful! These 'custody certificates', which were apparently kept in a basement in New York, were damaged when Hurricane Sandy hit New York. They amounted to $36 trillion (that's TRILLION) and at the moment the outcome is not clear.

Now, this is in the same week as Germany asked for its gold back, which was kept in London and New York, and each gold bar would have to have a chain-of-title to prove ownership. This also in the same week as the $43 trillion lawsuit where a group of people are suing the TBTF banks for their money back (see other Post).

If you are not suspicious, you are not reading enough!

This of course ties in with Jim Willie's latest piece (see Jim Willie's latest), where he re-iterates his assertion that the TBTF Banks have rehypothecated the gold in the vaults, and there is none there. Hopefully Germany will not drop this case.