Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Bottom Line

Britain is run along fascist business model lines by a clique of Nazis, who are elitist, deeply sexist and overtly racist. They are propped up by the Freemasons, many of whom at the bottom of the pyramid (sic) have no idea what they are supporting, as they are being used as well, and will be cast aside when the time comes. British culture (such as it was) has been hijacked and the whole country has seemingly gone along with this agenda, preferring an easy life to standing up to obvious lies, distortions and outright propaganda. It is there for all to see.

I have always voted with my feet. I cannot support racist rhetoric, blatant sexist behaviour which goes unchallenged, or any of this (extremely prevalent) middle-class ladder-climbing, which means that you blame people below you on the social ladder for all of society`s ills, rather than the wealthier and wealthier fat-cats who manage this abominable country for their own gain.

If you buy into this then you are no friend of mine. If you accept this, you are no friend of mine. If you give in to it in order to make yourself some extra cash, you are no friend of mine. Today we need heros, who will challenge this disgusting business practice and call it what it is: the Fascist Business Model (H/T Jim Willie, but also Stieg Larsson, plus many others who have tried to raise the alarm on the internet).

As I said in a previous post, this Jimmy Saville story is just the beginning, and the country will go into a state of shock if/when the truth does eventually reveal itself. As I write this the Establishment has gone into full `rebuttal` mode, and no doubt some of the new paedophile witnesses who have finally come forward will `meet with an accident`. Waiting for justice can take a long time. I wish them luck.

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