Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Monday, September 23, 2013

The New Silk Road

Fascinating article by Pepe Escobar, incorpoarting China and Russia's economic visions:

We live in interesting times! The comments are interesting, too.

Here's another of Pepe's pieces, regarding the Anglo-French-American axis on Syria, amongst other topics:

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hitler's Banker

Here Bill Still gives the low-down on information about how Germany was able to re-build so quickly after WWI. Pretty obvious really, but now we have proof: yes, it was the debt-based model all over again:

Here is Ellen Brown's 6-year-old paper about Hitler's finances:

And an article summarising her work:

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

HSBC Money Laundering

More news coming out all the time:

It's only a matter of time now until the banking system collapses.

Gold Backwardation

Here's Karen Hudes again, thankfully getting around and telling her story. The last time gold was in backwardisation was in 1970 - just before the US came off the gold-standard under Nixon. She says the coming economic collapse will make others in the past pale by comparison:

It's not 'if' the banking system goes under, but 'when'. Personally I think this has been brought about deliberately as part of a long-held agenda, but when it collapses it will be made to look like it was just because of QE to infinity, war, bad policy decisions, etc. Then we'll have a few months of unimaginable hell, then the new (already designed) global banking system, but this time it will be on your mobile 'phone, with no High Street branches - 100% digital.

Sacred Economics

An interesting interview, speaking to many obvious points of where we've all gone wrong as a species:

Monday, September 16, 2013


Bill Still invited by the Turkish President! Here he gives a 4-minute presentation about his experience and the objectives of the Turkish banking system:

Maybe JW is right and the BRICS are winning! Although I thought Turkey was 'in bed' with Israel lately. Time will tell.

End of Confidence in the Dollar

"...without confidence, the country loses everything that keeps it alive. Unfortunately, the GEAB readers know that this is the home straight of the United States’ inevitable deterioration in influence..."


Inevitable is the word!

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tax Wall Street

What an original idea!

Randy Credico is running for Mayor in New York on a platform of tax Wall Street. As a result his name has been left off the ballot, the media have shunned him and you have to seek him out to vote for him. Despite all of this, he did extremely well in the recent by-elections and has qualified for the ballot for the November 5 elections:

Here's the website for the 'Tax Wall Street' Party:

Webster Tarpley's Weekly Geopolitical Round-Up

Excellent summary by M Tarpley, including the interesting snippet on Zbigniew Brzezinski that the US's influence in the Middle East is ending (minute 20). This whole US/Russia confrontation is looking more and more to me like theatre, and following a long-held agenda. These comments by M Brzezinski, where he even hints at a solution between Palestine and Israel, seem to confirm this:

I had a LOL moment when he describes Charlie Rose as taking "this narrow provincialoid hysterical irrational subjectivist Washington line". Great stuff!

The Transnational Capitalist Class

'NATO is quickly emerging as the police force for the transnational capitalist class.'


Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Brutality of Reality

Apparently Bart Chilton, of the CFTC, is about to get real with some of the 100s of cases under investigtion for banking fraud. He took his time, but maybe Karen Hudes whispered in his ear about the rule of law? Here's a speech he made recently (with a lot of waffle) about how the CFTC is going to press ahead with charges before the end of September:

Friday, September 13, 2013

False Flags

It's well worth six minutes of your time:

The Cabal Press Ahead

To total banking union, as quoted by Draghi:

Also 'Apple' have introduced a 'phone which needs your fingerprint to activate it - we're moving rapidly towards global on-your-phone digital banking, with total control, and no High Street banks to complain to! The Sheeple will not realise the trap until it's too late.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Syria and War Criminals

Here's a very powerful anti-war message from the eloquent Michel Chossudovsky:

It's a couple of days old now, and things are moving very quickly, but he gives some good background information.

Massive Global Banking Criminality

Otherwise known as a conspiracy theory:

Who Really Runs The World?

Here is the report that Karen Hudes mentions often. I'm sure I posted it when it first came out, in 2011, but here it is again, published by the Federal Institute of  Technology in Zurich:

Perhaps it will start to sink in to some people that they have been 'duped' as Ms Hudes says, and they will start to educate themselves. Here's an article discussing the implications:

Scroll down to the list at the bottom to reveal all the same old criminal enterprises.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Lots of fantastic investigative reporting coming out about this push to war in Syria, including background information which proves that the US and UK Governments knew that this chemical-weapons' event would happen. No surprise to people who have been following geopolitical events for the last few decades, but possibly quite shocking to people who have faith in the BBC.

Here are three in-depth studies of what's really going on:

And here background on the Middle East 'Arab Springs' and Turkey:

NB A lot of what William Engdahl says corroborates exactly what Jim Willie said, with the pipeline politics article. It's all about energy.

And another:

Unsuccessful Parasites

I love the title of this article! Not much of a parasite if it kills its host, but this is exactly what we've been witnessing for a few decades now, perhaps longer:

Monday, September 2, 2013

Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear Mr Cameron,

I hope you and your family are well ? I trust you are well rested after the holidays ? I am writing to you to express a few thoughts. Here they are, in no particular order :

  • How dare you send members of my family to a war based on very dodgy 'evidence' ;
  • How dare you agree with your trans-Atlantic consort to send white, black, hispanic and other young poor Americans to such a war, when they only joined up because they were offered College tuition fees and a job ;
  • How dare you try to force through this vote in the Summer recess ;
  • How dare you conflate it with the badger cull, in a feeble attempt to distract national attention;
  • How dare you try to confuse us all with puerile propaganda and white noise, with a television in every public orifice ;
  • How dare you pretend to be leading a country, when we know you are beholden to the military industrial complex and the bankers ;

You see, you thought we were 'under control'. You thought we were ill-educated, over-fed, under-funded and medicated. You thought that we were not paying attention. Heaven knows you tried hard enough to feed us with distractions that encouraged base and immoral behaviour, that lionised death with skulls and blood, encouraging mob behaviour and discouraging critical thinking.

Your problem now lies in the fact that, despite all of that, we were actually paying attention. We knew that the TBTF banks were held afloat by laundered drugs money. We knew that the various and increasingly frequent political and economic scandals are just the tip of the iceberg : LIBOR ; MF Global ; Jimmy Saville (and friends...) ; NSA & GCHQ ; Iraq ; Afghanistan ; Libya ; etc. We were paying attention and we were learning all the time. You underestimated us.

And now you try to sell us another conflict which will kill members of our families, which will kill innocent men, women and children abroad, which will enrich your cronies in the Arms Industry and the Chemical Weapons Industry. Which will enrich the bankers by impoverishing the country even more, increasing the debt and accruing more interest. which must be paid back out of social security and pension budgets. For the bankers must be paid back - they went to all of the effort of clicking on a computer screen – not even needing the expense of paper, ink and a printer any more. Oh to be a banker ! Which Greek island to buy now ?

Yours sincerely, 
Susan Morris

Syria and Saudi Arabia

Getting nearer to the truth all the time:


Here Bill Still explains how Hungary has just paid off and kicked out the IMF:

The double-speak of the Banksters is breathtaking.

Syria and Israel

You would have had to be asleep for the last two decades if you didn't realise that Israel (or more precisely the Zionists) run the US and the UK. If you don't believe me, then DYODD! They've made strong in-roads into France, too, hence Hollande's support for this Syrian venture. Quelle honte!

Here the well-respected Argentinian political analyst, Adrian Salbuchi, points out that Israel has managed to get what it wants by proxy, for decades:

So you have to ask yourself how? Or why? How can this influence be so strong, or complete? Could it be that the whole global banking system is run by the same people, who are able to get what they want by threatening to crash the whole system?

It's coming down anyway, but recently there is a beacon of hope and light on the horizon, in the form of the 'Eastern Alliance', as referred to by Jim Willie. Even I am beginning to think that these Banksters couldn't have planned it all this well, and that they are no longer in the driving seat, although I remain fearful of the Hegelian dialectic of the Protocols.

However add Karen Hudes and her team, an awakening global populace and the pipeline politics of energy consumption, and you have a world which can do a volte face in very short order. Difficult to believe that the Zionists could have been out-witted by other global actors, but let's hope it is the case, and check-mate can be declared at the G20.

For the moment, I'm backing Russia and China, and of course it's got nothing to do with Communism, nor, for the record, with a knee-jerk illogical accusation of anti-semitism.I have Jewish friends who point the finger at the Zionists, too.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


This is what Obama and his handlers are afraid of:

See point 3: 'International Financial Architecture Reform'.

False Flag Possibility

Luckily we have the alternative media on the internet to call out this BS by the US and UK Governments. Many of the blogs that I listen to are saying the next step for the war-mongers is a huge false-flag event. Obama hasn't got his way so far, but no problem, they have Plan B. A huge - possibly nuclear - false-flag event on Amercian soil will enable Obama to act against Syria (and Iran) alone.

The timing is very clear: at the G20 Summit in Moscow in September they are going to discuss an alternative to the US Dollar as reserve currency, which will mean immediate third-world status to the USA as it sinks under the weight of its own debt and suffers hyperinflation.

Here is a good summary of today's situation, Episode 151:

Obama Isolated

I haven't mentioned Webster Tarpley for a while, but I listen to his radio broadcast every week, and here he gives a detailed account of the sentiments of Western countries on the invasion of Syria. Some very interesting information, all going to confirm what Karen Hudes has been saying, happily. Of course Obama could still be threatened with his 'Kennedy moment', and go it alone in Syria, but when you read that even Cyprus has now done a deal with Russia to refuse that 'planes take off from there to attack Syria, you realise that even if the US does carry out 'limited' bombing attacks on Syria, they will be shown up for the war-mongerers that they are, carrying out the Banksters' orders:

I'm hoping the British Government will resign, but that's probably asking too much from people with no conscience.