Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Imperial Collapse Playbook

No-one, but no-one, can hit it out of the ball-park like Dmitri Orlov! His mega-macro-picture is as incisive as it is compelling, and I'm glad he's here with us, to explain it all;


The Financial Stability Board

Well waddayaknow? The FSB is housed where? Inside the BIS building, in Basel, Switzerland! Not much surprises me these days, in fact my disgust at the whole corrupt system is pretty limitless. Here good ol' Helen Brown explains to James Corbett exactly what the G20 new banking regulations actually mean, including bail-ins, derivatives, bonds and equities:


"But who could have known?"

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Light at the End of the Tunnel

Another wonderful essay from one of my two favourite essayists (the other being Dmitri Orlov). He says there is light at the end of the tunnel, but it involves personal responsibility and a change in assumptions - something I don't think many people have even begun to think about:


The Current 'Pretender' to the Throne of Scotland

As told to me by a Freemason, Alastair Carnegie, on MK's website:


My Comments on Max Keiser's Website

Here are a couple of my comments, saved here for posterity, on the Max Keiser website:


And here:


And a reply:


Another one today:


I suppose I should give up all this and just get on with my life! Trouble is, when you're interested in International Relations and the environment, you get a bit caught up in it all.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Collapse Hasn't Gone Away

As you'll hear from this interview with one of my favourite bloggers, most people are still in denial about how bad the situation really is - in the US but also in Western Europe. He gives good, sound advice on how to cope, with a good psychological approach being fundamental:


NB Scroll down for interview.

Globalisation Writ Large

The majority of people I listen to and correspond with still talk in terms of Nation States and their Leaders. Quite a while ago I realised that the latter were only puppets of a much larger plan, of organising an International Class (the Owners) who will make all of the global decisions for us, via their International Bodies.

Here James Corbett lays it all out very clearly, citing bodies and agreements and quotes that already exist, so this is not conspiracy theory - rather it is conspiracy fact:


Part 2:


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dodds-Frank Provisions Repealed

...leaving the US bank depositors, in their brand new rĂ´le as 'unsecured creditors' on the hook for the big banks derivatives losses:


All part of the controlled implosion of course, which will leave, as Ellen Brown says, only the big five banks standing, and everyone else bankrupt.

BRICS All Part of the Theatre

Would that it weren't so, but when you see this age-old game for what it is (the complete consolidation of  power) the signs are very easy to spot. It can be boiled down to the Hegelian dialectic, or 'problem; reaction; solution', if you prefer. Either way, we're on the hook, with very little chance of struggling free, principally because.....we don't even realise we're on the hook:


BIS Takes Over

Order out of chaos.

'And if countries get in serious trouble, think of the Russians at the moment, there is nobody at the center of the system who has the responsibility of providing liquidity to people who desperately need it. If we have a number of small countries or one big country which run into trouble, the resources of the International Monetary Fund to deal with this are very limited. The idea that all countries act in their own individual interest, that you just let the exchange rate float and the whole system will be fine: This all is a dangerous illusion.'



Centralisation disguised as Decentralisation

'Only those educated in the underpinnings of shadow banking will understand the whole thing is a charade designed to hide the complete centralization of sovereign economic governance into the hands of the globalists, using the IMF and BIS as “fiscal heroes,” saving the world from a state of economic destruction the elites themselves secretly created.'



Saturday, December 13, 2014

The Bankers' Coup

Don't take my word for it - Ellen Brown lays it all out here:


Margin Requirements

It's great to have someone like ol' JSnip4, a regular Joe, explaining in plain English how the banksters flush out the small investors - here he explains margin requirements:


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Bail-Ins Still Cometh

The people I've tried to tell don't believe me, so I just keep posting article after article about the coming wealth transfer, when the banks implode and take your savings with them, as 'unsecured deposits':


Here is an interview with Attourney Ellen Brown, who is equally suspicious about why the G20 came up with these new (completely undemocratic) rules for the Banking system. As she says, they know something is coming:



Defeat is Victory

When a wonderful wordsmith like Dmitri Orlov puts pen to paper, some of us stop everything and read:


Junk Bonds

It's all coming apart at the seams:


Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Coming Wealth Transfer

More and more analysts are pointing this out, but only a few people are listening:


Here is Mike's popular website, where there is invaluable information about the 'hidden secrets of money':


Digital Witch-hunting

This too, will be too 'out there' for some who prefer the cosy reality that the British press describes, but as that cracks, and it will, this darker, deeper reality will start to be visible and then will become obvious - but will it be too late to fight back?


Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Matrix of Control

Most people I know still enjoy using the term 'conspiracy theorist' against anyone who dares to question today's world. This interview is not for them. For more open-minded people, it's well worth the time to look at these documents (Iron Mountain; Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars) and here Deborah Tavares reads some of it out to us:


Here's the document in pdf form:


Here's her website:


It puts the on-going geoengineering into its correct perspective.


Where is all of that Russian gas going now that Southstream is cancelled?


Hypersonic Technology

Wouldn't it be nice if as much energy and funding was put into sectors other than 'defence'?


Friday, December 5, 2014

Oil Price Drop = Derivatives Implosion

Look out below as the (engineered) collapse starts in earnest. OPEC's decision to maintain oil production has kept prices falling, which is endangering the derivatives, most of which are in the energy sector. Right on cue: bank failures; bail-ins; chaos and, eventually, salvation by the New Boss (same as the old Boss):


Plan 'B'

There are not many people who are willing to contemplate 'off-grid' survival, but this illuminating interview tells you just how unprepared the so-called Emergency Response Teams really are. As he explains, he was at a Conference about survival, and most of the people were more concerned with perception management!

I watched Katrina unfold, I've watched the rise of unbridled corruption and the massive expansion of un-backed fiat currencies, together with collossal environmental destruction, and I realised, some time ago, that the only people you can depend upon are yourselves and your close community.

Have a listen:


Thursday, December 4, 2014

A Strategy of Destabilisation - Gladio

If you haven't heard of Operation Gladio you need to listen to this presentation by James Corbett:


Here is the Question and Answer session:


Financial Crimes Against Humanity

Explained here by the ex-insider and well-respected Rob Kirby. A friend to Jim Willie, a financial analyst and someone who is able to explain these crimes in terms we can all understand. Parts 3 & 4, I think, are the most important segments, but best to listen from the beginning to follow his logic::

Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


Part 4:


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Palestine is Winning

Slowly....and after much bloodshed. Here the Jewish voice critical of Israel points out that the stronger the Palestinian solidarity becomes, the weaker the unity of Israel is:


Also, yesterday the French National Assembly recognised Palestine as a State:


Symbolic, of course, but with the UK voting similarly recently, one has to wonder who or what is applying the pressure?

Interesting times...

Debt-Free Money

This is one of my favourite websites, because he is intelligent, articulate and knowledgeable - and he explains very simply why usury is the problme, and that the issuance of debt-free money would work well, as would paying your taxes if the usury portion was eliminated:


I'm going to need to listen a few times to take it all on board. Basically Bill Still makes the same points, as does Ellen Brown.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

South Stream Cancelled

This is *BIG* news! JW has often talked about Russia's North and South stream gas pipelines, and we all (should) know how big a part energy plays in today's geopolitics, so it was a shock to read that Putin has decided to postpone, or cancel, the South Stream gas pipeline to Europe:


I don't think Europe has a 'Plan B', especially as the shale gas promised by the US to replace the drop in supplies from the Russian sanctions...is now itself becoming unprofitable because of OPEC's decision to maintain production and lower prices, thereby blowing up the US's industry, which has to make $80/barrell to break even! I think that applies for gas as well as oil...

Got wood?

Monday, December 1, 2014

Deposits and Pensions as 'Unsecured Debt'

Not many people will take the time to read the small print of the agreements signed at the G20 recently in Australia. This is a pity, as it could, literally, mean the difference between life and death for those who understand the ground-breaking importance of what was agreed there:


I must do a little digging on the 'Financial Stability Board' but again, do we need to? Pretty predictable these days to guess where these ghouls originate from - the same big banks who are now saving themselves by relying on bail-ins. And that means all of our hard-earned savings and pensions go up in smoke.

Understanding Russia

Moving away from knee-jerk reactions, here's an intelligent analysis of the difference between the US's and Russsia's global strategies, by the inimitable Dmitri Orlov: