Monday, December 31, 2012

Solar Cycles

We are in Solar cycle 24, and it could well be that the Mayan calendar had to do with this cycle - as they were phenomenal astonomers. Here are two interesting articles:

These theories are under hot dispute, and the idea that we live in an 'electric universe' is labelled 'pseudoscience', by some.

More on Cycle 24:

The End Game

This was written in May 2012, by Raoul Paul of the 'Global Macro Investor', apparently for an 'élite' readership. In other words, an insiders' document about where to stash your cash. So from that point of view, it makes the polemic title all the more shocking. I've been detailing for years now that this so-called US 'fiscal cliff' and global debt problem has been deliberately engineered specifically to impoverish (and even kill) and large proportions of the non-élite. That's us.

Here is his stark warning, although he doesn't go into details on the most important question, of how or why we got to this stage:

We have been played like violins, and at the moment they are winning as we fight each other and play musical chairs on the Titanic.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Breakthrough Energy Conference

I have had Dr Judy Wood's book, "Where did the towers go?" for years, waiting for people with better scientific minds than mine to start talking about it and asking the correct questions. This wait has been frustrating and exhausting, as time after time I would hear evidence of denial, cognitive dissonance or normalcy bias.The most intelligent people I know were afraid to go there.

Dr Judy Wood is a true latter-day hero, who deserves to be given high office - instead she has been in hiding in fear for her life. As you will see, many other people have died mysterious deaths if they try to get this information out.

Hopefully little by little, even brainwashed people are waking up, and they will start asking these difficult questions, maybe even back to 911. Unfortunately as we have seen recently in the financial law-suits in the US and UK, as regards bank-fraud, the judges have shown themselves to be in the pocket of the prepetrators of this heinous act. All the more reason to support Dr Judy Wood and her seminal work.

Please find the time to listen to these interviews (need I say with an open mind?) and then do some of your own research: 

NB If you are still 'in denial', bear in mind that Dr Judy Wood's area of expertise is what happened on 911. Here's her biography:

Coming Gold Standard

Seems Jim Sinclair agrees with me, that this is 'same-old, same-old', as opposed to a brand new beginning, where the bad guys (he calls them 'Yalies') win again, and we the people lose, big time:

As he says, it's all pretty simple really, and was worked out years ago.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Understanding Western Propaganda: Iran and Syria

This is the 1500th post, and I'm happy that it's one bringing truth to the murky world of Western propaganda, about Iran. First posted in October, Patrick Henningsen explains with remarkable clarity and lucidity the whys and hows of Israeli/US desire to have a war (surprise! It's about the military industrial complex and oil...), and he also explains why they have to start with Syria first:

I think the two months since this interview have changed the geopolitical scene quite a lot, with Russia's support of Syria, China's alternative to the petro-dollar, the UN Palestinian vote, etc. Hopefully events have moved to a situation where an invasion of Iran (even one starting with a false-flag event) becomes impossible. I think the NAM is very well aware of the US/UK/Israeli aggression, and they've had enough (see Jim Willie's latest). Time for the sun to set on those Empires.

Here's another interesting interview about life in Iran:

And some images of Iran - incredible:

Where's Bill?

Bill Still, that is. A lone voice speaking out aganst the gold-backed financial system that is coming in, he wrote this:

'Gold money is the ultimate centralization of the money power. Yes, it IS sound money. The quantity is easily controlled, but it does not democratize the money power to operate to the benefit of we, the people. It centralizes it into the hands of those few best able to buy up the commodity serving as the monetary base -- gold. This would, in fact, be the bankers.'


This was written in September, which was also the last time he did a 'Still Report' he was digging up more information on the Jekyll Island participants. I hope he has just taken a long break, and hasn't been 'silenced'? Well worth some of your time this 'festive' season is Bill's fantastic exposé of the Banksters:

Here's another interview with him:

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The End is Nigh

Now I feel rather strange about this: how can these decade-old predictions be coming true? Either there is a creator, a conspiracy, or it is all coincidence. Take your pick, it hardly matters anymore!

Here the financial pundits who write excellent analytical material in the alternative media all seem to be coming together and predicting that this is it! We are here! The waterfall event where the petro-dollar finally gets shoved out of the limelight and the dawn of a new era begins.

For better or worse, we are all going to witness great changes in the months and years ahead. People in the West will lose all of their savings, pensions will disappear, the US will become a very poor country (except for those in the know) and the power in the world will shift East-wards.

I have been following this story for a long time, and its inevitability makes me sanguine. In geopolitics, we knew years ago that China would rise, simply because of cheap labor and plentiful resources, but then factor in peak oil, US arrogance, 911, systemic corruption and a brotherhood of vile human beings who couldn't admit defeat, and you have the makings of an incredible story, to be told one day to incredulous grand-children.

The jury is still out with me as to whether this really is China, or 'China' (my instinct is the latter, as the banking families moved East years ago) but as I said, it hardly matters any more. We're in a vortex of great change, and we're going to have to deal with it. Many people are going to be shocked, some beyond belief. If you have been paying attention, however, you should at least have some idea of how to navigate the coming chaos.

Here, Gregory Mannarino and Jim Willie lay it all out for us to listen to/read:

To do a little investigative journalism while the majority got side-tracked by reality TV wasn't really that difficult. You just had to 'follow the money...'.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

PS Happy Christmas

Enjoy it while you can! Next year will be very different.

New Era - Early 2013

Hold on to your socks, folks, the storm is coming!

'The central bank franchise system is broken. The global monetary system is broken. The big Western banks are broken. The financial markets are broken. The safe savings vehicles are broken. The all-important confidence factor to support fiat paper currencies is fast vanishing. The arrival of the Gold Standard as the solution is being slowly manifested in the form of a gold-core trade settlement system, which will drive a global Gold Standard. The new system will dictate bank reserves practices, and render the USTBond as a rejected toxic paper relic. It should arrive early in 2013. In the process, the Western nations will become impoverished, as they desperately cling to the failed system. Anger will rise. Disorder will prevail. The USDollars inside the United States will be trapped, then devalued as the public watches in shock. The power will shift East inevitably, with the shipment of Gold. A new era will begin.'


By accident, or by design? Does it matter anymore?

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Planet Ponzi

The Author of this book, Mitch Meierstein, should know: he's a Hedge Fund Manager and prominent Wall Street guy, who has written an exposé of GS. Here he tells it like it is:

Here he's interviewed by Max Keiser (starting at 1600 minutes):!

The End of Growth

We changed our lives drastically when we realised that this was ahead, some 17 years ago, and here is a very good presentation explaining why we have reached the end of growth:

Phatic Communication vs. Dialectic

Equally interesting:

Catalytic Chemistry



From someone who knows:

'There may be much more of each (oil & gas) to be found in the rapidly thawing Russian arctic. With regard to global warming, the UN climate change effect maps I have looked at show the US and Europe as major losers with regard to their ability to feed themselves, while Russia appears to be the greatest benefactor, with longer growing seasons and more plentiful rainfall.'


Australia's Gold Held in UK

At the 'Bank of England' (read private bank, run by Goldman Sachs) no less! Presumably for safe-keeping?


A Handbook:



Bank Bail-Outs

In figures. The phrase 'socialising the losses' doesn't in any way explain the reality of the situation for Joe Public, but here is a good article laying out the criminality of these so-called 'bank bail-outs':

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

HSBC (2)

OK, it's so disgusting that I can't let it pass. Matt Taibbi is one of the best journalists around, here is an interview and an article by him:

Goldman Sachs Alumni


And this, from the MSM, from 2008! Little did they know, perhaps, that by the end of 2012, Goldman Sachs would be running the Bank of England, with Mark Carney in charge now:

For the record, Mario Monti, presumably having got Italy just where GS wanted it, is now 'resigning' and returning to GS, for a salary of $50 million. You couldn't make this stuff up!

LIBOR Explained

In picture form, although that doesn't make it any more palatable. Together with the HSBC drugs money laundering 'scandal', MF Global, the sub-prime mess, the QEs, the paedophilia stories, it makes me wonder how much more the sheeple can take without waking up! Unfortunately I don't think they'll notice until after the Reset, which will, of course, be too late:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

GS Can Name The Reset Day

Confirming my suspicions that the EE, or BBs, or NWO guys are still running the show, here the well-connected Jim Sinclair says it's all over when GS says it's all over - i.e. when they decide the new system is set to go, they pull the plug on the dollar (and the British pound, presumably?):


No comment. Sickening.

Asian Economies Turn to China

This is picking up steam:

But see more recent post about GS.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Mother of All Bubbles

Is the Bond Bubble, according to Greg Mannarino, but also Jim Willie and others - it's a false 'flight-to-safety' brought about by all other assets losing value, so that people are forced into thinking that the last bastion of safety is the Government, and that they can trust their Governments. They can't. They're crooks. Greg spells it out here:

NB Interesting to note that even Greg has started to hint that maybe all of this is deliberate! Non, c'est pas possible!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


'The solution to the fiscal cliff is being priced into the market' - this is the advice of Greg Mannarino, and here in a five-minute video, he manages to tells us why the markets are rallying, and hints too at insider foreknowledge and trading, as if we didn't know. As he says, we're in a crisis of currency, and he reiterates often that paper money is going out of fashion. A pity that more people are not aware of the level of corruption at the top - it's staggering - and will not have time to protect themselves, when 'they' decide to crash the banks and markets, and then bring in their gold-backed global currency. 'It's grand theft on an unimaginary scale' - and that's coming from a market trader!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Tapeworm Economy

'Killing the host is not a good idea' - one of the better quotes in this fantastic all-encompasing interview with Catharine Austin Fitts. Given in 2011, and posted here before, it's still well worth an hour of your time:

Is Your Government Actually a Corporation?

Excellent video, from Australia:

It shows what real investigative journalism can do. Good Luck Mate!

Palestinian Support Demo in London

It shows here that many British people do not support the pro-Israeli stance of their spineless Government:

Sunday, December 9, 2012


This should scare the bejeezus out of everyone, but I suspect most folk would prefer to write it off as 'conspiracy'. Obviously nobody looks up anymore.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

When Saudi Arabia Accepts Yuan, it's All Over!

The petrodollar, that is. Listen carefully from minute 40, and Jim Willie lays it out clearly how the fall of the US dollar will happen. As he says (and as us peak-oil crowd have known for years) oil-producing nations are having lower surpluses, because of the double-edged sword of lower yields coupled with higher domestic consumption. Therefore Saudi Arabia will be happy to accept other currencies, including Yuan, Yen,Swiss Francs, Euro, etc. He also says that China and Russia will be the new protectors of SA, and this will start the domino effect of the fall of the fiat system.

Maybe that's why the EE is gearing up to invading Syria in the next few days - same old scenario of starting a (very profitable) war when the financial scam starts to get shaky. It has been this way for hundreds of years, let's hope it doesn't continue for too much longer.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Jim Willie Interview

With more on the global gold-backed currency coming into existence, amongst many other things:

He predicted the fall of Morgan Stanley - was he wrong, or just early?

Monday, December 3, 2012

Silver Manipulation

Of the prices, on-going for a while now, but coming to an end:

New Global Gold-Backed Financial System

Quite an explosive interview here with Jim Willie. He predicts that the US will become 'Third World', as will the UK, etc. He's been talking about it for a while, and he knows what he's talking about:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Friday, November 30, 2012


Here's a two-hour documentary on the history of Palestine:

Catherine Austin Fitts

At a conference on 'peaceful coexistence' in Holland - now wouldn't that be nice!

Palestine gets UN Recognition

Congratulations to Palestine, with no thanks to the corrupt Governments of UK, US and Israel:

Nobel Peace Prize laureates call for military embargo against Israel:

911 Revisited in Kuala Lumpur

Finally a group of people plucky enough to take a second look at the event that changed history:

Cynthia McKinney

This wonderful woman is lucky to still be alive, after taking a moral stand against the corruption in high office in the US. She is worth listening to:

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Bill Still - Banking

Continuing our 'solutions' theme. This is quite old, but well worth listening to again (and is even more true today than when it was first recorded):

Solution: get rid of the cartel banks.

Solutions - Public Banking

From the wonderful Ellen Brown. Here's the 'shocking truth about our money system':

Here's a recent radio interview with her:

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Bottom Line

Britain is run along fascist business model lines by a clique of Nazis, who are elitist, deeply sexist and overtly racist. They are propped up by the Freemasons, many of whom at the bottom of the pyramid (sic) have no idea what they are supporting, as they are being used as well, and will be cast aside when the time comes. British culture (such as it was) has been hijacked and the whole country has seemingly gone along with this agenda, preferring an easy life to standing up to obvious lies, distortions and outright propaganda. It is there for all to see.

I have always voted with my feet. I cannot support racist rhetoric, blatant sexist behaviour which goes unchallenged, or any of this (extremely prevalent) middle-class ladder-climbing, which means that you blame people below you on the social ladder for all of society`s ills, rather than the wealthier and wealthier fat-cats who manage this abominable country for their own gain.

If you buy into this then you are no friend of mine. If you accept this, you are no friend of mine. If you give in to it in order to make yourself some extra cash, you are no friend of mine. Today we need heros, who will challenge this disgusting business practice and call it what it is: the Fascist Business Model (H/T Jim Willie, but also Stieg Larsson, plus many others who have tried to raise the alarm on the internet).

As I said in a previous post, this Jimmy Saville story is just the beginning, and the country will go into a state of shock if/when the truth does eventually reveal itself. As I write this the Establishment has gone into full `rebuttal` mode, and no doubt some of the new paedophile witnesses who have finally come forward will `meet with an accident`. Waiting for justice can take a long time. I wish them luck.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Legalise Pot!

Not because I love to smoke the stuff - I've never touched it - but because it would pull the rug out from under the drug cartels, 70% of whose revenues come from it. Here is the truth they never tell you about Mexico and the drug wars:

Collapse Consciously

Maybe it's time to talk about this again? This article, by the respected Carolyn Baker, was written two years ago, but the title says it all, and is perhaps more relevant today than when it was written:

Here's her website:

The Emperor Has No Gold!

For years I've felt like the little boy in that fable, where he sees that the Emperor has no clothes. Once I discovered Fractional Reserve Banking it all became crystal clear. Well it seems this move by Governments around the world to finally wake up and try to get their hands on their own gold is picking up steam.

Of course Chavez was ahead of the game, asking for Venezuela's back in 2011, but now there will be an almighty scramble by other countries to claim theirs, and for the Central Banks (principally London, New York, but also Paris) to try to promise to everyone that there is no panic and that they can all have a piece of the pie. They can't, it was rehypothecated years ago, and lies off-shore somewhere (Jersey? Cayman Islands? Switzerland? Phillippines?) and all we have is these paper certificates denoting ownership, kept safely in a leaky basement vault in New York.

Oh, wait......

Japan Changes The Rules

Big, big surprise here, although there have been rumours on the blogosphere for a while now. Seems like someone, somewhere is ready to take on the TBTF guys (although I always keep in the back of my mind that it could be part of the Hegelian dialectic!):

Here's the pdf that the article refers to. As many of us know, all of this 'debt' could be wiped out with the stroke of a pen, and maybe that is what they're going to do? Japan to be watched very closely:

Ready For Truth?

One of the best (and accurate) rants I've heard in a long time:

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tom Watson MP

Jimmy Savile, Ted Heath, Kenneth Clarke et al. Question raised in House of Commons by MP Tom Watson. Here's his blog:

See Comments too.

The World Wants its Gold Back

Trust is going, going, gone:

Part 2: more on the $43T lawsuit:

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ecuador Wants Its Gold Back

Jim Willie - The Gold is Gone!

You have to follow the financial scandals to understand JW's rather esoteric style, but he's right on the button, and here he confirms that the BBs are rushing to cover their tracks, as the 'Eastern entity' demands physical:

Only doubt in my mind: how is he so sure that the 'Eastern entity' is on the side of the little guys? Personally I am very suspicious that these 'Eastern entities' are, in fact, just the Central Banks moving their base to the Far East and out of the US, and in the process trashing the US dollar (and the Euro) and creating their long-awaited gold-backed global currency. And hey, it'll be on your mobile 'phone and totally virtual, so it's actually a continuation of their fiat scheme, but knocks out a large percentage of the middle class, thereby improving the standing of the so-called, self-appointed 'élite'.

I'm hoping the other so-called 'élite' will be so burned by the loss of their family fortunes, (with the theft of the gold in the allocated accounts) that they might let some of these ultra-secret manoeuvres out, but in fact I doubt it really, as there's nothing more odious to someone who thinks they're part of the élite than to admit that they may, in fact, be no better than the rest of us!

$43 Trillion Lawsuit


And here, a very strange story of two children of a CNBC exec (the Channel which broke the news about the lawsuit) died mysteriously at the hands of their Nanny:

Here's the Lawsuit itself:

Fascinating stuff!

Custody Certificates Damaged in Hurricane Sandy

Oh gosh! Oh how awful! These 'custody certificates', which were apparently kept in a basement in New York, were damaged when Hurricane Sandy hit New York. They amounted to $36 trillion (that's TRILLION) and at the moment the outcome is not clear.

Now, this is in the same week as Germany asked for its gold back, which was kept in London and New York, and each gold bar would have to have a chain-of-title to prove ownership. This also in the same week as the $43 trillion lawsuit where a group of people are suing the TBTF banks for their money back (see other Post).

If you are not suspicious, you are not reading enough!

This of course ties in with Jim Willie's latest piece (see Jim Willie's latest), where he re-iterates his assertion that the TBTF Banks have rehypothecated the gold in the vaults, and there is none there. Hopefully Germany will not drop this case.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

US Election Fraud

Of course this is an old story, going back to 2004, and probably further. You can Google 'Diebold' and 'Raw Story' to find out more. Here it's being done again, although I'm still not sure who TPTB want to win - presumably Romney, but as W Tarpley says, with Obama it won't be much better, with the 'death of a thousand cuts'. Anyway here we lift the lid on 'spoiled' votes:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Germany Wants its Gold Back

 Jitters at the Bundersbank. Somehow Germany, Europe's only functioning economy, has historically stored its gold in London and New York. But now they want it back:

According to Jim Willie though, it was 'rehypothecated' a long time ago, has been shipped East and melted down into kilo bars, thereby making the original Serial numbers disappear.

Poof, it's gone! Things could start to get interesting.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Full-Reserve Banking

Now there's a novel idea:

'Full-reserve banking, also known as 100% reserve banking, is a banking practice in which the full amount of each depositor's funds are kept in reserve, as cash or other highly liquid assets. In other words, funds deposited are not lent out by the bank if the depositor has the legal right to immediately withdraw their funds. Some proposals for full reserve banking systems do not place such restrictions on deposits that are not available on demand, where savers can entrust their money with a bank in time deposits or in 'investment' accounts.[1]'


LIBOR Revisited

Here Jim Rickards confirms what Jim Willie said a month ago - that the LIBOR scandal will bring down the TBTF Banks:

Unfortunately poor sound quality.

The Chicago Plan Revisited

Now things are getting interesting. The MSM is finally waking up, and an article in the usually dreadful Daily Telegraph mentions this new plan by the IMF, which in short is a proposal to give power to create money back to Governments, and away from the private banking families - oops I mean 'Central Banks'. Here is the Telegraph article (for what it's worth):

But more importantly, here is the IMF document, from August 2012:

Of course the EE will fight this tooth-and-nail in an epic battle. Interesting times, indeed!

Central Bank Manipulation of PMs

Here again Chris Powell from GATA confirms that JPM's biggest client is the US Government, under the ESF. This means that the US Govt can keep their activites secret, under the guise of 'national security' and can control (and suppress) the price of gold and silver. Since the Central Banks are all in fact one large (privately-owned) entity, they can keep this Ponzi scheme going, of supporting the value of the US Dollar and other Fiat currencies, and control the world. His words are worth listening to carefully, as he also mentions the rigging of exchange rates of Nazi Germany, which he implies has been contiued to this day:

The solution to this problem, which a large body of vigilantes are trying to do, is to take the physical metal off the market. This includes China, which has been importing literally tonnes of gold lately, and which is why people are getting very excited. See Jim Willie for more on this.

NB FT is Rothschild owned.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012


This scandal goes deep - very deep:

Don't get hung up on the 'RT' source. This story won't be covered by the British Establishment, as they're up to their necks in it!

CIA Whistleblowers

Interesting, even though 18 months old:!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Catherine Austin Fitts

She is a woman whom I respect a lot, and her Solari Report tries to guide you through this financial crisis. I like it when she says "Don't worry whether there is a conspiracy or not. There definitely is a conspiracy" and she goes on to talk about the leveraged buy-out and the financial coup-d'etat of the United States. She was part of the US Administration, has had her life threatened and is worth listening to.

Here's the website where you can hear snippets from 25 of her Solari Reports (which you have to pay for) by clicking on the screen on the top right-hand-side of the page. Grab a coffee and have a close listen, she'll give you some good advice:

Bet Against The Debt

Here's an interview where Greg Mannarino joins the dots, and tells everyone (who has the ability to invest!) to bet against the debt. Good advice:

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Global Gold-Backed Financial System Coming

You don't have to be a rocket-scientist to see this all falling into place. In three easy steps:

1) Inflate fiat currencies until they're worthless and everyone is in massive unpayable debt;
2) Crash stock market, impoverishing those not in-the-know and thereby removing any opposition;
3) Wait two months, blame it on incompetence and corruption, and present world with alternative.

According to what I'm reading, on 01.01.13, which makes sense.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Bishop Romney

Just too weird!!

Want to know the truth about what happened to the US Ambassador in Libya? Want to know the truth about the two US Presidential candidates? Want to know how many of today's geopolitical events are orchastrated by the CIA? Listen regularly to Webster Tarpley every week, and you'll soon get up-to-speed.

He's also supporting an attempt to create a third way in the US elections, with a meeting in New York on the 27th October, with a group called 'United Front Against Austerity'.

Here is this week's radio broadcast, cram-packed with relevant information which helps to understand today's world:

UFAA, New York:

Friday, October 12, 2012

Become Your Own Central Bank

Here an ex-Lehman Brothers Trader, Greg Mannarino,  has his own You Tube channel, and puts up financial advice every day. I've been following him for some while, and once you get past the slick hair-do and Bronx accent, he gives very sensible advice, and tells you why, using charts etc. As many people are now proclaiming, the end of the US dollar as global currency is coming soon (end of 2012/Spring 2013), and massive inflation will be on the cards for Americans, plus chaos elsewhere, to put it mildly:

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Monday, October 8, 2012

China's Reserve Currency

Or 'China', as I prefer to call it! Interesting seeing the trade deals recently made with China though, in this article:

Friday, October 5, 2012

Jim Willie Interview

Here's the latest from the mathematician who knows what he's talking about:

QE Infinity

Unfortunately I don't have an 'infinity' sign on my keyboard, but anyway here is a great explanation of the Fed's QE3, otherwise known as QE to infinity. He describes how the Fed buy or force other entities to buy the bonds etc that keep this whole Ponzi scheme going:

Here's Part 2:

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dollar Death Throes

It was never about Iran's nuclear weapons (obviously). It's about dollar hegemony and the threat of Iran and its oil bourse leaving the petro-dollar behind. Now with Saudi signing deals with China in yuan, and the NAM backing Iran over Western sanctions, along with a host of other important events, we are clearly seeing the beginning of the end for the dollar. That is why this period in history is so dangerous, especially with loose cannons like Netanyahu and his infantile cartoon at the UN. Here is Jim Willie's latest piece, spelling out once again the real geopolitics:

Non Aligned Movement

Hopefully gaining momentum and eclipsing the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire, which knows nothing but war:

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Thoughts

  2.   susan
    Living out here in the woods, I try to think outside the box a lot, normally pondering on ‘Cui bono’. I agree with what you say, but where we differ is that I think the ‘globalists’ (for want of a better term) do not want the Western economies to survive – they used the US as an experimental ground, and it hasn’t worked (people didn’t spend the money they had educating themselves and their children, but instead bought bigger and bigger TVs and more and more pizzas).

    There was also something Pastor Williams said in one interview (I forget with whom) about the Oil oligarchs needing the price to go up to a certain level in order to make it profitable to start using the Liberty Rig up in Alaska, and they are quite willing to set MENA alight in order to achieve that goal.

    There’s also a tiny possibility, I suppose, that they were aware of the untenable ecological situation and decided that an economic collapse would save off an ecological collapse. This is something I’ve considered many times, as we are using up all the world’s resources far too quickly and unsustainably. A global economic crash/war could do two things: 1) consolidate the globalists grip on power and finances and 2) drastically reduce the use of the planet’s resources, giving the planet time to recover (fish stocks, forests, clean water, etc). In short, de-industrialise.

    I don’t think these globalists are emotional about any particular country or geographical area, as they see it all as one large chess-board, and as Catherine Austin Fitts said in her interview with Max the other week, the TBTF banks have played their part magnificently, and now everyone is really angry with them (not the real people behind the curtain) and so it is time to bring in (already prepared) global legislation to cut them down to size and return to Community Banks, re-introduce some Glass-Steagal-type Act, etc, whilst at the same time encouraging people to ‘buy local’, etc etc.

    Blimey, I’ve even managed to convince myself that these people might be right…except for the billions of deaths that they are willing to cause, and which they see as ‘worth it’, to use Albrights term.
    Final thought in the back of my mind: I think M&S know all of this, and are possibly globalists themselves, or at least work for them. This post will possibly get me banned, so ‘bye’ all, it was good knowing you! There have been no AGW posts lately – noticed? Here’s a good radio interview about geoengineering, which plays a huge part in the scenario outlined above:

    NB This was a comment I posted in reply to another on the Max Keiser's website. I thought you might like to read it!

USA is a Banana Republic!

If you excuse the awful voice of Alex Jones, this is a great interview with Paul Craig Roberts, wherein he spells it all out about the banks, the US and the global economy:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hegelian Dialectic

Otherwise known as 'Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis' or in plainer English 'Problem-Reaction-Solution':


We've already heard about 'weather derivatives', but here is a long interview with the makers of two films on this phenomenon:

Here are the films. Take the time to watch them:

And here's a couple of websites with more info:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

From yesterday, on CNN. I haven't listened to it myself yet. The Iraninan President is in the US for the UN 67th Assembly (see post below for more on that):

The Maker Movement


3D Printers/Additive Manufacturing

Just to finish the trilogy of new phrases and technologies that I gleaned whilst listening to CAF the other day, here is some info on some more incredible new technology:

Again, here are some images. Click on the one you want to expand:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=698286cafedd254a&biw=1280&bih=688

Ambient Intelligence

Again, thanks are due to Catherine Austin Fitts for this info, which is all over my head, but which I want to post in case I grow a new brain:

Here's some more info. Click on the image for more:

Catherine Austin Fitts (cont.)

Here is an incredible e-book she has written. It speaks for itself, and I highly recommend putting some time aside to read it:

Incidentally, she talks in the interviews below of the 'breakaway civilisation', and the 'breakthrough energy technologies' that I've posted I heard of through her. But do you think that these new energies are going to be available for everyone? I don't. I think these new technologies are going to be made available after the next global event that this breakaway civilisation is trying to get underway at the moment (think WWIII). I wonder how many Arabic/Indian/Chinese people were present in that room at MIT in Israel?

Breakthrough Energy Technologies

Here's a presentation on these new technologies, by a Jason Pontin. Notice it's given at MIT in Israel:

Here's Mr Pontin's bio:


'It will become more difficult to identify places where it is practical to carry out an invasion that will then provide the needed volumes for a given country. Evidence of recent conflicts (Iraq is a prime example) show that conflict makes resource recovery more difficult and delays levels of production that might be achieved if the conflict did not occur'.


Gold Standard

Although I'm not at all sure that this will be a good thing for 'we the people', it looks like this is what will be introduced very soon (2012/13). Deutche Bank were one of the Cartel banks which were supposed to be going bankrupt soon, along with Credit Agricole, B of A, Citi, etc. Either they won, and we're heading into a completely controlled future with digital currency which is allegedly gold-backed, or they've been leaned on (see Jim Willie's interviews, where he says senior Deutche Bank executives were cooperating with Interpol) and the 'good guys' are winning. For me the jury is still out, but it sure looks like 'problem-reaction-solution' to me, and I agree with Bill Still that a global gold-backed currency is not decentralising (duh!). Either way, those invested heavily in the stock market, fiat and other paper assets are going to get decimated. Very soon.

Catherine Austin Fitts

A modern hero, she speaks truth to power in these incredibly information-packed interviews. I recommend listening to them with a coffee and pen and paper. She's one smart lady:

Peak Oil

Again. For the hard of hearing. Despite a lot of 'noise' recently about he 'non-energy-crisis', where it is claimed that there is enough oil off Alaska to make US energy independent, if you listen to that debate (which I have) and then think about the phrases 'EROEI' and 'low-hanging fruit', then for me there really is no debate. Add to that the recent geopolitical activity, centring on Iran, and you begin to understand that we're witnessing desperate oil oligarchs trying to retain power in this new reality of Post-Petrolium man' (Ruppert's phrase).

Collapse by Michael Ruppert

Alhough I've become quite sceptical about some of Ruppert's more recent actions (I think he was got at by the 'attack poodles'), it was his book 'Crossing the Rubicon' (2004) which first opened my eyes to the real geopolitical agenda, and it remains true that he was incredibly brave going back to the 1970's, trying to expose the CIA and the international drugs trade - which continues to this day - and how! HSBC being one of the major banks which launders drugs money and makes a lot of people very rich, whilst funding the shadow economy. Perhaps people are ready to listen now?

NB: He has recently left his website ( and gone to live in the countryside to grow vegetables. Why now?

Billionaires Dumping Stocks

Could be related to Mount Weather?

Conspiracy Theorists

Count me in!


Best party I've heard of in a long time:!

67th UN Assembly

Could be different this year:

The Road to World War 3

This should be obvious even to the most brainwashed individual by now, but here is a short history of the petrodollar and the road to where we are now:!

Mount Weather

Posted just in case:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morgan Stanley Going Bust!

According to Jim Willie, this is the next big 'Lehman Brothers'. We're all holding our breath...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Jim Willie on Global Banker Corruption

Although he doesn't explore who the 'Sheriff from the East' is, and he doesn't explore the faults in having a Gold Standard (see Bill Still below), but JW is still up there as one of my heroes, for telling it like it is, and not being afraid of being called a conspiracy nut:

And here's his latest article:

He has a lot of good contacts, and some juicy gossip which goes mainstream some months later. My gut tells me to trust him.

Bill Still on the Gold Standard

He's great, and we should think about what he says seriously:

Who owns the gold? The Central Banks...

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Here's the answer to where we're going, global currency, kept secret for decades:

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Seeds of Freedom

Film about seeds-saving and business interests:


LIBOR with Matt Taibbi

The excellent investigative journalist writes for the Rolling Stone, and has been following this massive banking conspiracy for years. Read his articles here:

Peak Denial

Here's another excellent piece by Orlov, where he discusses the difference between 'denial' and 'delusion':

And here's the article he refers to, by Richard Heinberg:

Monbiot is an opportunistic presstitute, and should be taken with a grain of salt.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

If you only read one Post, this must be it!

Here the inimitable Jim Willie spells it out, sums it up and lays the cards of the table. The whole House of Cards, that is:

Far out!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012


'Libor and Euribor are two of the crucial mechanisms for setting interest rates on a vast array of financial products. Libor is the largest and most variable rate, covering ten currencies. It even helps determine the rate of the US dollar in the form of eurodollars.

Traders in London, New York, Japan and elsewhere colluded to manipulate the Libor rate so as to make massive profits or conceal losses, at the direct expense of pension funds and mortgage and loan holders.'


Good explanation of LIBOR:!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ESM: Bankers Coup d'Etat

Here's some more relevant information on this odious bill:

Here's the Ellen Brown article he mentions - read it if you dare:

In my experience, there are not many people who realise how serious this is.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Throwing down the Gauntlet to the House of Lords

Four months ago I posted the speech that Lord James of Blackheath made about the multi-trillion-dollar scam (conspiracy) which was global in scope and evil to its core. Now with the LIBOR scandal coming to light, here is a timely piece by the White Hats, with some very interesting info:

It's all coming down, and coming out, and mouths will gape in shock and horror, but as Reggie Middleton says, 'the sun will still rise tomorrow'. Courage!

'Collapse in Europe is Absolutely Unavoidable'

The extremely intelligent Reggie Middleton calls it. As you'll see from this interview, he has made some spot-on calls in the past, and his blog is fantastic (Boom-Bust blog):

Oh, and he's sexy too! What a voice!

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Here Max Keiser interviews Michael Krieger about the corruption in the banks, where they talk about the new ECB proposition, where instead of having a ZIRP (zero interest-rate policy) they want a IRP (negative interest rate policy). Unbelievable, and pretty depressing, given the scale of the fraud and the lack of accountability:!

Solution? Do an Iceland!


Here's a fact-filled interview with the astute Catherine Austin Fitts. She is rightfully mistrustful of TPTB, if only more people were as switched on as she is:


La Palma

One to watch...

Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Important Interview

Here Max Keiser interviews Greg Hunter from 'usawatchdog', who lays it all on the line:!

I can't believe that it's only a tiny percentage of people who are aware of these banking scams, but the masses who aren't are going to have such a shock coming when the crash comes (alternatively being called 'The Event' or 'The Reset' - look out for these terms more often in the weeks:months to come).

Friday, June 29, 2012

End Game

For those of you interested in details, here's Jim Willie's latest post, where he pieces it all together with his mathematical brain:

So, collapse is baked into the cake. Now I just need an answer to that nagging question: if a trigger has been pulled from deep within the system, who pulled it?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gold Becomes Tier 1 Asset

In normal English this means that TPTB (here the BIS!) have decided that gold is as good as a currency on the global stage - duh!

Here it was predicted a while ago:

And here it becomes fact:


Still going on, but more and more people are looking up and waking up:

European Stabilisation Mechanism (ESM)

Even though this is a few months old, Ellen Brown lays it all out - and subtitles it 'How Goldman Sachs captured Europe':


Here's an Iranian take on what has been happening between Syria and Turkey:!

Of course those of you trying to read this in that bastion of freedom and democracy, Great Britain, will not be able to watch this clip, as PressTV has been banned from the airwaves - not exactly the actions of a country whichsupports freedom of speech. What is it afraid of? As if we didn't know...

Red Alert!!

Here's the well-respected GEAB bulletin, with a Red Alert (their first I think) on the second half of this year:

I've tried to post this on various blogs, but it's being written-off as pro-French, which I find a rather bizarre reaction!

Free Energy

...or almost! Here an Australian makes energy from water and vinegar:

Chile and China in Non-Dollar Trade Swaps

Today is the big day, of course - the day the US tried to kick Iran out if SWIFT. But they shot themselves in the foot, as more and more countries do bilateral trade deals in currencies other than the petro-dollar. Here again its the renminbi, but between Iran and India it has been gold, etc. The dollar is on the operating table, but won't come out of surgery. Whether this is a good thing (end US war-mongering Empire) or whether this is a bad thing (part of the non-geographically aligned self-appointed élite's long-term game plan) remains to be seen:

This is a very dangerous period, as it's at times like that that wars 'erupt', and we just have to look to the 'downing' of a 'Turkish' 'plane by 'Syria' to see how this could escalate. I've put those words with apostrophes around them, as I'm very sceptical about the timing of all this, and have yet to look into the truth behind these actions.

Webster Tarpley's Weekly Round-Up

I listen to Webster every week, and his un-biased narrative with his historical over-view and political insights make it an informative and educational listen. Here's his latest, encompassing the situation in Greece, US, Syria, etc:

Also he gives many interviews, which can be found here:

Big Banks = Mafia

It's rare you come across such a straight-talking piece, but here Bill Moyers interviews the fantastic Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith on the problems with the big banks. They both hold no punches as they lay it out - the banks use Mafia tactics and as such have moved their losses to the taxpayer, with no consequences. Incredible interview which of course will disappear without trace:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Webster Tarpley & Greece

This week's international round-up of news from Webster, where he mentions the dreadful propaganda war being fought in Syria, and where the wonderful Greek blogger tells us how it is on the ground (from minute 47):

Here's Michael Chiotinis' blog:

News just coming out about the Greek election results, and it doesn't look good.

The Anti Hegemon

Otherwise known as the 'BRICS', here's a short video explaining their frustration at the aggressive war-mongering Anglo-American Empire. I could hardly stand to listen to the US statement at the UN on Syria - the hypocricy is outstanding! The overthrow of the Syrian regime was planned long ago:

PM Manipulation Confirmed

As long suspected:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eric Sprott

Here's an interesting up-to-date interview with Sprott, where he says that the banking system keeps getting bailed out instead of the economy, and until that's fixed, nothing will improve:

Jim Willie's Latest Financial Up-Date

Weimar meets Ponzi!

Here the Turd asks one of my questions to Jim Willie (namely who is behind the Eastern entity) in a wide ranging in-depth interview. You owe it to youselves and your families to try to understand this global financial situation, as your future may depend on it:

The remaining nagging doubt that I have is that this whole scenario is coordinated, organised and deliberate, by people behind the curtain of the Eastern entity, and indeed Jim Willie does mention that the Rothschild banking dynasty have been active in China for decades, and that they may well come out of this situation sitting pretty. I suppose we will have to wait and see, but hopefully the worst of the insane oligarchs plan to enslave us all has been avoided...or has it? He's still talking about a global currency that will be brought in only after Europe has collapsed (including France!).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The British Empire

Here is a hesitant but fascinatingly illuminating speech by Lyndon Larouche, where he has no fear to tell the truth about the British Empire, the banking system, the political mess, the guilty parties in the real threat of thermo-nuclear war, and much more. Grab a coffee and have a listen:

Here's his movement:

Gold Standard Will End Freedom

Here Bill Still (of 'The Money Masters' fame) makes some excellent points:

Again, excuse the awful adverts.

He confirms what my gut has been telling me for some time now: that this new global gold-backed currency that is going to be brought in later this year, will be, in fact, the final move in the hundred-year plan to have complete control over our lives. Just imagine for a moment: no cash at all (think about it, and it's already only 3% of the money supply); all 'money' is digital, on your mobile phone, no banks in the high street, no cash in ATMs, just facilities to re-fill your mobile phone, no expense at all for banks to create 'money', as it's all digital, no accountability but COMPLETE CONTROL....

Oh great.

The Money Masters - long, but well worth watching:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steve Keen

Australian economist, gives a good insight into what went wrong:

More Jim Willie

While waiting for an answer to my question, regarding who exactly is behind this gold-buying from the East, here is another information-packed interview with the quick-thinking Jim Willie:

Please excuse the dreadful adverts - nothing I can do.

'China' Bids for London Metal Exchange

Same again - who is behind these purchases 'from the East'? But anyway, here's an interesting little snippet:

Events happening thick and fast now.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jim Willie's 'Tower of Babel'

Jim Willie has a great way of putting it all together for lay people like me, and here he explains what the problem is in the banking sector:

He says it's the East who are buying all the gold from the 'Cartel', but my big worry is that these buyers from the East are actually just the old banking families putting into place a long-held plan, hiding behind the Chinese Investment Banks (see earlier entries on this blog).


Here is the 'silverfuturist's explanation of ZIRP:

'Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP)
Step 1: embrace Keynesism, fiat currency, ZIRP, etc
Step 2: borrow billions out of thin air and pay no interest on it
Step 3: put money in assets going up (which will help it go up further)
Step 4: sell asset after it goes up, crashing the price
Step 5: pay back ZIRP loan
Step 6: if you screw up, taxpayer bails you out
Step 7: repeat process until you own everything
Step 8: When system crashes, go back on gold standard and pretend to embrace free markets, cuz you now own them all.'

And here's his latest video on this policy:

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BRICS & Europe

Seems the future looks bright and the Old World Order has been defeated, according to this GEAB report:

I particularly like the delicate wording:

'without a questioning of the US Dollar’s role and strict control of the major private financial institutions, there will be no possible exit from the crisis.'

That'll be the end of the dollar as Reserve Currency then, and the end of the (private) Federal Reserve.

Time to break open the Champagne yet?

Rockefellers & Rothschilds Merge

This is an interesting move! One asks 'why now?' Consolidation? Backs against the wall? I think we'll know by the end of this year:
Two of the best-known business dynasties in Europe and the US will come together after Lord Jacob Rothschild’s listed investment trust and Rockefeller Financial Services agreed to form a strategic partnership. RIT Capital Partners is to buy a 37 per cent stake in the Rockefeller’s wealth advisory and asset management group for an undisclosed sum, giving Lord Rothschild’s London-listed trust a much sought-after foothold in the US. The transatlantic union brings together David Rockefeller, 96, and Lord Rothschild, 76 two family patriarchs whose personal relationship spans five decades.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Corporate propaganda at its best, to bring about regime change:

Objective? Encirclement of Iran.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Egypt's Elections

Nuff said:

China's CIC

Beware a wolf in sheep's clothing! The Advisory Board of this so-called 'China Investment Corporation', are none other than the old guard, trying to bring in their NWO by the back (Eastern) door:

Members of the Advisory Council of the CIC are:

James Wolfensohn - former President of the World Bank
Lord Stern - former World Bank Chief Economist
Merit Janow – Council on Foreign Relations
David Emerson – violated ethics code in Canadian elections
John J Mack – former CEO of Morgan Stanley
John L Thornton – former President of Goldman Sachs
Jean Lemierre – President of European Free Trade Association.

 I’m getting a bit bored of Western ‘alternative’ financial analyists referring to ‘China’ as the ones who are going to save us from these Wall St crooks, when in reality it’s the same bunch! Let’s give this exposé some media coverage. The Chinese Government has nothing to do with the Chinese Banking Industry!

Iran's Alternative to SWIFT

Ha! Gotcha! US has shot itself in the foot:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Date For Death of the Dollar

28th June 2012.


The date that the Iranian sanctions come into effect, where they cannot use SWIFT. On that date, the alternative global system will come into play:

Systemic Bank Failure Coming

...this summer, if not sooner! In this fantastic interview, Jim Willie crosses the 'T's and dots the 'i's for us all, explaining in very easy-to-understand terms exactly how JPM and the other criminal enterprises have got away with what they've got away with for years, and how the whole mess is starting unravel. The term 'interest rate swaps' is key here, but even if you don't understand that (and I don't pretend to myself) the other information he gives us is very much in keeping with my other research, that I just know he's right. Listen to the sums of gold changing hands, confirmation of the gold and silver markets being oversold (by 100+!), the panic in the Swiss banks trying to cover the physical delivery, etc, etc. All as previously read and reported here (going back a few years now) but confirming in my mind that the systemic bank run has started, and will pick up speed this summer:

The only question I have left now, and it's a BIG question: who controls the 'Sheriff from the East'? My suspicions are that this is the CIC (see post below) and as such is very worrying indeed. This is the 1% fighting the 0.01%, and the 'East' seems to be winning, and we'll get a gold-backed global currency by Christmas, but I have a feeling that this will also mean complete global control of the world's financial system, with all that that entails as regards lack of freedom, serfdom, etc. It has been predicted for many years, and luckily I've been listening and we're well-protected, but what about the other people who haven't got a clue about the financial tsunami which is about to hit?

Interest rate Swaps:

Basically the 'East' stopped financing the US debt, so they had to figure out a way to keep it all moving, so started buying their own debt. It's not going to end well.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Who Is Blythe Masters?

This is a fascinating interview - I learnt a lot:

In my experience, there are not many people ready for what is coming.

Ponzi Scheme Unwinding

The Sheeple are waking up, would you believe! Here, another broker is giving up his licence because of the blatant market manipulation, and he says a lot of interesting things:

HSBC = Criminal Enterprise

Here's some interesting inside information:

Quelle surprise!!

Follow Your Hunches

Here's a comment I just tried to post on Max Keiser's website, which has been blocked (surprise, surprise!):

'Interesting to follow ones hunches. ZH is telling us that the CIC is advocating a gold-backed renminbi:

Then, a little research shows that a certain Lord Stern is on the CICs list of advisors:

And then a little research into Lord Stern and we discover (lo!) that he's an Ashkenazi who is advocating pushing climate change to bring about global economic change:

So there you have it, in a couple of clicks: the Zionists (who are bringing us dreadful weather in S Europe with their geoengineering) are continuing to manipulate the world into their NWO model, and are very active in China to bring this about.

J'accuse: and I think Max knows all of this. I throw down the gauntlet!'

Since I threw down my gauntlet into thin air, another couple of clicks discovered that another CIC advisor, James Wolfensohn, is also right up there with the NWO/globalists:

So I've confirmed a hunch (backed by a lot of research) that I've had for some while now: China and/or the BRICS are not  all that they appear to be, but part of the long-running NWO agenda to bring in a global currency and obtain complete control over the world. Prediction: as soon as the gold-backed new global currency is in place, the geoengineering will stop, the clouds will part and we'll all be expected to praise our masters for bringing this about.

Also discovered since:

Other members of the Advisory Council of the CIC (our saviours from the East, apparently…) are:
Merit Janow – Council on Foreign Relations
David Emerson – violated ethics code in Canadian elections
John J Mack – former CEO of Morgan Stanley
John L Thornton – former President of Goldman Sachs
Jean Lemierre – President of European Free Trade Association


Chinese Gold-Backed Currency

It's coming, folks, for better or worse:

For me the jury is still out as to whether this is the work of the Chinese Government, or the Chinese Banking Sector (PBOC). If it's the latter, I smell more than a whiff of You-Know-Who, who are very active in China. Time will tell.

Here is the CIC's Jin, talking sense about Europe:

Monday, May 21, 2012

Bill Still's Message to Bilderbergers!

Here's his earlier work, 'The Money Masters', well worth listening to:

Also, 'The Secret of Oz':

Latest on Greece

Here in the second segment, Webster interviews a Greek blogger, to get a very interesting low-down on the new June elections. It may be one small voice from a blogger, but the truth rings out in his voice, and takes on the behemoth of Western propaganda:

The Party the blogger is talking about, 'Syriza', is a coalition of the left, and is the party to watch:

The GEAB bulletin also hints that this is the party to watch - see 'Global Political Outlook' below.

Global Political Outlook

As brought to you by those suspiciously prescient GEAB people:

Are they hinting at election massaging in Greece, towards the end there? You bet! Greece will not exit the euro, and the election results will be the 38-yr old left-leaning leader. GEAB know what's going on.