Thursday, December 27, 2012

The End is Nigh

Now I feel rather strange about this: how can these decade-old predictions be coming true? Either there is a creator, a conspiracy, or it is all coincidence. Take your pick, it hardly matters anymore!

Here the financial pundits who write excellent analytical material in the alternative media all seem to be coming together and predicting that this is it! We are here! The waterfall event where the petro-dollar finally gets shoved out of the limelight and the dawn of a new era begins.

For better or worse, we are all going to witness great changes in the months and years ahead. People in the West will lose all of their savings, pensions will disappear, the US will become a very poor country (except for those in the know) and the power in the world will shift East-wards.

I have been following this story for a long time, and its inevitability makes me sanguine. In geopolitics, we knew years ago that China would rise, simply because of cheap labor and plentiful resources, but then factor in peak oil, US arrogance, 911, systemic corruption and a brotherhood of vile human beings who couldn't admit defeat, and you have the makings of an incredible story, to be told one day to incredulous grand-children.

The jury is still out with me as to whether this really is China, or 'China' (my instinct is the latter, as the banking families moved East years ago) but as I said, it hardly matters any more. We're in a vortex of great change, and we're going to have to deal with it. Many people are going to be shocked, some beyond belief. If you have been paying attention, however, you should at least have some idea of how to navigate the coming chaos.

Here, Gregory Mannarino and Jim Willie lay it all out for us to listen to/read:

To do a little investigative journalism while the majority got side-tracked by reality TV wasn't really that difficult. You just had to 'follow the money...'.

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