Saturday, September 30, 2017

For YOUR Safety...

By now we are so used to seeing the signs that it doesn't register anymore, but it's still worth pointing out that every time you see a sign saying that what is being implemented is 'for your safety' the exact opposite is true.

Orwell tried to warn us that they are willing to use doublespeak and are also willing to make 'disappear' the very words in our language, so that critical thinking becomes not only dangerous, but high-on impossible.

'For your safety' actually means 'in order to keep a track on you and to keep us (the Owners) safe from you'.

Quite logical really. Why wouldn't they herd us into a field without an exit?

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

1st January 2018

The date of the US dollar's death.

I've more-or-less stopped writing this blog, as it's all laid out here and the path being followed is now very clear.

The people at the top of the financial food chain will do what they want to do, regardless of any huff and puff coming from anyone else, so there's really nothing to do but try to stay as far out of harm's way as possible.

Also I understand the resistance to my assertion that ALL of the political, climactic and social chaos is a deliberate part of their plan, but it really is as simple as 'Oder ab Chao'.  Or 'problem, reaction, solution' if you prefer. Or the Hegelian dialectic, if you prefer.

Here that famous 'insider' Jim Rickards lays it all out very clearly, and it's what I've been piecing together for nearly a decade. In 2008 they started QE1, and by 2018, ten years later, they'll crash the present system (or more likely segue into the new DLT one) and re-juggle everything. And I mean everything...

Whilst remaining at the top, you understand. Wouldn't do to have any of the old families lose any of their wealth now, would it?

Just the rest of us, who are completely unprepared.

Shame on them for their deceit and arrogance.

(Of course Rickards is peddling his wares, and I'm very suspicious of his 'correct predictions'  - most likely he's one of the 'financial √©lites' himself, as he predicted the Brexit and Trump victories in advance (who could have known?), plus he's also peddling the phony 'North Korea is unpredictable' routine on the MSM. However, I definitely think it's worth paying attention to what he says, hence this post).

Monday, September 11, 2017

Who Could Have Known?

Harvey - Irma - José - power outages - NYSE collapse - Ice9.

That's the plan.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Oh no, It's Nothing to do with the Rothschilds!

Many, many otherwise good people absolutely refuse to entertain any idea that there might be massive financial collusion at the top of the pyramid, to the detriment of all the people at the bottom. From my point of view, it is blindingly obvious that nothing has changed throughout history, and we'd be well to learn that at some stage in our evolution.

Here, a new-to-me analyst gives us a straight-talking explanation of the financial change bearing down upon us:

And here's an oldie but goodie, proving once again that 'China' does not have financial autonomy - it's that family again who are busy deflating the bubble that they created in the West, and busy inflating the bubble in the East. All with the best of intentions, of course!

Oh, and just by chance, that same family are also investing in weather modification! Houston, anyone? Climactic catastrophes are a very good way to bring down the system and sweep in the new one. Watch Hurricane Irma too, heading for New York today!