Saturday, February 28, 2015

Bullion Capital

As predicted by Jim Willie, a new exchange has opened up which could change everything. Here Andrew Maguire says it's launching in March :

Here's an explanation:

Foundation X

I'm re-posting this as I've just re-watched the beginning of this video, and hadn't seen Lord Blackheath's interview with 'Sky', wherein he outlines the proposals of Foundation X. What the latter are proposing, of course, is a complete subversion of British democracy, and that is what we've got now, so I suspect their offer was accepted, and this is what we're moving towards.

A fascinating listen for the sceptics amongst you:

Friday, February 27, 2015

The Externalisation of Costs

Brilliant, logical, obvious, self-evident and humbling. Probably why no-one is listening:

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Understanding the Script

About the script: if you think of it like a master plan, where often the ‘actors’ do not know they are in it – so I wouldn't use the term ‘theatre’ (where the actors know they are in a theatre, with a script, and lines, and an ending).

Think of it more like a lot of sheep in a fenced field. There is a Shepherd and a sheepdog – the Shepherd knows exactly the outcome he wants (the blueprint) and he has to work out how to get there.

The sheepdog doesn’t know all of the plan, but he knows we’ve got to get the sheep through that gap in the fence, and then he will receive a nice dinner and a night by the fire.

Now come the sheep. They will be problematic for the Shepherd if they panic. So he needs to work slowly, methodically, and react to different situations depending on which way the sheep go – but he has various options open to him, which he has thought out in advance.

The sheep will, predictably, normally follow each other, feeling safety in numbers, and also wanting their evening meal in comfy surroundings, whilst trying to supress the subconscious fear of the end-game – the smell is in the air but the Shepherd is still smiling, and looking around, nothing seems different from yesterday.

So the sheep, unaware of the script, will eventually go through Gate A, or sometimes (different field, same end-game) Gate B, or sometimes (end-game) Gate C, and into the waggons.

It doesn’t occur to them that there are other options, like working together to knock down the fence and escape, at least to give liberty a try. Too scary, better stick with the Shepherd, who seems to know what he’s doing (although that yapping dog is a bloody nuisance!).

That’s how I see the script! We are working under ‘compartmentalisation’, where not many people can see all of it, or are even aware that there is one. But there is one.
 What I’m hoping, of course, and I agree it’s a faint hope, is that there’s a bigger Script than their Script – a sort of divine law of justice, or a Mother Nature’s law of equilibrium.

But for the moment, even though they’re steaming ahead with the agenda, most people around me see this life as normal, and even if I broke down the fence and shouted “Hey, you lot, over here, let’s escape”, they’d just look at me blankly and say to each other “Oh that’s susan, she was always a bit of a nutter (and she wears glasses)”, and go back to eating the grass with head down.

Minsheng Bank

Allegedly a 'Chinese' bank, but we know better, don't we? Here's another comment of mine on MK's website:

susan says:
Jogador mentioned a ‘Chinese’ bank, the Minsheng Bank.

So, I thought I’d test my theory (├╝ber script) and look it up – on Wiki:

Note: picture in bottom right-hand side of page of Bank – pyramid without a capstone. Logo: not exactly two inter-locking circles, but almost (see Audi; Olympics, etc,). Vesica Piscis.

Then to quote from Wiki: ,(Minsheng Bank) is the first bank in China to be owned mostly by non-government enterprises.

So, then I did a Google search with the founder of this private bank, Jing Shuping and Rothschild together, and lo-and-behold, surprise, surprise:

I cannot log in to read the rest of the article, but Jing Shuping’s name must be there somewhere. And from this article:

‘ The 1.3-billion-population country is viewed (as) a bonanza to private bankers.’

Duh!! Well yeah, obviously!

I asked years ago on this site that Max and Stacy would stop just saying ‘China’ or ‘Chinese Banks’, as the picture was not as easy as that, and the independence and autonomy of the sovereign State was undermined long ago – as most people now realise.

So to keep saying ‘China is doing this’ or even ‘Russia is doing that’ is facile, and anachronistic. You need to look at the banking structures in those countries and who runs them, who advises them and who influences them.

And the answer is always the same bloody family! They have the Script, in their safe at the FDS, which is actually inside the BIS!! Try getting a peek at it, though, and you’ll end up in the dungeon.

Finally (sorry about this rant), @jogador also talks of Greece opening up the information for the people, etc – real democracy. Well I wrote about this on my blog back in September (before Charlie Hebdo) and I feel point 19 explains it quite well:

FWIW, I think the Charlie Hebdo incident was point 14, with more to come, then point 15 with the crash of the banks (no need for high street banks any more!).

So you see, we’re all on schedule!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The End of Humanity and Death Threats

I recently had an exchange of views on the Max Keiser website with Knight of Malta Freemason, Alastair Carnegie. Here it is:

susan says:
You sound spooked! Could you tell us – in plain English – without reference to off-planet events – what has spooked you?
He replies:
  1. @susan, You wrote:- “…. what has spooked you?”
    Reading the latest “Biodiversity Report”. and you should be spooked as well. We are losing 75,000 species a year now. That is NOT good news!

    We may be well past the ‘tipping’ point? and now face the total extinction of life on earth?
    This will require an adaption from biological primitive life forms, to slightly more advanced non-biological life forms. People with IQ less than 180 will probably be unable to comprehend what this implies. The average IQ in China is 150. So they will spearhead this adaptation. The options are numerous.

    We may not have passed the tipping point? but some say it was crossed in the 1980s. A neighbour of mine Judy Jacoub, She was Press Spokesperson for F.O.E. for a while. Her Dad was Press Secretary for The United Nations. She told me that the 1980’s was the point of no return. This was why President Clinton unleashed “The Beast of Unregulated Markets”. The crisis demanded every asset we could throw at it.

    No biological life forms is quite a challenge. The problem we will face is a toxic atmosphere. Extremophiles may adapt to breathing toxic gasses twice as hot as the Oven Clean temperature, but even they may have difficulty?

    I am afraid you have decided to prevent me discussing the only viable solution that I can conceive of, but at least it saves time! So I won’t mention the forbidden topic! The first sign would be elevated levels of Methane Gas, in the atmosphere. Methane is a 100 times more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. Elevated temperatures melt frozen permafrost, releasing more methane. a vicious cycle begins.

    This is why we suffer so much cold. Chemtrails are spraying a liquid slurry of fine ‘Fly-Ash’ particulates filtered from coal fired power stations. About 25% of all fly-ash is used for this purpose. Cloud formation is stimulated by water droplets condensing on these ultra-fine fly-ask particulates. This helps reflect sunlight to the place I am not allowed to mention! Resulting in cold temperatures we have not seen for over two centuries.

    Wiser heads than mine have decided that over-kill is mush safer than under-kill. The Goyim dumbed down couch potato population have not been informed. They might start revolting? and that would not help! Total morons and idiots in charge is how we got here in the first place!
  2. @AC:
    Thank you for that – very clear.
    It has occured to me that if we needed 3 planets in the 1970’s to support our lifestyle, and we haven’t changed our lifestyle, we must be needing about 7 planets or more by now.

    Nor am I surprised at the eugenics agenda – there for all to see for well over a decade, although I was called mad for pointing it out at the time.

    I do, however, take exception to the way this has been handled, when it could have all been so different. If there are people of low IQ, then I blame the rich for not putting more money into education.

    If there are too many people on the planet, then I blame the same people, because it has been made clear in many studies that a good education reduces the birthrate.

    And finally I blame the same group for allowing themselves to think they are better than the rest of us, when it was us who turned the wheels of machinery all along.

    To decide to keep your ill-gotten wealth is to sign your own death-warrant, and I for one will have difficulty shedding a tear for our newly impoverished upper-classes, especially if they haven’t spent this time learning useful skills.

    It is at that moment when the working classes come into their own, because they remember how to work – although I suspect that you are correct, and it’s too late to save the biosphere, and by extension, ourselves.

    What an utterly ridiculous tragedy.

    And Alastair then replies:

    1. @Susan, You Wrote:- “To decide to keep your ill-gotten wealth is to sign your own death-warrant,…”

      Why is the production of tens of thousands of tons of food, and thousands of tons of wool, sheared off the sheep by hand shears and plasters over the blisters, We sheared 18,000 Merino Sheep twice a year in order to provide clothing for the working classes backs. Did we make a profit from this wool? NO WE DID NOT! We made a loss and subsidised it ourselves. That’s right greedy aristocrats like up, we know nothing about work!!!… Susan, you have been brainwashed to believe a load of crap!

      The people who make the money are the middle-men. They are seldom aristocrats! When I reached the age of 21, I had £0.75 million pounds to give away, and plenty of other assets as well. Mark 10:17-31 demands that any aspirant Christian gives away all his possessions! This is a test of discipline and self control.

      Giving money away is fraught with danger! spivs and leeches will gladly take it off your hands! I wanted my money to benefit the poor, and grow! It worked out very well, praise The Lord! The BBC came to my rescue! It was their idea that I followed! The BBC Used my Signature as the Logo of their Program. (An exact copy of it)

      Also I recommend tempering those ‘death threats’. Today Military Telescopic Rifle Sights have Face Recognition Capability, If you are “Flagged Up” as a “Ring-Leader” The squaddie who pulls the trigger gets a medal and a commendation. The round will only stop your heart! even a leg wound! from the shock wave! It’s easy to get ‘flagged up’. just write stuff like:- “death warrant” a bit too often! and in a threatening way that is unmistakeable!

      CCTV footage of every naughty thing a ‘ring leader’ ever did, may be broadcast if an attempt is made to make a martyr of them. The Psychological Warfare Division are well trained in propaganda. The Military do not play games! In fact you Susan may be an Officer serving with Psy-Ops? .. I would never know! You say all the right things! Bait for a trap!

      And my final reply:

      susan says:
      I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about AC’s habit of making death threats himself to people who say things he doesn’t like to hear.

      As for the middle men making the profits, you don’t need an IQ of 700 to work that one out, but to imply that the Ruling Classes were incapable of doing anything about it smacks of denial, at best.

      I have one word for him: COLLUSION.

      So there you have it - you will know who gave the word to have me killed as a ring-leader, if ever I 'meet with an accident'!

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Massive Greek Fail

They lost it! Here Bill Still doesn't hold any punches, and is one of the few people spelling it out as it is:

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Guilt by Association

Helping to dispel the myths and uncover the truth, one book at a time:

Coming Gold Standard?

20th of March??

Vaccines, Autism, the CDC and FDA

A fantastic interview with a man for whom I have enormous respect, Jon Rappport:

The interview gets deeper and deeper into propaganda, power and mind control as it goes on, so be sure to listen to the end.

Trends in the News

A great geopolitical round-up in 12 minutes, by Gerald Celente:

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Swiss Tsunami

And for a land-locked country, that's saying something!

Jim Willie also mentions some interesting information about rich people wanting to get their money out of their accounts - and the Swiss banks saying 'nein!':

This is just the beginning. By the end of this year, the world will be a different place.




Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Post 2000 - Parallel Universes

It seems fitting that for my 2000th blog post, I'm posting the latest article from one of my favourite bloggers, Dmitri Orlov. It's about parallel universes, of course!

Gold Confiscation

Plus higher insurance costs, negative interest rates and lower yields:

On the positive side, he does suggest that Europe might pull away from NATO, as also predicted by JW.


Cold Fusion E-Cat Reactor

Rumours are that this is one of the new technologies that have been around for a while, but not released to the public:

Climate Engineering

The lunatics are running the asylum:


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Truth About Greece

Notwithstanding a previous post where I think current events are all very well scripted, here is a good over-view of what happened in Greece, and what is to come:

Global Debt Restructuring

All going according to plan:

False Flag Events Explained

I've had to come to the conclusion that most people believe what they want to believe. It is easier that way, which is how fascism can slip so easily through the back door: lack of inquisitiveness and a massive propaganda campaign, and you're almost home and dry. Those pesky people who continue to question are labelled 'conspiracy theorists' or worse 'terrorists', and are quickly done away with in the run up to the next step of global take-over. Burn the people with glasses and books first.

But here is an interview with someone who knows his stuff, and who explains how 'false flag' attacks are done:

I suspect it's all too late, but I'll keep trying to shake people awake.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Massive Oil Deflation

Here Mike Maloney gives a talk to Russian bankers, back in 2010. It's a bit spooky how prescient he is, and he tells them that 'this is the most important information that you're going to see in your lifetime':

Oil is down just as he predicted. Next leg to the crisis coming soon!

Monday, February 2, 2015