Thursday, February 26, 2015

Minsheng Bank

Allegedly a 'Chinese' bank, but we know better, don't we? Here's another comment of mine on MK's website:

susan says:
Jogador mentioned a ‘Chinese’ bank, the Minsheng Bank.

So, I thought I’d test my theory (├╝ber script) and look it up – on Wiki:

Note: picture in bottom right-hand side of page of Bank – pyramid without a capstone. Logo: not exactly two inter-locking circles, but almost (see Audi; Olympics, etc,). Vesica Piscis.

Then to quote from Wiki: ,(Minsheng Bank) is the first bank in China to be owned mostly by non-government enterprises.

So, then I did a Google search with the founder of this private bank, Jing Shuping and Rothschild together, and lo-and-behold, surprise, surprise:

I cannot log in to read the rest of the article, but Jing Shuping’s name must be there somewhere. And from this article:

‘ The 1.3-billion-population country is viewed (as) a bonanza to private bankers.’

Duh!! Well yeah, obviously!

I asked years ago on this site that Max and Stacy would stop just saying ‘China’ or ‘Chinese Banks’, as the picture was not as easy as that, and the independence and autonomy of the sovereign State was undermined long ago – as most people now realise.

So to keep saying ‘China is doing this’ or even ‘Russia is doing that’ is facile, and anachronistic. You need to look at the banking structures in those countries and who runs them, who advises them and who influences them.

And the answer is always the same bloody family! They have the Script, in their safe at the FDS, which is actually inside the BIS!! Try getting a peek at it, though, and you’ll end up in the dungeon.

Finally (sorry about this rant), @jogador also talks of Greece opening up the information for the people, etc – real democracy. Well I wrote about this on my blog back in September (before Charlie Hebdo) and I feel point 19 explains it quite well:

FWIW, I think the Charlie Hebdo incident was point 14, with more to come, then point 15 with the crash of the banks (no need for high street banks any more!).

So you see, we’re all on schedule!!

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