Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bankers' Resignations Up-Date

Apparently now over 80 resignations:

Also, according to Fulford, Tim Geitner and Silvio Berlusconi were (briefly) arrested and sang like canaries.

$15 Trillion Money-Laundering

This has been bubbling under for some while, but is now getting the attention it deserves. From people in the marketplace who knew something was wrong, to obscure messages from ancient clans, to conspiracies about a small cabal of evil people trying to take over the world, the various parts of this story are all beginning to come together like a jugsaw puzzle:

For Lord James' of Blackheath's House of Lord's Presentation, see here:

Only question remains now, is whether 'they' can get away with it, or whether this is the beginning of the end of their wicked scheme. Only time will tell, but 'they' are clever so-and-so's, and have often thought of everything in advance, so I'm expecting this to roll for some while yet.

Also see 'Financial Tyranny' below.

HSBC Money Laundering

And this from the MSM! Gee!:

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

White House Petition see where the $16 trillion went:

Faked Moon Landings

Stanley Kubrick:

Chomsky says the 'F' Word

Here's one of his latest lectures, where he is more forthright than of late, bringing together lots of information and experience on education, class war, governments, ruling classes and corporations. Right at the end, with the last question, he is asked why nobody mentions fascism...:!

Iran Accepts Gold For Oil

Oh dear! This will make the petro-dollar crowd angry:

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Structure of Empires

From one of my favourite bloggers:

Surviving the Collapse

Good sources of info on these matters:

The Energy Bulletin

The Post Carbon Institute

Energy Powers Economies

...not money.

This is pretty obvious to anyone who spends half an hour thinking about it, but it seems an awful lot of people still don't get it. Here is some salient advice to Obama, who obviously isn't listening, as it was written in 2009:

Still relevant today, of course. More so, in fact.

Global Energy Consumption

There's nothing else for it, we need another planet:


I have long thought that a real revolution would be when the people in the military and policing arms of Government realise that they are being used.

This is now (slowly but surely) happening, and the self-appointed élite had better quake in their boots:

And a million veteran march is being planned for May 2012:

The treatment of veterans is another in a long list of despicable acts, perpetrated by the powers-that-were. Our time will come.

Gilad Atzmon

Truth to Power.

Worth following:

Bankers' Resignations

I'm taking all of this with a pinch of salt, but you never know:

Bankers Steal Greece's Gold

Bastards. I suppose it's considered that the Greeks don't need this, as they can eat cake? Will buy quite a few Porsches though, and a few more bottles of Bollinger.

Financial Tyranny Part ll

Well, well well! Seems this story has legs:

A bumbling buffoon, as so many of Britain's aristocrats are, he seems to be serious, however, in wanting to have an enquiry. Will he end up having an airplane crash or a heart attack?

If not, the establishment may have a bit of difficulty squaring this one.

Vive la revolution!

More coming in all the time, as this story unfolds:

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Greece Latest


Police run out of tear-gas in Athens:

Not a PEEP on the TV in UK...

Dmitri Orlov with Max Keiser

"The conflicts are just there to justify the existence of the military..."!

I`ve been a big fan of Dmitri for a long time - honest, modest, clear-talking and intelligent. Make that man President!

Here he`s interviewed about the five stages of collapse:

Financial Tyranny Up-Date

I`m still not quite sure what to think about all of this, and I am worried that this is still part of the Banksters` convoluted `Problem - Reaction - Solution` scenario, as they continue to bring about complete and utter chaos, so that we end up begging for a completely new system. Are they like the magician, who can just pull a whole new global financial system out of the hat, when this one is very near to the precipice of collapse?

Anyway, FWIW, here is an interesting tale, but read with your sceptic`s antenna on:


Very sad that the majority of people do not look very far for their news. What the MSM is telling us is, in fact, diametrically opposed to what is actually happening in the world. I suppose this `deep denial` is inevitable, as we cannot comprehend that we are the bad guys:

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Secret Arab Agenda in Syria

Long and short? We are being lied to about Syria, as we were about Libya. This destabilisation is all about access to Iran. Encirclement, oldest military tactic in the book.

Olympics & False Flags

Can't wait for the summer!

Sir James Goldsmith

On G.A.T.T., but so prophetic.

"instead of the economy being there to serve us, we are serve the economy":

Parts 1&2 here, the rest is on YouTube.

Friday, February 3, 2012

George Carlin

This is always worth re-posting:

You'll have to excuse the profanities, but nobody tells it like George!

Foundation X Bails Out UK

This is quite old news now, but I decided to post it in light of the 'Financial Tyranny' information coming out by David Wilcock. It appears that there is more and more information coming to the fore proving that there is a group of power-hungry men going hell-bent for world control:

Question is, is there anyone trying to stop them?

Sheik Imran Hosein

I'm not a religious person, but it very much helps, these days, to have a religious perspective on today's geopolitical events:

Notice he says Zionists do not respect Judaism, and I think that's true. My recent trip to Israel revealed to me the miserable lives of Israeli people themselves, as well as that of the Palestinians.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

System 'D'

Although I've found that most people find it absolutely impossible to think of living in a new/different way, these 'system D' observations just put into words what I've noticed on many travels around the world: that if you remove yourselves from authority and governments and oppressively suffocating rules, people will automatically and completely naturally self-regulate.

I've seen it in Africa, in Asia, in India and now, increasingly, in Western Europe, as poverty hits and people fall outside of the system. People will fall outside of the system, of the safety net, and will be forced to fall back on their own (or their families/neighbour's) ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Unfortunately the sound quality is not great, but you'll get the basic idea:

Here he talks about 'shadow cities':

ISDA & Big Bank Defaults

Relates to Greece, default, big banks and Credit Default Swaps. This is BIG news:

Leo Wanta

I wouldn't want to be a Banker - the Veterans are waking up:


The whole world economy is a Ponzi scheme, and they can pull the plug when they want to: