Saturday, June 30, 2012

An Important Interview

Here Max Keiser interviews Greg Hunter from 'usawatchdog', who lays it all on the line:!

I can't believe that it's only a tiny percentage of people who are aware of these banking scams, but the masses who aren't are going to have such a shock coming when the crash comes (alternatively being called 'The Event' or 'The Reset' - look out for these terms more often in the weeks:months to come).

Friday, June 29, 2012

End Game

For those of you interested in details, here's Jim Willie's latest post, where he pieces it all together with his mathematical brain:

So, collapse is baked into the cake. Now I just need an answer to that nagging question: if a trigger has been pulled from deep within the system, who pulled it?

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Gold Becomes Tier 1 Asset

In normal English this means that TPTB (here the BIS!) have decided that gold is as good as a currency on the global stage - duh!

Here it was predicted a while ago:

And here it becomes fact:


Still going on, but more and more people are looking up and waking up:

European Stabilisation Mechanism (ESM)

Even though this is a few months old, Ellen Brown lays it all out - and subtitles it 'How Goldman Sachs captured Europe':


Here's an Iranian take on what has been happening between Syria and Turkey:!

Of course those of you trying to read this in that bastion of freedom and democracy, Great Britain, will not be able to watch this clip, as PressTV has been banned from the airwaves - not exactly the actions of a country whichsupports freedom of speech. What is it afraid of? As if we didn't know...

Red Alert!!

Here's the well-respected GEAB bulletin, with a Red Alert (their first I think) on the second half of this year:

I've tried to post this on various blogs, but it's being written-off as pro-French, which I find a rather bizarre reaction!

Free Energy

...or almost! Here an Australian makes energy from water and vinegar:

Chile and China in Non-Dollar Trade Swaps

Today is the big day, of course - the day the US tried to kick Iran out if SWIFT. But they shot themselves in the foot, as more and more countries do bilateral trade deals in currencies other than the petro-dollar. Here again its the renminbi, but between Iran and India it has been gold, etc. The dollar is on the operating table, but won't come out of surgery. Whether this is a good thing (end US war-mongering Empire) or whether this is a bad thing (part of the non-geographically aligned self-appointed élite's long-term game plan) remains to be seen:

This is a very dangerous period, as it's at times like that that wars 'erupt', and we just have to look to the 'downing' of a 'Turkish' 'plane by 'Syria' to see how this could escalate. I've put those words with apostrophes around them, as I'm very sceptical about the timing of all this, and have yet to look into the truth behind these actions.

Webster Tarpley's Weekly Round-Up

I listen to Webster every week, and his un-biased narrative with his historical over-view and political insights make it an informative and educational listen. Here's his latest, encompassing the situation in Greece, US, Syria, etc:

Also he gives many interviews, which can be found here:

Big Banks = Mafia

It's rare you come across such a straight-talking piece, but here Bill Moyers interviews the fantastic Matt Taibbi and Yves Smith on the problems with the big banks. They both hold no punches as they lay it out - the banks use Mafia tactics and as such have moved their losses to the taxpayer, with no consequences. Incredible interview which of course will disappear without trace:

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Webster Tarpley & Greece

This week's international round-up of news from Webster, where he mentions the dreadful propaganda war being fought in Syria, and where the wonderful Greek blogger tells us how it is on the ground (from minute 47):

Here's Michael Chiotinis' blog:

News just coming out about the Greek election results, and it doesn't look good.

The Anti Hegemon

Otherwise known as the 'BRICS', here's a short video explaining their frustration at the aggressive war-mongering Anglo-American Empire. I could hardly stand to listen to the US statement at the UN on Syria - the hypocricy is outstanding! The overthrow of the Syrian regime was planned long ago:

PM Manipulation Confirmed

As long suspected:

Friday, June 15, 2012

Eric Sprott

Here's an interesting up-to-date interview with Sprott, where he says that the banking system keeps getting bailed out instead of the economy, and until that's fixed, nothing will improve:

Jim Willie's Latest Financial Up-Date

Weimar meets Ponzi!

Here the Turd asks one of my questions to Jim Willie (namely who is behind the Eastern entity) in a wide ranging in-depth interview. You owe it to youselves and your families to try to understand this global financial situation, as your future may depend on it:

The remaining nagging doubt that I have is that this whole scenario is coordinated, organised and deliberate, by people behind the curtain of the Eastern entity, and indeed Jim Willie does mention that the Rothschild banking dynasty have been active in China for decades, and that they may well come out of this situation sitting pretty. I suppose we will have to wait and see, but hopefully the worst of the insane oligarchs plan to enslave us all has been avoided...or has it? He's still talking about a global currency that will be brought in only after Europe has collapsed (including France!).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The British Empire

Here is a hesitant but fascinatingly illuminating speech by Lyndon Larouche, where he has no fear to tell the truth about the British Empire, the banking system, the political mess, the guilty parties in the real threat of thermo-nuclear war, and much more. Grab a coffee and have a listen:

Here's his movement:

Gold Standard Will End Freedom

Here Bill Still (of 'The Money Masters' fame) makes some excellent points:

Again, excuse the awful adverts.

He confirms what my gut has been telling me for some time now: that this new global gold-backed currency that is going to be brought in later this year, will be, in fact, the final move in the hundred-year plan to have complete control over our lives. Just imagine for a moment: no cash at all (think about it, and it's already only 3% of the money supply); all 'money' is digital, on your mobile phone, no banks in the high street, no cash in ATMs, just facilities to re-fill your mobile phone, no expense at all for banks to create 'money', as it's all digital, no accountability but COMPLETE CONTROL....

Oh great.

The Money Masters - long, but well worth watching:

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Steve Keen

Australian economist, gives a good insight into what went wrong:

More Jim Willie

While waiting for an answer to my question, regarding who exactly is behind this gold-buying from the East, here is another information-packed interview with the quick-thinking Jim Willie:

Please excuse the dreadful adverts - nothing I can do.

'China' Bids for London Metal Exchange

Same again - who is behind these purchases 'from the East'? But anyway, here's an interesting little snippet:

Events happening thick and fast now.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Jim Willie's 'Tower of Babel'

Jim Willie has a great way of putting it all together for lay people like me, and here he explains what the problem is in the banking sector:

He says it's the East who are buying all the gold from the 'Cartel', but my big worry is that these buyers from the East are actually just the old banking families putting into place a long-held plan, hiding behind the Chinese Investment Banks (see earlier entries on this blog).


Here is the 'silverfuturist's explanation of ZIRP:

'Zero Interest Rate Policy (ZIRP)
Step 1: embrace Keynesism, fiat currency, ZIRP, etc
Step 2: borrow billions out of thin air and pay no interest on it
Step 3: put money in assets going up (which will help it go up further)
Step 4: sell asset after it goes up, crashing the price
Step 5: pay back ZIRP loan
Step 6: if you screw up, taxpayer bails you out
Step 7: repeat process until you own everything
Step 8: When system crashes, go back on gold standard and pretend to embrace free markets, cuz you now own them all.'

And here's his latest video on this policy: