Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Gold Standard Will End Freedom

Here Bill Still (of 'The Money Masters' fame) makes some excellent points:

Again, excuse the awful adverts.

He confirms what my gut has been telling me for some time now: that this new global gold-backed currency that is going to be brought in later this year, will be, in fact, the final move in the hundred-year plan to have complete control over our lives. Just imagine for a moment: no cash at all (think about it, and it's already only 3% of the money supply); all 'money' is digital, on your mobile phone, no banks in the high street, no cash in ATMs, just facilities to re-fill your mobile phone, no expense at all for banks to create 'money', as it's all digital, no accountability but COMPLETE CONTROL....

Oh great.

The Money Masters - long, but well worth watching:

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