Friday, February 28, 2014

Saudi Gold - Poof, it's Gone!

With major global events happening with increasing speed recently, there are only a few macro-analytical brains who can figure out what is going on. Jim Willie is one of them, and here he rounds up recent events, including a final betrayal by London Bankers of the Saudis, and their gold:

Two-part interview with Jim Willie which is, again, full of fascinating tit-bits:

Part 2:

SDRs and the New Bretton Woods

Here's Part One of a multi-part essay on the new financial system which is coming into focus. It ties in with a lot that Jim Willie has been saying, except that I'm not sure the 'bad guys' are going to lose out, as they are very much still at the negotiating table. This author, JC Collins, has also had a run-in with Karen Hudes, whom, after reading the exchanges, I now think is a disinformation agent, and will not post any more of her material.

Anyway, here goes:

Part Two:


Ukraine - Madness Cubed

It's well worth taking the time to listen to someone who can bring all of the pieces together of this historically-important and geographically-strategic piece of land, called for the moment 'Ukraine'

More of the same, unfortunately.

Map of gas pipelines which cross Ukraine, heading for Western Europe:

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Gold & Silver Up-Date

In this interview Alasdair Macleod from London talks to SD Weekly Metals and Markets about the current situation vis-a-vis China, the bullion banks and the Fed's ability - or not - to continue tapering:

Fascinating stuff! 2014 is the year of fireworks!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Because history is littered with examples of the illegal overthow of democratically-elected Governments, it becomes very easy to see these so-called 'civil wars' for what they are. Libya, Syria and now Ukraine. This is all part of the larger geopolitical and financial war, and is at a very dangerous stage. It is also in a large part to do with energy issues, of course.

In this week's 'News from the Nefarium' (20.2.14) there is a great analysis from Prof J Farrell:

And here is another analysis, pointing to an attempted coup by the US:

Of course the complicit Western media is painting a very different story, which most people will (want to) believe.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Fascism - How it happened

Jim Willie hits it out of the ball-park with this latest piece. He joins the dots for all those unable or unwilling to do so, pointing clearly to criminal minds at work with long-term plans. The Global Currency Reset is coming, whether we like it or not, and even JW hints that it was done deliberately. So he agrees with Bix Wier, except that BW calls them 'the Good Guys':

You decide!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Financial Cleansing or Dark Ages?

Lawyer Karen Hudes has been (rightly) criticised for opening her mouth without engaging her brain on some of her revelations, but nevertheless she says a lot of interesting things, including 'state capture', amongst other things:

Here she says it's decision time for humanity.

NB Post N°1800!

Bank Fires and Banker 'Suicides'

Stranger and stranger (not):

As Prof J Farrell points out, quite difficult to kill yourself with a nail gun, in the back of your head, eight times:

It's an Illiquidity Problem, stupid!

Here's a great interview with Jim Willie, where he tells us some fascinating new nuggets:

Snippet: London Nazi bankers are stealing Saudi's Gold!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Road to Roota Theory

Or the road to Route 'A':

In other words, a global gold-backed currency system.

Indirect Exchange, Capital Destruction & Cost Structures

Another macroeconomic round-up by my favourite statistician, Jim Willie. He's said most of this before, but he agrees with many other blogs that I read, that this is the year for change. He talks about splitting the dollar, and this ties in with something I read quite a while ago about Bank Managers in the US being told to make room in their vaults for new Dollars, with gold writing on them.

Bix Wier also talks about this, although his viewpoint is diametrically opposed to Jim Willie's:

Here's a short video about the new Dollar, which you can see has already beenprinted and has gold images all over it:

This all seems very well-thought out to me, and I agree with Bix Wier that it was the Federal Reserve themselves (Chicago Branch, I think) released some intruiging comic books, entitled 'The Road to RootA', and he says the Fed have been planning this for decades, starting with Alan Greenspan creating some derivative computer programmes.

The problem is Jim Willie, who is no fool, says that the BRICS, led by Russia and China, are forcing the Fed to accept rotten dollars and that they have, in fact, been bought by China, and will have to create a Dollar which can be used within the US, which he calls the 'shit' Dollar. He makes perfect sense when he talks about energy issues and pipelines, about the embargo on Iran starting this move away from the Dollar, about Russia getting fed up with US agression and stopping the war with Syria.

Both (contradictory) theories seem credible to me, and again I cannot decide which is more likely. Although I love to hear JW talk of a 'Sheriff from the East' coming to destroy the Fed and its war machine, I can't help wondering why the Fed issued these comics and are pursuing QE to infinity, which is bringing about the end of the Fed anyway. My money, for the moment, will have to be with BW.

NB Catherine Austin Fitts and Prof J Farrell both talk about the 'breakaway civilization', i.e. the élites who have new and advanced technologies that remain secret and who run the black budgets. CAF says that it is these people who are buying up all the idle manufacturing plants that JW talks about. CAF says that the 'breakaway civilisation' want the assets without the unfunded liabilities, and have nearly cleared all of the toxic debt through the Fed. She seems credible too....