Saturday, February 8, 2014

Indirect Exchange, Capital Destruction & Cost Structures

Another macroeconomic round-up by my favourite statistician, Jim Willie. He's said most of this before, but he agrees with many other blogs that I read, that this is the year for change. He talks about splitting the dollar, and this ties in with something I read quite a while ago about Bank Managers in the US being told to make room in their vaults for new Dollars, with gold writing on them.

Bix Wier also talks about this, although his viewpoint is diametrically opposed to Jim Willie's:

Here's a short video about the new Dollar, which you can see has already beenprinted and has gold images all over it:

This all seems very well-thought out to me, and I agree with Bix Wier that it was the Federal Reserve themselves (Chicago Branch, I think) released some intruiging comic books, entitled 'The Road to RootA', and he says the Fed have been planning this for decades, starting with Alan Greenspan creating some derivative computer programmes.

The problem is Jim Willie, who is no fool, says that the BRICS, led by Russia and China, are forcing the Fed to accept rotten dollars and that they have, in fact, been bought by China, and will have to create a Dollar which can be used within the US, which he calls the 'shit' Dollar. He makes perfect sense when he talks about energy issues and pipelines, about the embargo on Iran starting this move away from the Dollar, about Russia getting fed up with US agression and stopping the war with Syria.

Both (contradictory) theories seem credible to me, and again I cannot decide which is more likely. Although I love to hear JW talk of a 'Sheriff from the East' coming to destroy the Fed and its war machine, I can't help wondering why the Fed issued these comics and are pursuing QE to infinity, which is bringing about the end of the Fed anyway. My money, for the moment, will have to be with BW.

NB Catherine Austin Fitts and Prof J Farrell both talk about the 'breakaway civilization', i.e. the élites who have new and advanced technologies that remain secret and who run the black budgets. CAF says that it is these people who are buying up all the idle manufacturing plants that JW talks about. CAF says that the 'breakaway civilisation' want the assets without the unfunded liabilities, and have nearly cleared all of the toxic debt through the Fed. She seems credible too....


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