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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Third Rail & Adult Fairy Tales

Thank God for Catherine Austin Fitts! She keeps me sane.

"Hope comes from facing reality and finding the pathway that can shift things":

CAF for President!

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vanguard Buys Detroit

My heart goes out to the poor people of Detroit - they're never going to get a break. Posted today on the KR:

susan says:
I’m doing some research on Detroit for a project. The city went bankrupt, but now the “Chinese” are re-investing in the city and it’s all looking good again.

Only trouble is, the Governor is Rick Snyder (yes, you got it) and if you tune in at 0625m, you’ll see a very familiar smirking face behind him.

Vampires, parasites, blood-suckers, racists, organ-harvesters, call them what you like, but they ain’t “Chinese”.

Oh and if that wasn’t obvious enough, check out the T-shirt worn by the black man just before the Governor speaks, at 0600.



Here's my second post:

'And this up-beat crappy full-of-illuminati symbolism video, they pretend that there are entrepreneurs moving in to Detroit, although he does tell the truth at the beginning: it will not be the way it was (they won't let blacks live back in the centre):

Same story in New Orleans (post geoengineering), etc, etc. Get the poor people out, no matter how ruthless, and get hold of the prime real estate for pennies on the dollar. The same is happening in Gaza and the West Bank.

I don't think there's one black person in this dreadful video.

And did you hear him say it's a 'Vanguard' city? (1.38)

You know who Vanguard are??? See No°4:

Finally, as if Detroit hasn't suffered enough, this disgusting rubbing-your-noses-in-it 'event':

Friday, December 25, 2015

A Conspiracy to end all Conspiracies

Wow! Just wow!


Deep Denial

I heard it again yesterday, that my pessimism is mis-placed and things are looking up. For people who don't read, perhaps. For people who don't care, definitely. Luckily for me the Archdruid comes to the rescue of my sanity with a timely piece, just in time for 'Christmas', that hideously consumptive time of year:

Bah, humbug!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Predictive Linguistics

My favourite linguist (forget Chomsky, he's too compromised!), Clif High, here gives a very exciting explanation of what he does, and why and how the 'webbot' works. Encouragingly he doesn't see the complete AI cage that is being predicted by others coming to pass, because of the complexity and the fact that computers don't have self-awareness:

Unfortunately the interviewer is awful, but as I trust Clif High, he'll be choosing certain venues where he wants to give out his information - i.e. not to corportate individuals or websites.

Here's another Clif High podcast, hot off the press:

And one from the other day:

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The World's a Stage

...for these behind-the-curtain Directors. They think nobody notices, or maybe they feel so invincible now that they don't care?

'It’s all a big play put on for public consumption, and guys like these help write the script.'


I hope they one day pay for their hubris. Unfortunately, I don't sense enough push-back.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fascism in France

As predicted, so long ago. No-one listened, and it's difficult to have sympathy for those only just starting to notice - usually because it has started to affect their lives, not out of compassion for others. An excellent synopsis here:


Peak Oil and the Permian Basin

Is it? Isn't it? Is it, isn't it?

Even if 'peak oil' is a myth (which I doubt) we're still extracting it faster that it can renew itself, and the existing global economy is designed around oil. How are we going to get around that little problem?

The Blockchain

Inconceivable! But will it be free from central control?

Friday, December 18, 2015

Greenspan and his Plan

I've been quietly following - and listening - to what Bix Wier has been saying over the last few years. There is definitely something in his analysis of those Federal Reserve comics, with their symbolism, printed way back and half-forgotten. Then there was the 2015 Economist cover, which predicted not only David Cameron's 'pig' allegations, but also the Paris bombings, proving that we are all being led up the garden path.

Here Bix analyses the new 2016 Economist cover, and says we're in for a rough time ahead. It seems it really is a giant battle between differing financial big-guns. But who is going to win?

Here's Alan Greenspan's 'lost' University thesis:

As anyone who has followed this story for as long as I have knows, Greenspan was one of the biggest gold-bugs around, and wanted to crash the fiat system and re-introduce a gold-backed system. Bix thinks he's still trying.


All but disappeared. Here's why:

Here's an excerpt:

‘Palestinian Society

There were over one thousand villages in Palestine at the turn of the 19th century. Jerusalem, Haifa, Gaza, Jaffa, Nablus, Acre, Jericho, Ramle, Hebron and Nazareth were flourishing towns. The hills were painstakingly terraced. Irrigation ditches crisscrossed the land. The citrus orchards, olive groves and grains of Palestine were known throughout the world. Trade, crafts, textiles, cottage industry and agricultural production abounded.

Eighteenth and 19th century travellers’ accounts are replete with the data, as were the scholarly quarterly reports published in the 19th century by the British Palestine Exploration Fund.
In fact, it was precisely the social cohesiveness and stability of Palestinian society which led Lord Palmerston, in 1840, when Britain had established a consulate in Jerusalem, to propose, presciently, the founding of a European Jewish settler colony to “preserve the larger interests of the British Empire”. [15]

Palestinian society, if suffering from the collaboration of feudal landowners [effendi] with the Ottoman Empire, was nevertheless productive and culturally diverse, with a peasantry quite conscious of its social role. The Palestinian peasants and urban dwellers had made a clear, strongly felt distinction between the Jews who lived amongst them and would-be colonists, dating from the 1820’s, when the 20,000 Jews of Jerusalem were wholly integrated and accepted in Palestinian society.’

Origins of Oil

Not a fossil fuel, but a renewable energy? Shocking but fairly convincing article here:

Plus a de-bunking of peak oil here:

(plus others in the side bar).


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Peak Prosperity

A great discussion that everyone should listen to. But they won't:

Saturday, December 12, 2015


Well, we've been waiting a long time for this presentation.

I call b*u*l*l*s*h*i*t* on this man - he gives us 80% of the truth on how we got to where we're at, the secrecy, the inventions, the people involved, the technology, the modus operandi, the Corporations, the complicity with Governments, etc, etc.

And I haven't even finished listening, and I think I know the ending: that we all have to work together (globally) to overcome this threat, and it is him and his team who will save us from this interstellar warfare.

Many reasons for my scepticism: Bill Cooper's 'Behold a Pale Horse'; gut feeling; he's not mentioning any financial perpetrators; he talks about otherwise having anarchy in an 'Al Qaeda' world (oh jeez); he makes a few slips when talking about 'my' engineer, or having a 'file on him'; his ego; his body-building; his wife; his timing; his multi-decade visits to top level people for 'briefings' (and possibly suicides?); triangle on his T-shirt; his trite, casual talk of global poverty; his nervousness; his inappropriate humour on a deadly serious subject; his casual mention of nano-technology is use, etc.

I'll be interested to hear how he plans to solve this global fascism that we are facing today. Seems to me that since the theft of Tesla technology, ALL of the subjects he talks about could be man-made. The Nazis were working hard on it before and during WWII, and that 'Operation Paperclip' took it over and refined it to what we have today. I think I know what he's going to say: our Ashkenazi friends are going to come up smelling of roses and save the world.

Yeah, right.


After writing and posting what I did above, I did a quick search on the internet for more on this Doctor, and found an item with questions very similar to my own, who also calls him an agent for a certain State:

I now suspect that this Doctor was working on M-KUltra projects (as opposed to 'retiring early' and working on disclosure, as stated), and as such is a very dangerous person indeed - as can be seen by his body-language really, and his strange sense of humour, and his Islamophobia.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

How It Happened Three

In a strange moment of synchronicity, I decided to look up my old blog entry - to see that I wrote it exactly two years ago to the day! Still seems mightily relevant to me, although there are some truth bombs out there coming out - but probably just damage limitation and more consolidation.

How It Happened II

I think I did pretty well, prediction wise, with this post from fourteen months ago. I forgot a few things, namely eugenics and the de-population agenda, whether by war, viruses or famine. Apart from that, the scenario seems to be moving forward, with us stuck between Point 14 and 15 at the moment, but when the dam breaks, we'll quickly move forward: