Tuesday, February 28, 2017

SDR History

Well worth the time:


India as Guinea Pig

I heard from a friend who has recently been to India that many, many poor people lost their savings when the Indian Central Bank decided overnight to remove larger-denomination bills from circulation, making many peoples' savings value-less. Here that otherwise inexplicable decision gets a light shone on it:


Guinea pig indeed, and we're all next. If a few million people die, they will see that as a success, whilst making sure everyone is 'included' into the financial system.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Beware the Ides of March

My favourite blogger is back!


Debt ceiling reached and breached, no new bail-outs, dollar crashes, Bitcoin takes off, etc, etc:


But...Who could have known, right?

DNA-Altering Vaccines

Oh dear:


The Matrix

I don't post much here anymore - what is actually going on could not be more obvious, whilst so much is being thrown out there that the fog and opaqueness is suffocating, not to mention the asthma-inducing geoengineering.

Not many people remember how to listen. I still listen a lot, however, especially to wonderful people like Max Igan. Here the interviewer has the most irritating voice and a limited vocabulary, but Max rides above all of this and hits us with truth after truth after truth in today's Trump world:


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Following The Money

I knew a lot of what Catherine Austin Fitts lays out here, but the depth and breadth of this systemic corruption is staggering. She very clearly says that any building which holds information on financial fraud tends to get blown up, not least of all Building 7 on 911:


...and right near the end, something I've long, long suspected: that Hurricane Katrina managed to clear out a lot of the mortgage fraud in New Orleans.

The architects of this scheme should be hung. Who are they?

Monday, February 6, 2017

Human Trafficking

Dr Joseph P Farrell finally wakes up to what some of us have known about for a long time:


Maybe he'll start to become a bit more skeptical of the three pillars of European 'civilisation' he talks about. That arrogance is one of the biggest reasons we've got into this unholy mess.

The Central Banking Model Explained

Here's an excellent interview between two level-headed men, which cogently explains what has gone wrong in the global economy over the last few decades:


I don't agree with one thing though: that the Central Banks are out of bullets and are backed into a corner. I think they know exactly where they want to go - which is to crash the system (having obtained all of the assets) and go back to a type of gold-standard (having acquired all of the gold) whilst getting rid of a lot of the useless eaters.

Ta-Dah!!  Job done.