Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fukushima Latest

From a source I trust, Mr Corbett, who actually lives and works in Japan:

Well worth following his website too, for other impartial information on a number of important topics.


Well worth reading, includes important information:

Friday, October 28, 2011

Max Keiser on EU Greek Bail-Out

Here is some plain-talking, which feels like the truth to me:


I'm having a lot of difficulty keeping my food down when I read the reports of what's happening in Libya in the MSM. Out-and-out pure lies, fabrication, distortion, obfuscation and propaganda. The truth is out there, in the voices of Cynthia McKinney, Webster Tarpley, amongst others, but here is an interesting story that should borne in mind if we start hearing about 'terror attacks' again soon. Note Hillary Clinton's 'unscheduled stop' in Libya:

Easter Island Statue Project

WOW!! Just WOW:

David Icke & the Occupy Movement

I've been keeping a very open mind about this person for years, and listening to what he says. Increasingly his oration ties in with what we're seeing and hearing (i.e. problem - reaction - solution) all around us. Please listen to what he says here, and see if it rings true:!

Max Keiser

This latest one is a goodie, including seeing Stacy tell it like it is about Libya:

(unfortunately Max is getting a bit big-headed, but this seems unavoidable as people gain popularity).

War Profiteers - the 0.01%


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Monsanto - Truth Emerges

I found this from a commenter on Max Keiser's site. Link to be provided soon:

'The outrage at Monsanto’s “Frankifood Seeds” is growing exponentially! It is Global Genocide! and Monsanto know full well they are killing their victims/customers. The unequivocal evidence is not from wacky fringe science either! It is from Government Laboratories! yet Government know they can;t challenge a Corporate Giant like Monsanto!

“Teams of medical researchers in Parkville, Australia and in Albany, Ohio have identified specific proteins present in Monsanto GMO grains. These engineered proteins trigger gluten sensitivity and can instigate celiac disease. Internationally, we have been experiencing epidemic levels of gluten intolerance: over 40% – virtually half the US population – now cannot metabolize gluten. Celiac disease affects one in 133 Americans. If untreated, celiac is potentially fatal. According to CD support groups and information agencies, about 3 million Americans currently have CD, 97% of whom remain undiagnosed; moreover, 30% of the population has the genetic makeup predisposing towards CD. There is no drug which can treat CD. Meanwhile, we are seeing large numbers of infants already suffering from GERD. This breakdown of normal human digestion is directly attributable to the tampering with nature instigated Monsanto: this is clear from the studies mentioned below.

The research team at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Australia identified three proteins present in grains patented by Monsanto as disruptive to metabolic pathways, and as interfering with nearly all systems of the human body, generating inflammation and immune dysfunction. What the genetically engineered proteins do is disrupt inter-cellular communication: they prevent cells communicating with each other intelligently, as nature intended. The scrambling of this natural communication causes inflammation and disease….”

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thought of The Day

Unpaid investigative journalists unite!

Lots of uncovered news out there, so get blogging...

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Corbett Report - Education

For those people who like to think for themselves:

Resisting Technological Enslavement

This is a fantastic and fascinating interview, well worth listening to all the way through: