Saturday, September 29, 2012

Dollar Death Throes

It was never about Iran's nuclear weapons (obviously). It's about dollar hegemony and the threat of Iran and its oil bourse leaving the petro-dollar behind. Now with Saudi signing deals with China in yuan, and the NAM backing Iran over Western sanctions, along with a host of other important events, we are clearly seeing the beginning of the end for the dollar. That is why this period in history is so dangerous, especially with loose cannons like Netanyahu and his infantile cartoon at the UN. Here is Jim Willie's latest piece, spelling out once again the real geopolitics:

Non Aligned Movement

Hopefully gaining momentum and eclipsing the Anglo-American-Israeli Empire, which knows nothing but war:

Friday, September 28, 2012

My Thoughts

  2.   susan
    Living out here in the woods, I try to think outside the box a lot, normally pondering on ‘Cui bono’. I agree with what you say, but where we differ is that I think the ‘globalists’ (for want of a better term) do not want the Western economies to survive – they used the US as an experimental ground, and it hasn’t worked (people didn’t spend the money they had educating themselves and their children, but instead bought bigger and bigger TVs and more and more pizzas).

    There was also something Pastor Williams said in one interview (I forget with whom) about the Oil oligarchs needing the price to go up to a certain level in order to make it profitable to start using the Liberty Rig up in Alaska, and they are quite willing to set MENA alight in order to achieve that goal.

    There’s also a tiny possibility, I suppose, that they were aware of the untenable ecological situation and decided that an economic collapse would save off an ecological collapse. This is something I’ve considered many times, as we are using up all the world’s resources far too quickly and unsustainably. A global economic crash/war could do two things: 1) consolidate the globalists grip on power and finances and 2) drastically reduce the use of the planet’s resources, giving the planet time to recover (fish stocks, forests, clean water, etc). In short, de-industrialise.

    I don’t think these globalists are emotional about any particular country or geographical area, as they see it all as one large chess-board, and as Catherine Austin Fitts said in her interview with Max the other week, the TBTF banks have played their part magnificently, and now everyone is really angry with them (not the real people behind the curtain) and so it is time to bring in (already prepared) global legislation to cut them down to size and return to Community Banks, re-introduce some Glass-Steagal-type Act, etc, whilst at the same time encouraging people to ‘buy local’, etc etc.

    Blimey, I’ve even managed to convince myself that these people might be right…except for the billions of deaths that they are willing to cause, and which they see as ‘worth it’, to use Albrights term.
    Final thought in the back of my mind: I think M&S know all of this, and are possibly globalists themselves, or at least work for them. This post will possibly get me banned, so ‘bye’ all, it was good knowing you! There have been no AGW posts lately – noticed? Here’s a good radio interview about geoengineering, which plays a huge part in the scenario outlined above:

    NB This was a comment I posted in reply to another on the Max Keiser's website. I thought you might like to read it!

USA is a Banana Republic!

If you excuse the awful voice of Alex Jones, this is a great interview with Paul Craig Roberts, wherein he spells it all out about the banks, the US and the global economy:

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hegelian Dialectic

Otherwise known as 'Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis' or in plainer English 'Problem-Reaction-Solution':


We've already heard about 'weather derivatives', but here is a long interview with the makers of two films on this phenomenon:

Here are the films. Take the time to watch them:

And here's a couple of websites with more info:

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Interview with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

From yesterday, on CNN. I haven't listened to it myself yet. The Iraninan President is in the US for the UN 67th Assembly (see post below for more on that):

The Maker Movement


3D Printers/Additive Manufacturing

Just to finish the trilogy of new phrases and technologies that I gleaned whilst listening to CAF the other day, here is some info on some more incredible new technology:

Again, here are some images. Click on the one you want to expand:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.&fp=698286cafedd254a&biw=1280&bih=688

Ambient Intelligence

Again, thanks are due to Catherine Austin Fitts for this info, which is all over my head, but which I want to post in case I grow a new brain:

Here's some more info. Click on the image for more:

Catherine Austin Fitts (cont.)

Here is an incredible e-book she has written. It speaks for itself, and I highly recommend putting some time aside to read it:

Incidentally, she talks in the interviews below of the 'breakaway civilisation', and the 'breakthrough energy technologies' that I've posted I heard of through her. But do you think that these new energies are going to be available for everyone? I don't. I think these new technologies are going to be made available after the next global event that this breakaway civilisation is trying to get underway at the moment (think WWIII). I wonder how many Arabic/Indian/Chinese people were present in that room at MIT in Israel?

Breakthrough Energy Technologies

Here's a presentation on these new technologies, by a Jason Pontin. Notice it's given at MIT in Israel:

Here's Mr Pontin's bio:


'It will become more difficult to identify places where it is practical to carry out an invasion that will then provide the needed volumes for a given country. Evidence of recent conflicts (Iraq is a prime example) show that conflict makes resource recovery more difficult and delays levels of production that might be achieved if the conflict did not occur'.


Gold Standard

Although I'm not at all sure that this will be a good thing for 'we the people', it looks like this is what will be introduced very soon (2012/13). Deutche Bank were one of the Cartel banks which were supposed to be going bankrupt soon, along with Credit Agricole, B of A, Citi, etc. Either they won, and we're heading into a completely controlled future with digital currency which is allegedly gold-backed, or they've been leaned on (see Jim Willie's interviews, where he says senior Deutche Bank executives were cooperating with Interpol) and the 'good guys' are winning. For me the jury is still out, but it sure looks like 'problem-reaction-solution' to me, and I agree with Bill Still that a global gold-backed currency is not decentralising (duh!). Either way, those invested heavily in the stock market, fiat and other paper assets are going to get decimated. Very soon.

Catherine Austin Fitts

A modern hero, she speaks truth to power in these incredibly information-packed interviews. I recommend listening to them with a coffee and pen and paper. She's one smart lady:

Peak Oil

Again. For the hard of hearing. Despite a lot of 'noise' recently about he 'non-energy-crisis', where it is claimed that there is enough oil off Alaska to make US energy independent, if you listen to that debate (which I have) and then think about the phrases 'EROEI' and 'low-hanging fruit', then for me there really is no debate. Add to that the recent geopolitical activity, centring on Iran, and you begin to understand that we're witnessing desperate oil oligarchs trying to retain power in this new reality of Post-Petrolium man' (Ruppert's phrase).

Collapse by Michael Ruppert

Alhough I've become quite sceptical about some of Ruppert's more recent actions (I think he was got at by the 'attack poodles'), it was his book 'Crossing the Rubicon' (2004) which first opened my eyes to the real geopolitical agenda, and it remains true that he was incredibly brave going back to the 1970's, trying to expose the CIA and the international drugs trade - which continues to this day - and how! HSBC being one of the major banks which launders drugs money and makes a lot of people very rich, whilst funding the shadow economy. Perhaps people are ready to listen now?

NB: He has recently left his website ( and gone to live in the countryside to grow vegetables. Why now?

Billionaires Dumping Stocks

Could be related to Mount Weather?

Conspiracy Theorists

Count me in!


Best party I've heard of in a long time:!

67th UN Assembly

Could be different this year:

The Road to World War 3

This should be obvious even to the most brainwashed individual by now, but here is a short history of the petrodollar and the road to where we are now:!

Mount Weather

Posted just in case:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Morgan Stanley Going Bust!

According to Jim Willie, this is the next big 'Lehman Brothers'. We're all holding our breath...

Monday, September 3, 2012

Jim Willie on Global Banker Corruption

Although he doesn't explore who the 'Sheriff from the East' is, and he doesn't explore the faults in having a Gold Standard (see Bill Still below), but JW is still up there as one of my heroes, for telling it like it is, and not being afraid of being called a conspiracy nut:

And here's his latest article:

He has a lot of good contacts, and some juicy gossip which goes mainstream some months later. My gut tells me to trust him.

Bill Still on the Gold Standard

He's great, and we should think about what he says seriously:

Who owns the gold? The Central Banks...