Friday, September 28, 2012

My Thoughts

  2.   susan
    Living out here in the woods, I try to think outside the box a lot, normally pondering on ‘Cui bono’. I agree with what you say, but where we differ is that I think the ‘globalists’ (for want of a better term) do not want the Western economies to survive – they used the US as an experimental ground, and it hasn’t worked (people didn’t spend the money they had educating themselves and their children, but instead bought bigger and bigger TVs and more and more pizzas).

    There was also something Pastor Williams said in one interview (I forget with whom) about the Oil oligarchs needing the price to go up to a certain level in order to make it profitable to start using the Liberty Rig up in Alaska, and they are quite willing to set MENA alight in order to achieve that goal.

    There’s also a tiny possibility, I suppose, that they were aware of the untenable ecological situation and decided that an economic collapse would save off an ecological collapse. This is something I’ve considered many times, as we are using up all the world’s resources far too quickly and unsustainably. A global economic crash/war could do two things: 1) consolidate the globalists grip on power and finances and 2) drastically reduce the use of the planet’s resources, giving the planet time to recover (fish stocks, forests, clean water, etc). In short, de-industrialise.

    I don’t think these globalists are emotional about any particular country or geographical area, as they see it all as one large chess-board, and as Catherine Austin Fitts said in her interview with Max the other week, the TBTF banks have played their part magnificently, and now everyone is really angry with them (not the real people behind the curtain) and so it is time to bring in (already prepared) global legislation to cut them down to size and return to Community Banks, re-introduce some Glass-Steagal-type Act, etc, whilst at the same time encouraging people to ‘buy local’, etc etc.

    Blimey, I’ve even managed to convince myself that these people might be right…except for the billions of deaths that they are willing to cause, and which they see as ‘worth it’, to use Albrights term.
    Final thought in the back of my mind: I think M&S know all of this, and are possibly globalists themselves, or at least work for them. This post will possibly get me banned, so ‘bye’ all, it was good knowing you! There have been no AGW posts lately – noticed? Here’s a good radio interview about geoengineering, which plays a huge part in the scenario outlined above:

    NB This was a comment I posted in reply to another on the Max Keiser's website. I thought you might like to read it!

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