Thursday, October 29, 2015

Human Humility (lack thereof)

'The sea is patient.  It has outlived countless species and will outlive countless more, ours among them. Among the things it might be able to teach us, on the off chance that we’re willing to learn, is that the life of a species, like that of an individual, is completed by death, not erased by it, and that its value is measured by the beauty and wisdom it experiences and creates, not by the crasser measurements of brute force and brute endurance.'


Incredible piece.

Central Planning Par Exellence!

Unfortuantely it looks like ol' JC has been right all along, and despite his arrogance, he does give us peons a few crumbs to work from, regarding the all-encompasing and slow-moving macroeconomic policies of the BIS:

Here, one of the commenters mentions an interesting related Court Case:

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

False Heroes

"We can't tell what's real or not anymore" Morris

Ain't that the truth!

Unless you've been following this story for a long, long time...


My own opinion is that this is a false dichotomy, a Hegelian-dialectic offering of West vs. East, which is the meme we are supposed to believe. I believe the reality is that which JC Collins has described, that the International Bankers (read BIS) are playing both sides, and are raising the East whilst slowly dropping the West.

This article, although mired in the usual West vs. East theme, lays out clearly the changing global financial situation and the consequences for the US Dollar, in the not-too-distant future:

Along with the 'rise of China' we will have the 'discovery' of new free energies, and incredible technology which will move us away from a fossil-fuel-based global economy to more of a renewable-based global economy. It will be made to look like it was China, with the help of Russia, that brought this about.

Why else have the Rockerfeller's divested 80% of their holdings in oil, and invested in renewables? Sharp business practices or inside information? Or are they the same thing?

Question: if my 'theory' is correct, why did we need so much secrecy? Why is the prevailing media-driven rhetoric still pitting man against man, using age-old themes of nationalities and religions to keep people at each others' throats? Why couldn't 'they' just announce it, out in the open, years ago? Why couldn't they say 'we want to produce a freer and fairer world for the vast majority of the worlds' peoples, as long as we stay on top'. Why couldn't they just say that?


Monday, October 26, 2015

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

I've posted this before, but it bears repeating. The actual Document starts at page 4:


An old idea, how to control the climate, which is being ramped up right now, outside.

Here's a paper from 1966:

The courageous Dane Wigington tries to talk about the elephant in the room:

He talks about contrails, and how modern jet engines don't produce them:

(plus the spraying often comes out of the tail of aircraft, not from the engines).

A gagging order has been placed on workers at the National Weather Service, who know what's going on:

Those of us who have been following this story for years remember this interesting little interview, where a global currency and global weather modification are mentioned - by You Know Who:

(note the sycophantic tone, which is at least half of our problem - we cannot believe that these people would lie to us, and might have plans for complete global control, and are willing to stop at nothing - nothing - to achieve it. After all, they're white, rich, wear a nice suit and tie and went to Oxbridge!)

Last but not least, guess who bought a 70% stake in 'Weather Central', from where ALL weather departments of the US news Channels get their information?


A final, reasonable question: WHY?

Answer: Eugenics and global financial control.

That's it, difficult although it might be to believe.

The Drone Papers

This relates strongly to my last post, about upping the ante on the US, in order for people globally to lose confidence in the dollar, and therefore embrace the East and its gold-backed Yuan and/or the SDR2.

However, it's still useful to know what is being done in our name, and as usual, it's murder:

Here's more:

11/3 or 11/5?

There was much speculation about this cover of The Economist when it came out. Part-owned by the Rothschild's, it often knows what is going to happen ahead of time. So the dates on the arrows at the bottom have caused much speculation. Now we see Jacob Lew - the person really in charge at the Fed. - talking of some 'accident', in relation to the US's debt ceiling:

Here's another analysis from one of my favourite blogs:

You have to scroll down to get to the part about The Economist cover and Jacob Lew, but the whole post is well worth a read, and I think he's spot on the money!

Not long to wait now...


Surprise! Here we see that The Economist is not governed by the Corporate Governance Code:


Truth will out:


As seen from a US Government Department:

What could possibly go wrong?

Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Tax Justice Network

A wonderful round-up of what tax-avoiders are up to, the scams and the guilty parties:

Gilad Atzmon on Jewish Identity

Gilad Atzmon - Hour 1 - From A to Zion & The Jewish Solidarity Spin

May 18, 2015

Gilad Atzmon is a British jazz artist and author born in Israel and trained in composition and jazz at the Rubin Academy of Music, Jerusalem. He is a member of the Blockheads, founded the Orient House Ensemble in London, and has recorded and performed with many rock music legends. Gilad also writes on political matters, social issues, Jewish identity and culture. Atzmon has written three books, and he returns to speak with us about his new publication, “A to Zion – The Definitive Israeli Lexicon,” a fictitious satire co-authored with cartoonist Enzo Apicella. Gilad gives a synopsis of the book and tells about his impetus for engaging the issues of Jewish ideology in Israel politics using aphorisms and humor. Gilad underscores some of the pressing themes he covers, most notably the solidarity movement that has destroyed the Palestinian people, as well as the political advancements that have been achieved through the military institution’s murderous wars against innocent civilians. Gilad emphasizes the bamboozling effects of identity politics among various discourses, and we relate this cultural tactic to the notion of the oppressed vs. the oppressor as a trick to lead victims into the hands of more oppression. In the second segment, Gilad illustrates the approach he created in “A to Zion” for explaining the control of language in Jewish identity politics. We look at the Jewish Palestinian Solidarity Movement’s Right of Return policy, which lies at the core of the Palestinian plight. We also examine some of the faulty terminology planted within various concepts in the movement that further misleads the discourse and legitimizes Israeli’s occupation of the West Bank. Gilad defines the roots of the Hebrew language, and we consider how terminology can be used to turn societies into dysfunctional multiplicities that are dictated by the need to be politically correct. At the end, we spend some time reflecting on the growing opposition to Zionism, the anti-Semitic crime of too much knowledge, and redefining the questions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in order to pursue the truth.

Trident Juncture

The biggest NATO European 'drill' you've never heard of. Boy, they manage to keep these murderous activities quiet in the media if they want to, don't they? 27 countries, 36,000 troops and a lot of military hardware:

"It's a way to have an occupied country" says Webster Tarpley's Italian guest, Pino Cabras, who runs an alternative news website in Italy, in this week's Crisis Radio programme:

(From about minute 36, although it's all worth listening to, for a round-up on geopolitics.)

Here's Senor Cabras' website:

(Ahah! Interestingly my computer tried to bloc access to this site, saying it could be dangerous - you bet!!)

The Younger Generation

There was a time when the younger generation could count on their elders to guide them, to scold them when they went astray, and to praise and encourage them to follow the correct path.

Today everything is on its head. A small proportion of the younger generation - two of whom we entertained last night - have realised that if they copied the ways of their elders, it is almost certain suicide. The profligate and spend-thrift ways of my generation is leaving only chaos and destruction for the younger generation to cope with, and the more intelligent ones amongst them are saying 'Basta!'.

They have decided to eschew consumersm, to follow an acetic path, to spurn alcohol and drugs, not to reproduce. If this movement grows, there may be hope for the planet and the future of the human race. Unfortunately the people with their hands on the power at the moment are of my generation, or older, where insanity seems to have taken root.

Hopefully increasing amounts of people will - instead of fighting the system - just slowly, deliberately and with determinattion move away from it. This means a move away from debt and the banks too.

I wish them well.

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Negative Interest Rates

Here's a very clear account by Alastair Macloud on how he see negative interest rates - if they are introduced - affecting the economy:

Interesting times!

Friday, October 23, 2015

The Dollar's Demise

Maybe it's not all going the Banksters' way, after all?

Uniform Commercial Code

The US is a Corporation, and they operate under Commercial Law, not Common Law or the Constitution. It's best to understand this, as it's taking control of your life:

She talks about this video being one of her 'eureka!' moments:

Here's some more information on their website:

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Paedophilia In the Highest Places

OK, let's get serious here. The current media narrative is that white people are good, live in a democracy and need to teach the rest of the world how to live correctly. Muslims are bad, as are Russians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, etc, etc. I heard this narrative just the other day.

But what if we were all living a lie? What if we knew - subconsciously - that the whole Western system is build upon increasingly rotten foundations (excuse the pun)? What if we didn't want to shake the tree because we were happy to harvest the fruits that sometimes drop from the tree? What if over decades there were rumours of disgusting acts done in high places, but it was all hushed up? What if the British Prime Minister was discovered to have done a lewd act at University that he could later be blackmailed for, and we collectively shrugged?

Do we therefore get what we deserve?

I have enormous respect for this woman, whom I have followed for years. I have her book. She's that rare thing - the real deal. As she explains in this interview, we have lost our integrity and dignity in the West, because we are far too willing to point the finger at other countries, regimes, nations and ethnicities, and then bomb them. At the same time we systematically ignore (or worse, tacitly support) the vile, corrupt, and empathy-free psychopaths that are in our own midst - right here, right now.

(I'd like them to have addressed who the real controllers are, who control these political puppets from behind the curtain, but it's a courageous interview and I suppose that's enough for starters!)

Tuesday, October 20, 2015


One of the biggest Companies you've never heard of:

Their Wiki page:

Their own website:

Financial Stability Board

HQ at the BIS, would you believe? Nuff said:

The Taking Over of Toulouse

Here's a comment I made on the KR site, kept here for posterity:
susan says:
@ Max and Stacy:

It’s been a long time since I shouted “Yes, yes, yes!” (!) at the computer, but I thought your ‘Truth about Markets’ this week was fan-bloody-tastic! Everyone must listen – Max is at his best because he’s not fighting for space with a guest, and the stream-of-consciousness ‘truth’ sends shivers down your spine:

Just a couple of words about the housing market in France: unfortunately it’s the start of the same old bubble-blowing here as I saw in the UK in the ’80-90s. You Know Who bought up all of Toulouse, which was a sleepy, pretty provincial town when I first arrived in ’93.

They aggressively bought everything, and set fire to a few buildings where presumably the owner didn’t want to sell. Once they owned nearly all of it, the prices were much higher (doesn’t matter if you’re being given free money, but makes housing out of reach for normal people) they set about putting in bollards, so that you have to ask a metal column with a speaker for the right to enter the (re-vamped prettified) centre. The column has the right to say ‘No’, and if they don’t lower the bollards, you have to reverse into traffic. All in the name of traffic calming measures, of course.

A Company called ‘Kaufman Abroad’ (I kid you not) set about buying up all of the river-side properties, demolishing some and building very nice – thank you very much – luxury apartments. The same is, of course, true for London and Paris, two cities I also know well, but I digress.
Now Toulouse is a gleaming example of what you can do when you have money: a new tramway right to the airport, wide pedestrianised streets, renovated Churches, organic shops, lots of restaurants – who could complain? Except perhaps the old shop-keepers, who have been pushed out. The centre is now almost exclusively what I call ‘shit-shops’, where they are owned by YKW and sell nothing but a pair of panties or a pair of shoes for €800 (it’s posh, you see).

Then when they’d finished buying up Toulouse they moved out here to the countryside. Our local sleepy farmers’ town is now – as I write – being aggressively bought up and changed, introducing shit-shops or local fires for those who don’t want to sell. Many shop windows smashed, (which was also a phenomenon I saw in Toulouse) which will of course be a nice little earner for the Insurance Companies and locksmiths, both of which are owned by YKW.

Last but not least, even ‘my’ little valley – one farm burnt completely to the ground recently, three burglaries in the last three months, after 20 years of nothing (again, helping the Insurance Companies and the locksmiths) and guess what the result is? Really great but poor farmers I know are being pushed out of business (or worse – suicide, one just a month ago here) and their farms sold off to ‘wealthy types’, as you can tell by their disgusting big cars in a town which used to be known for its clapped out Renaults….

Of course with this expansion has come money to do road improvements, which strangely were not relevant when only poor people lived up in the valleys, and traffic calming measures, and lots and lots of brand new houses……

Oh, and before I switch the ‘rant button’ off, lots of new problems with drugs and alcoholism, for which – luckily and coincidentally – there are a myriad of Associations and Organisations with volunteers to help out, including the good ol’ Red Cross, which took over an organic shop and ran it into the ground so that it closed, leaving only the one controlled by YKW. Heck, we even had a sawn-off shotgun hold-up and a dead body floating down the river.

All coincidence, of course.

Anyway, sorry about that, but I just wanted to say Thanks to M&S for putting that excellent show out there, before it becomes illegal. May G-d help us all.



Rare old film footage of Palestine - proving that it existed before Israel:

Monday, October 19, 2015

Permaculture Principles

A good interview reflecting on how we can apply permaculture principles to other walks of life:

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Pepe Escobar

An interview with someone who knows what he's talking about, for a change:

As he says, the US don't have intelligence 'on the ground' in Syria, whereas Russia does.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Planet Klepto

I suppose it could be possible to listen to this video and explain away most of the Fed's actions as non-conspiratorial, but you'd have a job! Here, someone I've never heard of to date, John Titus, gives a fantastic resumé of the events of the Fed since 2009. It is nothing less than a massive crime scene:

And here is a follow-up to the above video:

Monday, October 12, 2015

Wet Work Continued

Four months ago we were burgled. That would have been OK if that had been the end of it. However, as I noted in my blog post of August, since then there have been a string of incidents that have not yet finished:

Today, Monday 12th of October, towards midday, the dogs were outside and they both barked heartily. This has been quite a common occurrence, which is annoying, but I must admit that every time I go to see what they're barking at, there is always someone or something.

Today it was - guess who? - the same man I mentioned in the third paragraph of the above post. I said I would recognise him again, and indeed he has the same dogs with him, although this time with 2 donkeys, as opposed to a large saddle-less black horse like last time. He was walking up the hill, and obviously my dogs had barked when he went past our house.

So, like last time, I jumped in the car and drove up the hill, past him. Sure enough it was the same man (I recognised his bent nose!). I drove up the valley and contemplated calling in at a neighbour's house to ask him to come out onto the road as a witness, but as I said in my last Post, he wouldn't take me seriously, so I didn't bother. I then turned round and came down the valley again, and decided to engage him in conversation.

Obviously it was in French, but here's a rough approximation of what was said: Me "So we meet again!" Him: "Oui, bonjour" "there was a donkey hanging round my house a few weeks ago, for about a week, was it yours?" "No", "You have very nice donkeys - this one had a hoof with rather a long nail" "No, these are my donkeys, as you can see". Me: "Hello dogs" (to the large mastif-type dogs, quite friendly), Me: "Are you going far?" (it's already quite a walk from the bottom of the valley, and another 5kms up to the Col de Rille Him: "No, it's OK, not far...". I nearly asked him where he lived, but thought that would be rude and didn't want him to get annoyed. So I said I hoped he had a nice walk, and carried on down to my house.

Something made me carry on past my house, however, just to see whether there was anyone waiting for the 'all-clear' to come and burgle the house again. There was indeed a car down by the bridge (where a pile of wood has gone missing over the last few months), but no-one was in it. Indeed, after taking the numberplate (DD 365 TV 09, a dark green (again!) Peugeot Partner, from the Minniti Garage in Massat) I took a look inside - and it was someone who lives out of their car, I think. An old rucksack, a dogs bowl, leads, empty drink and biscuit boxes, a bag of rubbish, an old blanket, etc. Someone poor too, as it was all in shabby condition.

At this point it is relevant to mention that since I last wrote there have been more incidents of 'strangers' in these parts: at least 4 empty beer cans thrown by the side of the road, at different times (I pick them up), of the cheap and strong variety, plus other rubbish. Graffiti in the valley, which is new, plus again another cyclist who came up the valley but only as far as half way up our orchard, where I spotted him really craning his neck looking down across the orchard. It was that day that Trevor was working on our Landrover, ready for the MOT, and I think he was trying to see that, and not looking at the orchard.

Again I took the Twingo and drove up past him, stopped for a while and waited for him to come past. He never did, so I went back down the valley, only to catch him up at Milles, pedalling like mad. I slowed down and stopped him, to engage him in conversation: he was French and I said "So, you decided not to continue up the hill?" "Yes, I had a pain in my leg" he said. He then continued to pedal off down towards Rimont.

Perhaps I am foolish to keep engaging these people in conversation, but I have a very good idea, after all these years, of who is a real cyclist and/or pedestrian, and who is not. My gut reaction kicks in, and the people themselves give off a unnatural comportment, as if they have been found out. Needless to say there have been many other people who I have not 'accosted', who are indeed picking mushrooms, chestnuts, just cruising etc. There was also a young girl leading 2 carthorses last week down past the house - I was alerted by the dogs and went to see why they barked, but didn't pursue it further.

Also, not once or twice but seven times I have found freshly-used toilet paper around the house (and what goes with it - very unpleasant): once just behind in the woods, four times down by the bridge where the wood has been taken, once down by 'our' bridge on the forest track, and finally, just the other day, up on the forest track opposite, where there is an excellent vantage point of our house. You can see whether we're in or out, especially at night, and of course one of the few things stolen were some binoculars. I could tell this latter toilet paper was 'fresh' as it was still dry and very white, whereas we had had heavy rain just a few nights prior. This means someone is still roaming around the forest track, and I am assured that it is not the Hunters who do this type of thing.

At this point I should mention that there have been two burglaries of a plumber's workshop in Rimont since our own burglary: in July and August, on the day of the village Fête. I went to speak to the Plumber and we talked about it - the first time they entered by the side door and exited by the roof, and the second time in and out by the roof. I couldn't quite understand what they took, as he had a strong accent, but it was obviously unsettling for him, as it was his business premises, and the workshop was open when we spoke, and full of the tools of his trade.

I think these two burglaries happened at night, and I'm pretty sure ours must have as well - we left a light on in the living room, but being away it was not turned off at night, and if you were surveying a house, you'd be able to tell that it was a light left on, as opposed to someone being home. I'm also pretty sure that they called at the door the day before I left, as when I came home from shopping there were horse droppings on the drive - so they could have called on the pretext of getting some water - like the other man - just to see if we were in, and we weren't. If we go away temporarily, we now leave the dogs in the house, but at that time Trevor had Joe with him, and we hadn't yet found Beau, so there would have been no barking dogs.

Finally a neighbour told me on the 'phone this morning about another burglary at Rivernert - the next valley over from us, but not too far. I am going to hear the details tomorrow, and maybe it was years ago, but I'll note down what she tells me here anyway.

Incidentally, I did ring the Gendarmerie after some of these incidents, but as they said, the whole area is so big and there are only a few of them - they cannot be everywhere at once. I feel these highly-organised gangs know this only too well. I'd like to know who the man with the beard is, in the white Twingo...

UPDATE  13th October 2015

This morning I took Denise, the person who was born in our house and with whom we've spent many an hour reminiscing, to the cemetary at Biert to put some flowers on her family's graves. As I went to pick her up I noticed that the dark green Peugeot Partner (numberplate noted above) was still down by the bridge. As I came back, however, it had gone. I was fully expecting it to be parked on our drive, but it wasn't.

Then, after changing my shoes, we climbed the hill and went over the  Cols de Rille and Crouzette, in order to get to Biert. What should I see parked at the first bend in the road after Col de la Crouzette, but the same green Peugeot partner! Same numberplate, same dents and scratches! So, now I know where our friend lives - for it was definitely his car - and he must have walked the donkeys up to his place, then walked down to get the car this morning.

Of course I have no proof that this man is anything to do with the burglary, but it is the same person who I caught talking to a man in a white Twingo at Milles, the driver of which shot off like a scalded cat, on 14th of July. My feeling is that they were hoping we'd be out, and that they could park on our drive and finish the job of getting the things they saw on the first visit.

This morning Denise spoke of a recent burglary at Rivernert, where they took everything, including the safe and the firearms. If it's the same gang who twice burgled the plumber at Rimont and our house, it's possible I'm onto something. I'd better be careful, and I'm reflecting carefully on the next step.

UPDATE 14th October 2015

Well, well, well! To say there's never a dull moment would be an understatement. This morning I decided to note down the serial numbers of our chainsaws, in case they're nicked (!), and after that I put them back in the loft. As I got near the loft window, I automatically looked out (I don't always) and who should I see coming down the valley in his green Peugeot Partner? Yes, our friend the donkey man, from Auragnou, the hamlet on the other side of Col de la Crouzette.

Yesterday I did a bit of sleuthing, and discovered that there is a horse Stud (Haras) at Auragnou, called 'Le Ticol'. On the internet it says it's run by Hélios and Govan Quinquis, (complete with 'phone numbers: 0561969481 and 0671534686) although in the 'phone book there is only Govan and Ivan Quinquis, stating that the latter lives at Le Rame, Bièrt. There is a Hélios (which is a bit of a coincidence) but his surname is 'Minguez', although his address is Auragnou (tel: 0561969482, just one digit away from the above number).

He went down the road, so I walked the dogs down to the bridge, but he wasn't there. Back at the house I had an idea: why don't I drive around the block, to Rimont and back, to see whether that green Peugeot was parked at Prommata, or in the village. So I locked the dogs in the house and jumped in the car. I hadn't got further than just past the old trout farm, when who should I see coming towards me? Yes, you've guessed it - the man with the donkeys. I slowed down and wound my window down, and he was obliged to do the same.

"So we meet again, what a coincidence" I said with a smile. "Would you believe it" he said "my female donkey has run off as she's on heat". We exchanged a few more words about them - apparently the donkeys I saw him with the day before yesterday were mother and son, and the son is still suckling, so he has left with his mother. I have no idea whether this story is true, but I suspect not.

Then I said I could ring him if I saw them, and asked where I could reach him. He made a feeble attempt to look around for a number, then made some inaudible excuse, but told me where he lived - the other side of Col de la Crouzette. This gave me the chance to say, politely: "Yes, I know, I saw your car there. Are you M Quinquis?". He looked taken-aback, but said no, that the father died a while ago (Hélios, I suppose) and it was now Ivan, the son. This man said he was not M Quinquis, but said his name was Frédérick. The only Frédérick listed in the 'phone book at Bièrt is a Frédérick GAU, listed as living at Bagen (tel: 0561044820).

I then asked him if they still bred horses at the hamlet, and I can't remember his reply. I said that the first time I saw him - at Milles - he was with a beautiful black horse - did they breed from that horse? He gave me a searching look during this exchange (as if trying to work out whether I was on to him, perhaps?) and I can't remember his reply.

I said I wouldn't know how to catch a donkey, and I haven't got any fences, and as I can't ring him.....
So we left it at that and both drove off. I stopped at Milles as I was going to see Yvon, but a hunch sent me back to the side of the road to look back at our house. Sure enough, there were two cars stopped right behind my house, the green partner and a white/silver one, and they were obviously talking. Perhaps the same conversation about the lost donkeys, perhaps something else.

Then I waited by the side of the road, and not one but three cars came, one after the other. It is hunt day, so it's possibly that they were hunters who had spoken to him, but one thing I found odd - the driver of the second car (they passed too quickly for me to look at any numbers or makes) gave me an odd little wave - which is very, very unusual for French drivers. They normally pass you looking straight ahead, hardly ever smile or wave. Was it a friendly wave, or was it a cheeky wave saying 'we know you're watching us, watching you....'?

Anyway, once again I'm left wondering whether all of this is all just one big coincidence, or whether indeed we are being watched for the moment we both leave the house? Were they hunters or were they part of the team of people in old bangers regularly circling the house? Or maybe both??

Yesterday I telephoned the Gendarmerie at La Bastide de Sérou, and asked to speak to the lady, Mme Lebarre (?), but she had gone home. I started to tell the man that I had found out where the owner of the car lived, but he told me to stop doing the 'psycho', and hung up! It will be on his conscience if something happens to me. I feel it's only a matter of time until they re-visit this house.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Geoengineering and Genocide

I don't post much about this phenomenon anymore, as no-one - and I mean no-one - will take it seriously, preferring to shoot the messenger. So I look at the skies, try to avoid breathing it all in, and sink lower into pessimism. It's behind all the talking heads on TV, it's on loads of billboards for advertising, it's all over and constant - which is quite something for a secret programme!

Anyway here are two important links:

Plus I found a fantastic article about the health aspects of fly ash, which is one of the materials being sprayed on us, but it has been 'retracted'. I'm going to write to them to ask why, but meanwhile I wonder whether this link will work?

No, but here is the title:

'Evidence Coal-Fly-Ash toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health'

ISSN 1660 - 4601

Published in the:

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Received: 29/6/15; Accepted: 5/8/15; Published: 11/8/15; Retracted: 2/9/15.


The Truth - About Markets and Everything Else

Max and Stacy hit it out of the ball-park with this concise, cogent, convincing steam-of-consciousness, and one is left to wonder "where will it all end?". I think we know now, and it begins with 'F':

Soon even doing this will be illegal.

Helicopter Money

A fantastic conversation about money creation, heliopter money and the problems related to central planning:

Monday, October 5, 2015

British Foreign Policy

Blimey, never expected the British Government to agree with me and come right out and say it:

Creative Destruction Event

Brought to you and designed by the Global Financiers, who control the US Federal Reserve:

Friday, October 2, 2015

Blockchain and the Monetary Reset

Here's a great talk by someone on our side:

But the bad guys are also all over this story, so who will win?