Monday, October 26, 2015


An old idea, how to control the climate, which is being ramped up right now, outside.

Here's a paper from 1966:

The courageous Dane Wigington tries to talk about the elephant in the room:

He talks about contrails, and how modern jet engines don't produce them:

(plus the spraying often comes out of the tail of aircraft, not from the engines).

A gagging order has been placed on workers at the National Weather Service, who know what's going on:

Those of us who have been following this story for years remember this interesting little interview, where a global currency and global weather modification are mentioned - by You Know Who:

(note the sycophantic tone, which is at least half of our problem - we cannot believe that these people would lie to us, and might have plans for complete global control, and are willing to stop at nothing - nothing - to achieve it. After all, they're white, rich, wear a nice suit and tie and went to Oxbridge!)

Last but not least, guess who bought a 70% stake in 'Weather Central', from where ALL weather departments of the US news Channels get their information?


A final, reasonable question: WHY?

Answer: Eugenics and global financial control.

That's it, difficult although it might be to believe.

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