Tuesday, October 27, 2015


My own opinion is that this is a false dichotomy, a Hegelian-dialectic offering of West vs. East, which is the meme we are supposed to believe. I believe the reality is that which JC Collins has described, that the International Bankers (read BIS) are playing both sides, and are raising the East whilst slowly dropping the West.

This article, although mired in the usual West vs. East theme, lays out clearly the changing global financial situation and the consequences for the US Dollar, in the not-too-distant future:


Along with the 'rise of China' we will have the 'discovery' of new free energies, and incredible technology which will move us away from a fossil-fuel-based global economy to more of a renewable-based global economy. It will be made to look like it was China, with the help of Russia, that brought this about.

Why else have the Rockerfeller's divested 80% of their holdings in oil, and invested in renewables? Sharp business practices or inside information? Or are they the same thing?

Question: if my 'theory' is correct, why did we need so much secrecy? Why is the prevailing media-driven rhetoric still pitting man against man, using age-old themes of nationalities and religions to keep people at each others' throats? Why couldn't 'they' just announce it, out in the open, years ago? Why couldn't they say 'we want to produce a freer and fairer world for the vast majority of the worlds' peoples, as long as we stay on top'. Why couldn't they just say that?


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