Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Younger Generation

There was a time when the younger generation could count on their elders to guide them, to scold them when they went astray, and to praise and encourage them to follow the correct path.

Today everything is on its head. A small proportion of the younger generation - two of whom we entertained last night - have realised that if they copied the ways of their elders, it is almost certain suicide. The profligate and spend-thrift ways of my generation is leaving only chaos and destruction for the younger generation to cope with, and the more intelligent ones amongst them are saying 'Basta!'.

They have decided to eschew consumersm, to follow an acetic path, to spurn alcohol and drugs, not to reproduce. If this movement grows, there may be hope for the planet and the future of the human race. Unfortunately the people with their hands on the power at the moment are of my generation, or older, where insanity seems to have taken root.

Hopefully increasing amounts of people will - instead of fighting the system - just slowly, deliberately and with determinattion move away from it. This means a move away from debt and the banks too.

I wish them well.

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