Saturday, August 31, 2013


Pipeline politics. Here Jim Willie lays out the geopolitics behind the Syria 'conflict'. Syria has a Mediterranean sea-port and Russia needs access to that for the export of its gas to Europe. So as he says, maybe a phone call was made to the UK Parliament from the Kremlin, asking whether they'd like some gas for this winter? Lo! UK pulls out of the Syria venture. This ties in with the fracking in UK too, as a desperate attempt to find a way to have energy independence, which will never work.

What worries me in all of this is what will happen to the Palestinians? Will Russia support their human rights? I doubt it, somehow.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Syria and the Eclipsing of OPEC

A very important article by Jim Willlie, which confirms my last post:

Huge changes on the horizon.

Syria and Pipelines

The real reason behind much of the violence on the world stage recently is about the mad scramble for the last of the world's resources. I cannot remember who coined the phrase 'pipelineistan', but it neatly sums up the truth behind a lot of global conflict. Here is an interesting analysis of the Syrian conflict, that sees Russia and US head-to-head over gas pipelines and energy issues. This is corroborated by Jim Willie, who is often proven correct in time:

More confirmation that Syria is about energy issues and the petro-dollar:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Odious Debt

Mentioned by Bill Still. Even the dodgy wikipedia has it down as 'illegitimate debt':

Fixing the World - Karen Hudes

Karen Hudes, apparently coming from no-where, but in reality a World-Bank whistleblower of long-standing, here gives a simplified version of the activities of the central planners, over the last 100 years. She doesn't, however, call them Central Planners, she calls them 'thugs':

Original 'You Tube' video removed because of 'offensive language' - hilarious!! We've got them on the run....


Bill Still has happily focused his considerable brain powers on how to fix Greece. In short, it ties in with what we must all do : move away from the Central Banksters:

He's on fire here and it's a must-listen interview! Go Bill!

The Macro-Economic and Geo-Political Overview

To fill out the wider macro-economic picture, Jim Willie expands on what Greg Mannarino mentions: that the US' Achilles Heel is its economy:

Looks like CAF was wrong then! She said as the US has the most powerful military in history, that it's hegemony was assured. But this is a giant chess game, and the Russians are very good at chess, whilst the Chinese are very good at patience.

War Imminent

It was always about resources and fundamentals. It was amazing that the Banksters managed to keep the illusion going for so long.

This is why Putin has threatened to strike Saudi Arabia if the Anglo-American Empire attacks Syria - oil is the Achilles Heel of the US economy.

NB I do not agree with Greg on two fronts: that Syria is a civil war, and that the Banksters would not want to see the US economy implode. They just moved base, as I've mentioned before. I suspect Greg knows this, but is protecting his back.


Banksters caught with hands in the till try to take the world to war:

Latest Russian reaction:{%2210151579878825264%22%3A154781634727404%2C%2210151579877755264%22%3A184314311750957%2C%2210151579876835264%22%3A337497016384705}&action_type_map={%2210151579878825264%22%3A%22og.likes%22%2C%2210151579877755264%22%3A%22og.likes%22%2C%2210151579876835264%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[]

Chemical weapon attacks perpetrated by rebels:

The Secret 'End-Game' Memo

Of course the theory that there is a conspiracy at the top of the Banking sector is laughable.

Who's laughing now?

Ralph Nader's viewpoint:

The Leveraged Buyout of America

By the wonderful Ellen Brown:

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Understanding the Debt-Based Currency System

Here's a very clear explanation by Greg Mannarino, who obviously needs to get out a bit more, judging by the colour of his skin and the bags under his eyes. But he's doing us a service by telling us about these historic bubbles, and warns of a huge drops in global population when the debt-bubble bursts:

Monday, August 19, 2013

Lawyer Karen Hudes - World Bank Corruption

Another interview with the resilient and uncorruptible Karen Hudes:

She says "we've won"............let's hope so!

Here's an interview between two women: one is Karen Hudes, who is highly intelligent, articulate and full of intergrity. The other one mirrors exactly what has gone wrong with the corporate media, chosen for her figure, not for her brains. Focus on the woman in black!

And finally an interview with Sean Stone (son of Oliver, but much less articulate!) from June. I hope she doesn't mmmeeet with an accident:

The International Drugs Trade

Half an hour of truth that most people won't believe:

Jekyll Island Conspiracy

It's worth repeating, time and again, the history of banking. By listening to this interview with Bill Still, and then by watching 'The Money Masters', you'll begin to understand how egregious their activites were, and indeed still are:

The Money Masters - dated but  still as pertinent today:

As Jim Willie hinted at the other day, the death of JFK is also linked to this nefarious group, but I'll deal with that another time!

Saturday, August 17, 2013


A new study:

Funded, of course, by the CIA:

Explained here:

National Service Bill Going Through Parliament

This is interesting, in the light of what is happening globally:

Second reading is on 6th of September. Wonder how far it will get? I've signed up for up-dates.

Here's a bio on the Proposer:

Interesting bit about the burqa!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Total Economic Return

By Catherine Austin Fitts. It makes perfect sense:

Held Hostage by Progress

'As the civil religion of progress begins to lose its grip on the collective imagination of our time, in turn, both science and religion thus will have to undergo a difficult process of reappraisal, in which many of the mistaken commitments of recent decades will need to be renegotiated or simply abandoned. Harrowing as that process may be, it may just have an unexpected benefit—a negotiated truce in the pointless struggle between science and religion, or even a creative rapprochement between these two distinct and complementary ways of relating to the universe.'


Food and Gasoline Riots in US after Dollar Devaluation

I`ve been posting a lot of Jim Willie interviews lately, but that`s because he`s been telling us more and more really important information, tied up by logic, energy issues and financial secrets. Here he hits it out of the ballpark with a stream of past events and future predictions:

PS You can skip the last two minutes, where the interviewer goes off on a tangent!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

A Frightening and Historic Financial Holocaust

Even Medvedev has advised all Russians to get their money out of Western banks, apparently! This short interview echoes what Greg Mannarino has been saying:

NATO Bases are Drug-Running Bases

I worked this out myself a few years ago (in Italy) but it has been confirmed time and time again with various news stories that don't add up. The main problem with people in the West believing it is the deeply-embedded racism that won't allow them to believe it.

For most people, especially those who have been fed the drip-drip-drip of corporate propaganda (hey, why do they put TVs everywhere??) it is inconceivable that Western white people can organise, perpetrate and carry-out heinous crimes, as indeed they do. It is inconceivable that all of the money flowing into rural areas and renovating historic buildings in Western Europe is hot money, derived from the misery of people in other parts of the world, facilitated by people-traffickers, drug-pushers, paedophiles and common criminals.

This is the bottom line: the white, Western so-called élites are up to their necks in rotton, corrupt, illegal, stomach-churning, jaw-dropping activities, and have been so for hundreds of years. NATO are the bad guys. Drugs-trafficking is what is propping the whole system up, enforced by the goons in security suits. The whole charade at airports is there to enforce the illusion that we are fighting an enemy who is brown-skinned, out there and after us.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Fracking is a Ponzi Scheme

A licence for fracking has been granted to a small rural village (Balcombe) near my home-town in the UK. Here Jim Willie, well into his explanation of the geopolitical arena (which is fascinating in itself!), he talks about Halliburton, the Gulf of Mexico distaster and the chemicals which you need to do fracking. Surprise! There is a monopoly on ownership of the chemicals, and it's Halliburton who hold the rights. (from minute 40.00, where he talks about net energy, monopolies, land-contracts, and Obama):

Here's Part I:

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Dollar as Reserve Currency Up-Date

The BRICSA, led by China and Russia, are advancing in their plans to end this dreadful unipolarity that we have at the moment. As China said in 2009:
“An international monetary system dominated by a single sovereign currency has intensified the concentration of risk and the spread of the crisis.” — People’s Bank of China (2009)


And here are Dr Joseph Farrell's thoughts on the above article:

Gold in Motion

It's worth listening to Jim Willie and trying to get your head around what he's explaining, as he really is the only one out there collating all of this information and passing it on to us in summarised form. His contacts together with his statistician's brain make him a valuable source of financial, economic and political data. The 'gold in motion' refers to the GLD fund, which is, in fact, just bits of paper:

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Russia's Sunburn Missile

Which can apparently take out the US's cruise missile, which is why we haven't had a war with Iran. This and a thousand other nuggets of information in this fascinating interview with Jim Willie:

I don't think he agrees with CAF, who thinks the US still has military superiority and therefore financial superiority. A battle of the titans, if ever there was one!


In past times when I used to try to talk of  banal subjects such as energy use, resources and Governments, the emotion I most frequently encountered was complacency, followed by ridicule, especially by the middle classes.

Being solidly working class, I believe I have some sort of 'muscle-memory' of previous periods of being used and abused by the Power-that-be - like all of history, for example.

Unfortunately I think the complacency of the middle classes will be their downfall - they will not realise that their hard-earned assets are going to go up in smoke, very soon, and that they should have done something earlier to safe-guard themselves and their wealth. The main problem, it seems to me, is they trust their Governments.

I wonder why?

Monday, August 5, 2013

World Bank Whistleblower - Karen Hudes

This post also contains a reference about all debt being forgiven. It’s coming, folks. The new financial system is taking shape in silence and at the perfect time, will almost seamlessly morph into our new, fair, monetary system as a “Financial Reset”. The banksters—everywhere— are going down.

Be aware, be prepared, and don’t panic. It’s been planned for decades. Life is just about to get very, very good. This is a game-changer.

The Anglosphere

The Professor of Patristics with his original take on today's events:

NB See links below video too.

Breakaway Civilizations and Black Budgets

"The reality is those sovereign nations are not in control and not running things. Now, because they’ve large budgets and may have large operational capacity they’re very important and very influential, but I don’t think the United States’ people elect and control the United States Government or that the United States Government is in control of North America. I think the government system at best is murky and in my experience certainly working as a government official, decisions were made outside of government and relayed into the government as to what the decisions would be. The government works for the “shadow government.”


Just as I've thought for some while now -  national sovereignty is over, and has been for some while. We're in the vortex now. WW

Waking Up

“We’re in a very, very fragile financial system right now. We have most Western governments buying their bonds, which is total financial insanity. We have zero interest rates which is total financial insanity and even with this, we can hardly get the economies to recover. What’s going to happen to those governments is the same thing that happened to Detroit…It’s so cast in stone. It’s amazing that we all ignore it.”


EROI - All Over Again

I've been away a while but keeping my ear to the ground. All you need to know to get up to speed, however, is encapsulated into this 24-minute interview, where he explains in the clearest terms the inevitability of the crash of the present fiat-backed currency system: