Saturday, November 30, 2013

Operation Legacy

British colonialism at its best:

What did we have to hide?


All you ever wanted to know about Bitcoin, and a lot more:

According to Clif, the PTW have lost control, and it's only a matter of time now...


Monday, November 25, 2013

Checkmate by China

It has been coming for quite a few years, but here we have it in print, in writing and in action: China has stated that it doesn't need/want to stockpile or buy the US dollar any more. This ties in with what Jim Willie has been saying, that China has resigned itself to writing off $1 trillion of US Treasuries, as they will be compensated by the corresponding increase in the price of gold, which they have been stockpiling, secretly and openly.

Couple this with all of the bi-lateral trade deals that China has been doing, based in the yuan (see this blog), and you can see that the move away from the US dollar has accelerated exponentially.

Predicted: 50% internal inflation in the US practically overnight. A lot of Americans are going to have quite a suprise coming.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Global Currency Reset

For better or worse - could it be much worse?

Here's a long interview with Jim Willie, laying out the death of the dollar:

Unfortunately, even if (when) the US dollar does eventually get abandoned by other stronger economies, I do not see much improvement in global human rights issues, ecological improvements, economic resurrection, etc. For example, Israel has signed a deal with Russia for the use of the gas they found in the Eastern Mediterranean. China is still buying up huge tracts of African lands - can that be democratic? Saudi Arabia is making deals with Israel against Iran - strange bedfellows indeed. Doesn't look like 'peace' is any part of these equations.

However, it's interesting to be living through the most crucial moment in human history, as I'm convinced we're going to see huge changes well within my lifetime, and probably before the end of this decade. I don't think anyone can tell whether life will be better or worse - but it sure will be different.

Death of the Petrodollar - Continued

China is going to price its oil futures in Yuan, not dollars:

Shooting Yourself in the Foot II

I'm back!

Part I of the Anglo-American Empire shooting itself in the foot was trying to introduce SWIFT controls on Iran, a few years ago, which only served to push Iran into the BRICS camp, and to encourage the BRICS nations to speed-up their moves away from the dollar.

In Part II is mentioned here by Prof J Farrell, where the Western alliance (Anglo-American élites/empire, etc, several possible titles) is criticising Germany for being over-productive and being responsible for the global economy faultering. That assertion belongs in the "you couldn't make this stuff up" folder, but there will be many peole who will believe it, or who will want to believe it.

This will result, according to Prof Farrell's speculations (which are often spot-on) in Germany moving closer to the BRICS nations, especially Russia, from whom it derives most of its energy needs, and China, as a partner in commerce. My speculation: this will result in even more yuan currency swaps away from the dollar, helping to sink the petrodollar more quickly.