Thursday, November 21, 2013

Global Currency Reset

For better or worse - could it be much worse?

Here's a long interview with Jim Willie, laying out the death of the dollar:

Unfortunately, even if (when) the US dollar does eventually get abandoned by other stronger economies, I do not see much improvement in global human rights issues, ecological improvements, economic resurrection, etc. For example, Israel has signed a deal with Russia for the use of the gas they found in the Eastern Mediterranean. China is still buying up huge tracts of African lands - can that be democratic? Saudi Arabia is making deals with Israel against Iran - strange bedfellows indeed. Doesn't look like 'peace' is any part of these equations.

However, it's interesting to be living through the most crucial moment in human history, as I'm convinced we're going to see huge changes well within my lifetime, and probably before the end of this decade. I don't think anyone can tell whether life will be better or worse - but it sure will be different.

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