Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shooting Yourself in the Foot II

I'm back!

Part I of the Anglo-American Empire shooting itself in the foot was trying to introduce SWIFT controls on Iran, a few years ago, which only served to push Iran into the BRICS camp, and to encourage the BRICS nations to speed-up their moves away from the dollar.

In Part II is mentioned here by Prof J Farrell, where the Western alliance (Anglo-American élites/empire, etc, several possible titles) is criticising Germany for being over-productive and being responsible for the global economy faultering. That assertion belongs in the "you couldn't make this stuff up" folder, but there will be many peole who will believe it, or who will want to believe it.

This will result, according to Prof Farrell's speculations (which are often spot-on) in Germany moving closer to the BRICS nations, especially Russia, from whom it derives most of its energy needs, and China, as a partner in commerce. My speculation: this will result in even more yuan currency swaps away from the dollar, helping to sink the petrodollar more quickly.

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