Monday, October 27, 2014

The End game Re-Posted

I first posted this presentation in 2012, but noticed that my link didn't work as the original post had been 'removed by the author'. Hmmm...

So here it is again, re-posted on 'Business Insider' ( i.e. not something Joe Six-Pack would normally read):

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who's the Problem? I'm the Problem

Every now and again I listen to an interview which just makes me shout out 'Yes!'. This is one such interview, with the inimitable Catherine Austin Fitts, who knows what fighting the cabal means. In this lucid explanation she underlines that we all seem to be happy working with people who are literally trying to kill us. We are feeding our own tapeworm!

We all need to ask ourselves the obvious questions, like 'who benefits?' and to 'follow the money', but we also need to get our own spiritual house in order, and remember that those who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. In other words, unless you have taken a long, good, hard look at yourself, and your actions, and your investments and your direction, you have no right to judge or criticize others - they are only there as a manifestation of you, because you allow them this position in your life.

Have a  listen:

You Can't Suck & Blow at the Same Time!

I'm the first to admit that I don't understand half of what the earnest Rob Kirby is trying to explain here, but I got the sense of it, hence the title of this post:

I like Rob Kirby, 'coz he's angry as hell, as we all should be.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cultural and Socio-economic Interception (CSI)

Here we go again - what's the betting they already had some legislation written, for just this situation:

You couldn't make this stuff up! And still the people believe their Governments!

Majesty Twelve

Nearly there, folks! Nearly there...

Strange, not many links on Google......!

Gold vs. GLD

Pisani gold gld

Monday, October 20, 2014

Financial Repression Explained

An interesting and illuminating chat between two non-hysterical men, about how the small invester got destroyed:

Some might call it a conspiracy!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ebola - Never Let a Good Crisis Go To Waste!

A quote by the dreadful Rahm Emmanuel, it seems increasingly likely that this Ebola story is part of a larger bio-weapons attack, in order to further the agenda. Here is some testimony from a Liberian Doctor:

Here is Prof J Farrel's take on it all:

And before the blood has dried on the Hazmat suits, the UN wants to create a 'global financial body for pandemic outbreaks':

The phrase 'indecent haste' springs to mind!

Saturday, October 18, 2014

New Moscow to Beijing Railway

Cutting the journey time from 6 days to two! No austerity here:

NB Note the name of the Author - the one and same? Hmmmm...

More on the railway agreement:

Suppressed Technologies

In a previous post ('How it happened') I said that I thought the new technologies to move us to a more sustainable future had been hijacked and suppressed, until such times as 'certain parties' owned everything. Well with all that's going on, it appears we're nearly there, and here one of the main Arms' manufacturers comes out with this announcement, about fusion:

There have also been rumblings about 'E-cat' technology (energy catalyser), which apparently can use a fraction of the energy we use today to do the same job - heat your house, for example. Here's a website:

Put this together with the free energy made possible by Tesla over 100 years ago, and you can see that another world would have been possible. Doubters of the conspiracy theory will say that the advances in technology have just made this possible now. Yeah right!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Europe Pivots East

At the ASEM Summit, in Milan:

As predicted by Jim Willie, leaving the US isolated, but still retaining, I think, the Old Powers at the top - they just jumped ship to Asia, where the smell of billions of new consumers was too much to resist.

Californian Drought, HAARP & Geoengineering

"It's got to be stopped , or we're all dead"

More: "All these places where they're buying up the water rights":

Here's the site:

More Dr Strangelove than Dr Strangelove. More Orwellian that Orwell. More Huxlian than Huxley. More Kafkaesque than Kafka.

Coincidentally watched this film the other day, where they outlined this exact scenario! :

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


The biggest Corporation you've never heard of:

They own nearly everything. So who's the bad guy, these people or the BIS? Or both?

Or neither! Are there other people you've never heard of behind the curtain which is behind the screen which is behind the blind which is behind the sandstorm...

Ebola & Resource Theft

Ebola is, allegedly (although NO photos on a Continent with a lot of mobile 'phones) ravaging three West African Nations:



Sierra Leone:

No surprise there, then. It has been the same throughout the history of Empire, except that most people in the West seem to have conveniently forgotten this. Here is another view of the Ebola story:

At the very least the Companies which makes Hazmat suits and hermetically-sealed coffins have made a lot of money!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Learning from Ancient Human Cultures

Fantastic interview, and all so blindingly obvious, too!  Not enough humility in most of us to understand these simple concepts:

Russia & China Agree to SWIFT Alternative

I posted something about this alternative currency exchange system a while ago, but it seems plans were held up by the Ukraine putsch. Well it seems negotiations are back on track, and according to Jim Willie, amongst others, the time is really, really close for an overthrow of the Dollar system:

Does it mean an overthrow of the International Bankers, though? I don't know, but it will certainly throw the Chess board up in the air!


Good timing - the US and UK are running a trial, this week, to see what would happen if there was a run on the big banks:

And we all know what that means, don't we?

Here's an analysis of what it actually  means:

Saturday, October 11, 2014

China Becomes World's Largest Economy

In the last few days China (or should we say 'China'?) has overtaken the US as the world's largest economy. But there's more:

If you add to that the fact that countries are moving away from the US dollar at a faster and faster pace, and that contracts for energy resources are increasingly done in currencies outside of the dollar, you start to see an increasing pace for massive change.

This situation has been coming for so long, like a slow train, that I'm surprised if people are surprised. The trouble is people got distracted with sport, reality TV and smaller and smaller electronic gadgets.

NB By 'China', I'm referring to the fact that I think the Chinese Government is just as much a slave to the Banksters as the rest of us, and that this East vs. West is a faux dialectic. Look up the PBoC!


Or the Central Bank for Central Banks. Finally some light is being shed on their nafarious deeds:

Is it too late to stop them taking over the world?

Fake Beheadings

I've been waiting for some firmer evidence that these videos were, indeed, faked, as many of us suspected immediately. Here William Engdahl breaks it down for us:

Funny that the same old country keeps cropping up, all the time, everywhere...

Russia Pays Off Its Debts

What other Nations would love to be able to do:

(but unlike Russia, they haven't got any resources!)

Friday, October 10, 2014

Rebuilding Gaza

Any decent blogger asks him- or her-self constantly 'cui bono' and the answer in this scenario is as predictable as it is sickening. Isreal benefits, of course, from the destruction and misery it has caused to the poor people of Gaza:

NB The English is not good - I'm assuming it was translated from Arabic.


Economic Endgame

Jim Willie has been doing quite a few interviews recently. In this interview he lays out exactly how we got to where we're at, and many people won't believe it. But it has helped me to have kept an open mind about all of this, and to have done my own 'due diligence', as I've been able to piece the pieces together of this mega-macro-economic jig-saw. This includes geoengineering, viruses and vaccines, GMOs, fraud and assassinations - better than any fiction! I agree with Jim that we're very near 'endgame' now:

Where we don't agree, however, and it's a very big point, is that the BRICS are a genuine opposition. On the basis of 'don't listen to what I say but watch what I do', I've been keeping an eye on Alan Greenspan and the story of  'the Road to Route A' material that was put out by the Federal Reserve quite a few years ago, and mentioned by Bix Wier on his website. Hey presto, the alleged hater of gold comes out and writes two (or more perhaps) articles advising China on what to do with their gold. Secretly he's been advocating a return to an international gold standard, and it has taken more than 50 years to get there. In my (not so humble) opinion, it took the blowing up of the dollar as global reserve currency to get there. Self-inflicted wounds, if you like, to further an agenda.

If I'm right and Jim is wrong it is not good news. Therefore I'd be quite happy if Jim is right, and the BRICS are able to thumb their noses at the Western Banking Cabal - we could be heading to fairer times and some justice ahead.

Unfortunately I'm not holding my breath.

Thursday, October 9, 2014


It seems a few people are starting to take this very worrying phenomenon seriously, at last. Here is a film put together and sub-titled in French, where it covers what I've been saying for years:

I first noticed this many years ago, earlier than 2008, as I was aware of them when I went to live in Italy for a few months. I have tried telling people, including physicists, chemists, agronomists, etc, but as usual no-one will take me seriously. It looks like people are waking up now, however.

Is it too late? Are we all too ill already?

Make That Three!

More stimulating thoughts of the eternal conundrum:

Another Good Essay

I suppose it's not surprising that in times of stress and crisis, great works are produced. I have myself  thought that in Western Europe and North America we have become like giant kids, seeking the next cheap thrill, without thinking about the consequences and certainly without wanting to put in a hard day's work in order to earn what we have (with some notable exceptions). And what we have, for the most part, comes on the back of imposing poverty and misery upon large swathes of the world's people. A dynamic that cannot be sustained, as nature likes balance. So here comes our 'comeuppance'.

A Good Essay

With all of this focus on geopolitics and macro-economics, it's sometimes too easy to lose sight of the even bigger picture - the mega-macro-perspective, if you like. Luckily there are a few excellent wordsmiths like the Archdruid to bring us back to sanity:

Interesting times dead ahead.

Monday, October 6, 2014


I just stumbled across this excellent article which has answered a few questions that have been niggling me lately - one being if there is a real opposition, why can't they stop, or at least bring to light, the asset purchases which are going on at break-neck pace around the globe - not many analysts seem to be talking about that. Here it's all explained, and it's Step 2 which is what I've been witnessing, and which is crippling:

'The three-pronged plan the Fed has started to execute is plain for everyone to see:

1) Stop QE. This hauls back in to the US dollars from around the planet, from a million parties that owe debt denominated in USD. Already happening at a frantic pace, though no-one involved would advertize it.

2) Raise the value of the greenback. This makes it that more expensive for all parties under 1) to pay off their debts. They have to offer ever more just to stand still. And when they can’t, assets will be confiscated.

3) Raise interest rates. The final blow. It will make life much harder on the US government too, but they’ll have trillions of dollars flowing in to cope with that. It’ll put millions of Americans into the equivalent of medieval torture instruments, and out of their homes and cars and jobs, but that too will be initially softened by the dollars coming home to papa. Crucial take home: they’ve given up on the US real economy, likely a long time ago.
And it will have the rest of the world begging for mercy. In that regard, it’s funny to see Britain planning to raise its rates too. Do be careful what you wish for there, lads.
The full taper of QE means everyone needs dollars, and most who do are leveraged to the hilt, while the combination of higher interest rates and higher dollar value means the buck will come much more expensive.

It’s going to be carnage out there.'


It is still my assertion that once the Fed goes, and it will soon with the large 'End the Fed' Movement gaining momentum, the International Bankers will still be sitting pretty at the BIS, and the dollar is just doing their dirty work for the moment, like a favourite prostitute, until it is put out of its misery like a supernova, which burns most brightly just before it explodes - as Rob Kirby just said in my previous post.

Ho-hum, nothing to do but watch.

Creating Reality - $750 Trillion in Derivitives!

I respect Rob Kirby, because he's angry - like me! In this interview with Greg Hunter (of whom I'm much less fond, for various reasons) he outlines "why physical will trump fiat in the end":

Where I differ with Rob Kirby and Jim Willie (who are friends with each other) is that they think the Federal Reserve have handled the economy very badly and made lots of mistakes. I believe the whole scenario has been handled very well, and gone exactly according to plan, and that the dollar has been slowly killed by the International Bankers (see recent articles by Greenspan), who need to kill the dollar in order to move to the next stage in their long-term game.

The ultimate objective is a one-world currency, probably IMF SDRs, but possibly something else that will emerge in the next few years, using the BRICS Bank as a stepping stone. FWIW, Jim Willie vehemently disagrees with me here.

So the suppression of the gold and silver price works well for this scenario as they can continue to buy them up in volume, whilst slowly crashing the system without any finger of blame being pointed in their direction. Perfect! As Rob Kirby says, to call this a conspiracy is an understatement!

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Russia to Switch to Rubles for Trade

That means completely away from the US dollar. Will they get the time to achieve this, before the out-of-control US Administration implements a global scorched-earth policy?

Personally I doubt it before they're overtaken by events.

Friday, October 3, 2014

BRICS is Step on Way to NWO?

I hope not, but here is a very convincing argument:

I have a lot of respect for this Author, so it's sobering stuff.

A flicker of hope comes, however, in the form of my exchange of e-mails with Jim Willie, who even forwarded one of my articles to his close friends, and who manages to convince me that help is, in fact, at hand.

Let's hope he's right!