Friday, October 10, 2014

Economic Endgame

Jim Willie has been doing quite a few interviews recently. In this interview he lays out exactly how we got to where we're at, and many people won't believe it. But it has helped me to have kept an open mind about all of this, and to have done my own 'due diligence', as I've been able to piece the pieces together of this mega-macro-economic jig-saw. This includes geoengineering, viruses and vaccines, GMOs, fraud and assassinations - better than any fiction! I agree with Jim that we're very near 'endgame' now:

Where we don't agree, however, and it's a very big point, is that the BRICS are a genuine opposition. On the basis of 'don't listen to what I say but watch what I do', I've been keeping an eye on Alan Greenspan and the story of  'the Road to Route A' material that was put out by the Federal Reserve quite a few years ago, and mentioned by Bix Wier on his website. Hey presto, the alleged hater of gold comes out and writes two (or more perhaps) articles advising China on what to do with their gold. Secretly he's been advocating a return to an international gold standard, and it has taken more than 50 years to get there. In my (not so humble) opinion, it took the blowing up of the dollar as global reserve currency to get there. Self-inflicted wounds, if you like, to further an agenda.

If I'm right and Jim is wrong it is not good news. Therefore I'd be quite happy if Jim is right, and the BRICS are able to thumb their noses at the Western Banking Cabal - we could be heading to fairer times and some justice ahead.

Unfortunately I'm not holding my breath.

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