Monday, October 6, 2014

Creating Reality - $750 Trillion in Derivitives!

I respect Rob Kirby, because he's angry - like me! In this interview with Greg Hunter (of whom I'm much less fond, for various reasons) he outlines "why physical will trump fiat in the end":

Where I differ with Rob Kirby and Jim Willie (who are friends with each other) is that they think the Federal Reserve have handled the economy very badly and made lots of mistakes. I believe the whole scenario has been handled very well, and gone exactly according to plan, and that the dollar has been slowly killed by the International Bankers (see recent articles by Greenspan), who need to kill the dollar in order to move to the next stage in their long-term game.

The ultimate objective is a one-world currency, probably IMF SDRs, but possibly something else that will emerge in the next few years, using the BRICS Bank as a stepping stone. FWIW, Jim Willie vehemently disagrees with me here.

So the suppression of the gold and silver price works well for this scenario as they can continue to buy them up in volume, whilst slowly crashing the system without any finger of blame being pointed in their direction. Perfect! As Rob Kirby says, to call this a conspiracy is an understatement!

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