Monday, April 27, 2015


...for some very big global news.

Patience is the thing.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Max Keiser

A regular commenter on that website, I have been surprised to see that it's no longer possible to access it.

Whose toes did he tread on? Which truth did he spill out? What did he uncover?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sandy Hook

False Flag extra-ordinaire, posted by Youri Carma on the KR:
Nail In The Coffin! Final Proof of the Sandyhook Hoax!

Bombshell: Sandy Hook Massacre Was A DHS Illusion Says School Safety Expert

Undeniable Proof Actors Were Used In Sandy Hook Hoax

Sandy Hook Deaths Missing From FBI Report

The Sandy Hook Children. Who were they or better who ARE they?

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The 'F' Word *

Well I've just re-experienced the overt form of Corporate Control that is Gatwick Airport. Proving once again that you can give some ill-educated goons permission to bark orders at people, pass down some nonsensical rules from 'Da Management', add a lot of confused and fat members of the public, and there you have it: fascism on a plate!

Not that many people seem to mind: "Off with your boots"; "Take your belt off"; "Stand over there and raise your arms in the air"; "All objects out of your pockets!"; "Put your empty tray in the pile afterwars". etc, etc, etc.

The Airport staff are often obese, all laughing and joking with one-another, tattoos as far as the eye can see. The public have come to expect this, although perhaps there's the glimmering niggle, way down in the depths of what was once our personal morality, that this is not right?

Damn sure it's not right: by now the alert person should be aware that this 'war on terror' was a policy, introduced slowly but surely, to habituate people into submission, accepting authority without question and making us naked and defenceless - literally or metaphorically.

Once upon a time there were the Geneva Conventions, where 'collective punishment' was not allowed, it was against international law to punish the many for what a few have done. It reaches the height of absurdity when you come to realise - with a gulp - that the vast majority of 'terrorist' acts perpetrated over the last few decades were 'inside jobs' - mercenaries and converts who can be lavished with the allure of mega-bucks and luxury lifestyles, in return for obeying a few orders from above.

It doesn't take much imagination on my part, at all, to see how Nazi Germany rose to power - we have a very similar situation right here, right now, at Gatwick Airport.

* = fascism

Sunday, April 5, 2015

QE is Eugenics

If anyone thinks bankers' crimes are victimless crimes, think again and read this:

Lumber Jack says:
@Max Keiser
@Stacy Herbert

Since nobody has done a better job than Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert at covering the destructive and deflationary nature of Quantitative Easy, I direct this statement at them in hopes they can go even further on their show to reveal what Quantitative Easing is on a sociopolitical, historical, and yes, even biological level.


(And to a lesser extent, so is keeping interest rates near or at zero).

Let me explain. Firstly, Quantitative Easing is the fraudulent justification of a massive redistribution of wealth from money created by a central Bank to the investment class under the guise that the money will trickle down after wealthy people spend more money (it’s the monetary version of Reaganomics). As Max has rightfully harped over and over again, Quantitative Easing causes deflation, because the wealth never trickles into the economy. Wealthy people, who usually become wealthy because they save their money, see that they are wealthier from QE, and continue to do what they did in the first place: save and/or invest the new wealth. So the debt deflation (Keen) continues, with only the assets that rich people own increasing in value (housing, stocks).

The increased wealth that they acquire through QE will most likely be passed onto the next generation, their descendents, who will come into the world with more wealth now as direct result of the fact that their parents acquired the wealth from QE but didn’t spend it. What about those children who come into the world with parents that aren’t wealthy from QE? They’re left out, have to work hard to save, get no savings since interest rates are zero, and then if they do get to invest, they have to buy houses or stocks at higher prices, increasing the price of the assets already held by the rich.

Max has pointed out numerous times that QU is reverse capitalism that punishes workers and savers in favor of those that already have money. All those Pickety fans should take note, as it’s not just the power of capital that creates extreme wealth for the capitalists, but rather now it’s QE and ZIRP that creates more wealth for the investment class who don’t even care about starting new businesses but would rather watch the value of their house or stock portfolio go to all time highs..

So if there is a justification of Quantitative Easing and ZIRP, it’s to separate the rich and the poor so much that they begin to look like different species (like the Bertrand Russel quote below).

A justification of this social Darwinism/Eugenics in the form of QE would be that the part of the genome that already has wealth obtained the wealth because they were superior to begin with, should have more children since they can afford to, and their wealthier children can breed with other wealthy children and have more children who come into the world with more advantages, etc. The poor who’s parent’s didn’t benefit from QE can’t sit at the table with the rich

I can debunk any notion that nothing good comes from a nobody without wealth in one name: Nikola Tesla. There should be shrines in America for Serbian Immigrant who literally transformed America and the world with his inventions.

I think this Bertrand Russell quote sums up how QE will create a permanent two class (or two species) system.

“Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers
and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt
of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of
sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”
*- Bertrand Russell, “The Impact of Science on Society”, 1953, pg 49-50*

Friedrich Nietzsche envisioned the very world we live in when he called for a global aristocracy beyond nation states that would rule the direction of the planet, “the masters of the Earth” (Read the fourth section of The Will to Power entitles Discipline and Breeding, it is truly enlightening).


Jade Helm

Or 'martial law for the US', if you prefer.

Predicted by myself a decade ago.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to Hide Behind the Curtain

Here's a conversation I had on Max Keiser's comments' section:

(from last thread):

‘So you don’t think insane, batshit crazies are in charge in Washington…’

Me: Oh don’t get me wrong – of course they’re batshit crazies, and they need to be brought to justice, but what JC asserts (quite convincingly) is that the whole system is designed to bring the bat-shit crazies to the top, compromise and corrupt them so that they do your bidding (consciously or not) in order to pursue the larger, longer-term agenda.

When the time is right – hey presto – you pull the plug, print some truth, expose some high criminals, have some tribunals, serve some ‘justice’, whilst at the same time retaining the reins of real power, from the Castles.

And Flopot's reply:


Oh you have a point and I cannot deny it; for example who da fook is plonking all those child abusers into positions of power in the Uk? That is one massive blackmail operation.

They all need to be brought to justice: the international cabal and its cronies.


Friday, April 3, 2015

Iceland Leads the Way

So much going on, no time to post, but THIS was worth posting:

Let's hope it's the start of something big.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Global Government

I've not been able to keep up with developments lately, but they're coming quick and fast. Here James Corbett gives us a cynical explanation of how the thesis and antithesis become synthesis, which will "inevitably" lead to global cooperation and *sigh* global Government:

When I think of how the world used to be (including our skies) and how it could have been, it makes me sad to think: 'It didn't have to be this way'. Trouble is, no-one else seems to mind.