Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The 'F' Word *

Well I've just re-experienced the overt form of Corporate Control that is Gatwick Airport. Proving once again that you can give some ill-educated goons permission to bark orders at people, pass down some nonsensical rules from 'Da Management', add a lot of confused and fat members of the public, and there you have it: fascism on a plate!

Not that many people seem to mind: "Off with your boots"; "Take your belt off"; "Stand over there and raise your arms in the air"; "All objects out of your pockets!"; "Put your empty tray in the pile afterwars". etc, etc, etc.

The Airport staff are often obese, all laughing and joking with one-another, tattoos as far as the eye can see. The public have come to expect this, although perhaps there's the glimmering niggle, way down in the depths of what was once our personal morality, that this is not right?

Damn sure it's not right: by now the alert person should be aware that this 'war on terror' was a policy, introduced slowly but surely, to habituate people into submission, accepting authority without question and making us naked and defenceless - literally or metaphorically.

Once upon a time there were the Geneva Conventions, where 'collective punishment' was not allowed, it was against international law to punish the many for what a few have done. It reaches the height of absurdity when you come to realise - with a gulp - that the vast majority of 'terrorist' acts perpetrated over the last few decades were 'inside jobs' - mercenaries and converts who can be lavished with the allure of mega-bucks and luxury lifestyles, in return for obeying a few orders from above.

It doesn't take much imagination on my part, at all, to see how Nazi Germany rose to power - we have a very similar situation right here, right now, at Gatwick Airport.

* = fascism

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