Saturday, April 4, 2015

How to Hide Behind the Curtain

Here's a conversation I had on Max Keiser's comments' section:

(from last thread):

‘So you don’t think insane, batshit crazies are in charge in Washington…’

Me: Oh don’t get me wrong – of course they’re batshit crazies, and they need to be brought to justice, but what JC asserts (quite convincingly) is that the whole system is designed to bring the bat-shit crazies to the top, compromise and corrupt them so that they do your bidding (consciously or not) in order to pursue the larger, longer-term agenda.

When the time is right – hey presto – you pull the plug, print some truth, expose some high criminals, have some tribunals, serve some ‘justice’, whilst at the same time retaining the reins of real power, from the Castles.

And Flopot's reply:


Oh you have a point and I cannot deny it; for example who da fook is plonking all those child abusers into positions of power in the Uk? That is one massive blackmail operation.

They all need to be brought to justice: the international cabal and its cronies.


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