Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking A Break

Back in ten days, folks! Thanks to all my readers, esp. in USA: good luck.

Nicole Foss

You gotta listen to this, it's incredible, loaded with truth, well-argued and educational:

Smart Grids

Here's one of Catherine Austin Fitt's podcast digests, which are always interesting. The third section talks about the new technology called 'Smart Grids', and the Science Correspondent goes through some of the dangers:

Wiki, of course, have an entirely positive spin on this invasive technology:

Shell Post Profits

Quite a lot too:

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Obama's Birth Certificate

World Bank Eyes Libya

Those vultures circling the dead bodies have no shame:

Russia Pulls out of Dollar

If this story gets any hotter, I'll burn my fingers!

Gold $1527; Silver $47.80; Oil $113 as of 2210 on Wed 27th April 2011.

Matt Taibbi on The Keiser Report

Two swoon-boys in one show! Gotta listen to this, as Max says, explanations will be demanded exponentially as the price of gas rises:

Ellen Brown

...explains how the debt-based system works:


Fukushima - Nuclear Atomic Explosions?



More than a few people have questions about what happened, and why. Here is one theory:

Global Settlements Foundation

Here is this website again, as we all need to dream now and again. According to these people, all will be well and the meek will inherit:

I hope they hurry up.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Koch Brothers = Nazis

A little bit of history on the family:


Just to answer my own question, from a few days ago: who is BP suing? A: Transocean and Haliburton. A lot more lawyers will get rich, while the public will get stuck with higher premiums....ho-hum, more of the same:

BRICS Pull The Plug on the Dollar

Well it always had to end this way: greed is not good, corruption is not good, elitism is not good, snobbery and social-climbing are not good. It's almost biblical, except that it's also just logical.

I believe we will have a future more well-adjusted to what the resources of the planet can provide, and this will see the eventual disappearance of mega-cities, amongst other too-high-tech creations, but the interim period is going to be very, very volatile - unless the Chinese have already thought of that, and can put in place the Global Settlements plan swiftly and painlessly.

De toute façon, they have had enough of the Gordon Gecko's of this world, and all of those people who have a deep-seated white supremacist world-view are about to get a rude awakening. George Carlin was right, we shouldn't have kept killing the 'brown people'. Revenge must taste sweet.

Gold: $1516. Silver: $48.84. Oil: $112.70 as of 0721 Monday April 25th.

And here's why:

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Webster Tarpley

This is prety interesting: Saudi Arabia and Pakistan coming together to form a new strategic - and even nuclear - alliance. Looks like the wheels have come off the US Empire's charabang, their friends are jumping overboard and the brakes don't work:

Libya - Another Reason To Invade

As this article states, not only does Libya have easy-to-extract oil, but huge gas reserves and....lots and lots of money, in the form of Sovereign Wealth Funds. All of these stories are coming together to sharpen the picture about the real reason behind the invasion of Libya, and it has nothing to do with freedom - it's about propping up the fractional reserve banking system:

China Has Had Enough

Oh boy, oh boy! I think the **** just hit the fan! The Fed were fools to think that they could hoodwink the Chinese into holding worthless paper. Who invented the abacus, anyway?:

US Debt $200 Trillion (with a T)


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Robert Welch - NWO - 1958

Worth watching:

BP awarded No-Compete Contracts

Not convinced of an Oligarchy yet?

Friday, April 22, 2011


I've just seen this film, and it's awful what we're doing to this beautiful planet. Unfortunately it's just more of the same: lies, corruption, obfuscation and many, many ill people:

Plus this recent article:

Kissinger & Libya

This seems to support the post yesterday by the Russian analyst, that the Banksters want to keep the dollar afloat by staying in Libya and getting their hands on its oil, whils keeping China out. I don't think it will work:

Another Fracking Accident

Benzine in The Blood

No surprise here, but the residents around the Gulf of Mexico are suffering numerous serious health problems, whilst BP sues someone else (who?) for their problems:

Oh yes, and here's an interesting item I came across the other day, about where the CEO of BP ended up, after he heroically fell on his sword after this disaster (clue: he didn't suffer much):

Oil Supply Charts

Again, kudos to Michael Ruppert who said that Saudi Arabia cannot increase production:

China cuts off Oil Exports

Joining the dots is one of my favourite past-times, and this news item corroborates what Chris Martensen said in his 'Crash Course' video set, plus confirms what Michael Ruppert has been saying for years - namely that when Peak Oil hits, exporting countries will reduce exports in order to stabilise their own economies, whilst demand will surge because of shortage of supplies, leading to higher and higher prices.

Time to sell the Humvee.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Libya Tried to Move to Gold-Backed Currency

As mentioned before, Saddam Hussein tried to trade Iraq's oil in a currency other than dollars just before the invasion; Iran announced the trading of their oil in non-dollar denominations, and the dogs of war have been calling for invasion ever since. Now we hear a very credible explanation about Ghadaffi and his plans to move away from the dollar into a gold-backed currency. Take the time to watch and listen to this, several times if necessary, and re-read my other posts on Libya, re their independent banking industry.

This information ties in very well with other info gleaned re China and the BRICS putting forward an alternative global currency, and explains why Fulford said the Banksters are getting desperate, as their funds are being cut off, as well as their access to oil priced in dollars:

Sounds and smells like the truth to me.

Do We Have Feudalism Yet?

Tracing the widening gap between rich and poor, in an 'unannounced coup':

Free Energy

I'm sure there is something to this, and it's at the heart of the current global turmoil:

And this:

Letter From Vittorio's Mother

"Vittorio never was as much alive as he is now“" By his mother, Egidia Beretta Arrigoni:
Do you have to die to become a hero, to be on the front page of the newspaper, to watch TV
even outside the home or to die in order to stay human? I remember the Vittorio at
Christmas 2005, when he was imprisoned at Ben Gurion airport, the scars of the handcuffs
which had cut off his pulse, the denied contacts to the consulate, the mockery trial. And the
Easter of the same year, when he was stopped by the Israeli police at the Jordanian border,
directly behind Allenby Bridge, to prevent him from entering Israel, when he was loaded
onto a bus and seven of them, one of them a policewoman, beat him “with art”, without
leaving external signs, true professionals that they are, they threw him on the ground
facedown, and as a last devilry tore out his hair with their potent boots.
Vittorio was persona-non-grata in Israel. Too subversive, one year before he had
demonstrated at the Wailing Wall with his friend Gabriele together with the men and
women from Budrus village. He taught and sang with them our most beautiful partisan song
“O Bella ciao, ciao….”
At that time I did not watch TV, not even when in autumn 2008 an Israeli commando
assaulted the fisherboat in Palestinian waters near Rafah and Vittorio was first locked up in
Ramle and then sent home in prison clothes and slippers.
Certainly, now I can only thank the press and TV that they have approached us in a decent
way, that they have “occupied” our house respectfully, without excesses, and they gave me
the possibility to speak about Vittorio and his chosen ideals.
This lost son, now so much alive as he may never have been before, just like the seed that
grows and dies in the earth, will bear prosperous fruit. I can see and hear this already in the
words of friends, especially the youth, some of them close by and some of them far away
who through Vittorio have known and understood how to make sense of “Utopia”, that the
hunger for justice and peace, brotherhood and solidarity still prevails and that, as Vittorio
said, “Palestine could as well be in front of your door”. We were far away from Vittorio, but
we were closer than ever.
As of now, his lively presence which is ever-growing by the hour, is like a wind which from
Gaza, his beloved Mediterranean Sea, is blowing wildly and bringing us his hopes and his
love for those without a voice, for the weak, the suppressed, bearing us witness.

Restiamo umani.

People Power - Cairo

GE Profits jump 77%

The same GE that own TEPCO Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant. Sick.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Breakdown Draws Near

By Chris Martenson

Plus, here he gives a long but essential video presentation entitled 'The End of Money', that explains why the next 20 years are going to be nothing like the last:

NB It's worth the time trying to get your head around this stuff!

Jesse Ventura

Gives an hour-long talk about his new book '63 Documents the Governments doesn't want you to see':

And here he is interviewed on Al Jazeera, parts 1 & 2:

Community Currencies

A solution, for a change. Brasil is one of the BRICS, of course, and it must be doing something right, as we never hear about it:

Also, this looks like a good website, which may come in useful sooner than you think - by Autumn 2011 according to the GEAB.

Sell The Fiat!

Voltaire (1694-1778) “Paper money eventually returns to its intrinsic value ---- zero.”

NB Silver at over $45, gold at over $1500........

University of Texas Buys $1bn Gold

Hmmm, someone's getting nervous:

S&P Drops Dollar's AAA Rating

An explanation by Peter Schiff. According to Max, S&P's is crooked anyway, so this is all just theatre. Deliberate dropping of the dollar by the financial terrorists who want to destroy the US?:

Big Pharma

...doesn't want to cure you:

John Pilger

A recent conference in Australia, talking about such quaint ideas as peace, rights and justice:

An Odd Story

Posted in case of an up-coming false-flag:

The Sqeeze is On

Are you long or short?

The History of Banking

Well worth investing the time to watch and understand this - it will explain a lot:

Who Killed Vittorio Arrigoni?

Iraq invasion Planned by Oil Companies

Imagine my surprise! But at least the truth is coming out, in the MSM no less, a million or so lives later:


How refreshing to see world leaders talking of 'peace and prosperity', rather than 'security' (waging war):

Understanding Global Banking

Something we should all attempt to do:

Transformed by Truth

When Jewish people have their 'Dachau moment', and wake up to the lies, death and destruction done in their name by the State of Israel, we really will start to see progress towards peace in the Middle East (and when we wean ourselves off of the black stuff). Here is a personal story of an AIPAC member who looked into his own history:

“If Jews looked at the history and not at the fictions, their fear would crumble... They would realize that the Palestinians were not only human but that the Jews have dehumanized the Palestinians through their indoctrination."

Richard Forer

Rigging Elections - USA

This was extensively reported by Raw Story at the time, but didn't gain any momentum in the blogosphere. The Diebold machines used for elections in the US are very easily manipulated to give the programmer the results he wants, not the results the public votes for.

I read elsewhere a while ago that when the SHTF a lot of previously-hidden information will start to surface, and this seems to be happening - the corrupt layer at the top are scrambling to save themselves by pointing fingers at everyone else, whilst the general public looks on in horror at what was done in their name.

Pretty soon we will all have our 'Dachau moment', when we can no longer hide behind the 'we didn't know' excuse. This information has been out there from the beginning. Shame on us for looking the other way, and allowing history to take the path it has:


Someone is secretly trying to keep the TEPCO share prices up:

Build a Self-Sustaining Village

The sort of ideas that should have been plentiful, if we hadn't got stuck in the war-economy-mentality that has driven technological advances throughout the 20th century:

(click on 'play' to watch presentation.)

Monday, April 18, 2011


Most people still in denial about this, but from the horse's mouth comes proof:

Plus a different slant on altering our climate:

NB Don't let the hand-wringing deceive you, they've been doing it for years. Look up.

NATO running out of Ammo!

Never thought I'd be happy to see shortages :)

Deflation vs. Hyperinflation?

Here's a great article (with lots of charts!) which concludes with:

"If, as we both expect, the vast majority of people lose the vast majority of their wealth, there will be a lot of gold for sale in "the market" (whatever it may look like by then). That means a huge amount of sellers, forced to sell by investment losses and other predicaments, and an ever shrinking number of potential buyers. Who might just be wise enough to wait for the price to come down further. It seems obvious where that leads."

Seems to me like the conclusion is either oligarchy, feudalism, dictatorship, or something similar. Over to you, Max?

US Wants to rescind Goldstone Report

"In his Washington Post op-ed, Goldstone wrote that a further U.N. report that “followed up on the recommendations of the Goldstone Report” had recognized Israeli investigations into its own conduct, the findings of which “indicated that civilians were not intentionally targeted as a matter of policy.”

This happened after his family was threatened (see previous posts 'Goldstone - Breaking News' and 'Goldstone U-turn'):

What was that about deep denial?

US Controls Afghanistan Drug Trade

No surprise here, but good to see the truth coming out, eventually:

Deep Denial

"A different form of conscious denial is the deliberate
choice not to expose ourselves to certain unpalatable information. We
cannot live in a state of continuous awareness of the fact that thousands
of children are starving to death each day or dying of easily
preventable diseases. So we make a conscious decision to switch off
the sources of such information. This is like taking a different route to
avoid seeing homeless beggars on the street."

Sound familiar? From:

Warren Buffett

“There’s class warfare, all right,” Mr. Buffett said, “but it’s my class, the rich class, that’s making war, and we’re winning.”

From a 2006 article, about taxes and the rich:

Sunday, April 17, 2011

BRICS Drop The Dollar

Well it looks like it's turning out as Fulford said - these huge economies have had enough of the aggressive militarism of the Old Empires, and are by-passing them with trade links in other currencies. Bring it on!

Gaza - Vittorio Arrigoni

His mother is going to join the flotilla:

Why is NATO in Libya?

Pretty obvious to a lot of us, but here is a good analysis with video interviews, setting out the geopolitical reasons for the invasion of another sovereign nation with resources:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Richard Gage - on Tour!

From Architects & Engineers for Truth:

Precious Metals - Game Changer

This is also BIG news - the dollar is TOAST:

The Road to Nihilism?

Another excellent and thought provoking piece about the path we have chosen, over the path we could have chosen:

Comments often interesting, too.

Libya - Truth Emerges

A must-read:

BRIC adds n 'S'

'Regardless of the outcome of such debates, the growth of the BRICS represents an important attempt to create new centers of influence and prevent domination of the world economic order by one or two major players, said South Africa's ambassador to Beijing, Bheki Langa.

"This formation plays a very important role in rebalancing the balance of forces on the world stage," Langa said.'

NB Only one of the BRICS voted for the Libyan invasion (SA). This info seems to segue into Fulford's claims quite well.......reading between the lines, the emerging economies are heartily fed up with the Old Empires. So am I!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Short video explaining what HAARP is capable of:

Scatter Radar

Could this be the free energy that everyone is talking about?:

Incredible Tsunami Footage

Global Systemic Crisis

Warnings of this are popping up all over, and I don't think it is scare-mongering. Here the serious and respected GEAB site has an article explaining why the disaster in Japan means so much to the global economy - they were the second-largest holder of US debt:

Benjamin Fulford - Endgame

Wouldn't it be amazing if this were true:

Maybe it is.........

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Energy Non-Crisis (NWO)

What is happening in the world at the moment is obviously more complex than merely the results of 'peak oil', although that can explain a lot. Here we see an interesting website that incorporates the huge and long-running conspiracy theory that there is a small group of very rich and very powerful men running the world.

If you piece together information from this site, with the Pastor Lindsey Williams (who claims he had the ear of this elite, and heard some death-bed confessions from one of them, a Mr Ken Fromm) and then add peak oil and the disaster in Japan into the mix, including recently-posted info from Ben Fulford, and you'll see that whatever way we look at it, the immediate future looks very bleak indeed, and the only intelligent thing to do, is to be prepared. The worst that can happen, if all of this is not true, is that you will look stupid. The worst that can happen to you if all of this is true and you haven't prepared is.....not worth thinking about:

As usual, you'll have to excuse the awful way this information is presented, but don't let it stop you reading and thinking about it.

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Global Currency

As predicted for so many years by so many people, here is the lovely Soros, working his butt off to try to achieve his lifetime's ambition:

And here is a little background on that same Soros:

(this is well-documented elsewhere too).

Peter Joseph talks with Russia Today

Well worth listening to:

Goldstone's U-Turn

I think Israel shot themselves in the foot with this one, if you'll excuse the expression. People are beginning to wake up to the corruption, propaganda and downright criminal activity of those in positions of 'power', who put pressure on people who try to tell the truth:

Egypt - Gaza Wall Stopped

Health Warning: Genetically Modified Foods

Eat organic; grow your own; save seeds; look at ingredients...

No-Fly Zone for Gaza?

Perfectly logical request:

But of course, in the twisted logic of the imperial powers, some states are more equal than others.

Where was Obama Born?

If you don't think this is'd be very wrong, to put it politely.

A person can only be the President of the USA if he/she is a natural-born citizen. If they cannot prove that they are, or if it can be proven that they are not, everything they have signed, agreed to and decided is null and void. That's pretty important, if you think about it.

This has been bubbling under the radar for some while, and I haven't posted anything until now, because there were rumours but no proof. However, here is a signed affidavit from Hawaii, saying he wasn't born there (where he claims to have been born) and later I'll try to find the article I saw which said people in Kenya claim he was born there, and have a statue to prove it, so proud they are of him!

One of the most dangerous aspects of this story is that if it's true the President of the USA could be blackmailable, leading him to make all sorts of decisions he didn't want to make, to avoid risking exposure. Now think about it, even though we all know politicians lie, are his actions since his election what you were expecting from him?

Global Collapse Imminent?

Here is Michael Ruppert giving his analysis of what is happening to the global economy, as a result of the events of Japan. He is a person who should be taken seriously, and I personally have a lot of respect for his advice. His book 'Crossing the Rubicon', written in 2004, predicted the last several years of geopolitical events with remarkable clarity, including the destabilisation of Pakistan, the hunt for cheap oil, the CIA/drugs connections, etc.

What you will need:
* water;
* food;
* shelter;

..........the rest is luxury.

Economic Hitman John Perkins

Interview with Cindy Sheehan:

Regime Change - Libya (2)

A must-read:

BIG news

Russia overtakes Saudi as biggest oil producer:

Sunday, April 10, 2011

U S S Liberty

Here's an interesting documentary about what really happened to the American ship, and why it matters:

CIA Drug Running - for 25 Years

A golden nugget of priceless information from the past. Here we hear Ron Paul talking about the CIA/Contra affair, recorded in 1988, telling the truth about something which is not only still going on today, but which has morphed into the multi-billion dollar industry that now encompasses Afghanistan as well, with the heroin trade.

The US invaded that country in order to corner the global heroin market and the drugs money is laundered through some of the biggest names in banking. As Ron Paul says, the proceeds are used to fund secret military operations, so-called 'black-ops'. This is also well-documented by Michael Ruppert in his 'Crossing the Rubicon' book. The Bushes are mentioned, but the Clintons are up to their necks in it all as well: Google 'Mena'.

The whole rotten system will come crashing down without a doubt - it's just a question of when:

Fascism Comes to US

According to the wonderful Webster. You can tell he's one of the good guys, as you can hear from his voice that he cares. Here he talks about the austerity measures causing genocide, euthanasia and other effects of these cuts on the average American:

US Government Budget Fraud

Straight talk from the respected Karl Denninger (Market Ticker), regarding the week-end's fiscal farce:

Lindsey Williams

I have my doubts about the authenticity of this man, who is supposed to be a Pastor to the elite, who tell him all of their secret plans for the New World Order. That seems pretty unlikely to me, especially as he then goes on to broadcast it to the plebs like us, which would probably annoy a few elites and he should be six feet under by now, like so many others.

His deep suntan is also suspicious, sort-of un-Godly if you know what I mean, but in the interests of balance, I think it's a good idea to put this up, as what he has to say may well be important, and can be independently verified:

If true, it boils down to the elite (top 1%) are getting out of/have got out of the stock market.

Complete Crash of Global Economy

This is being predicted all over now, and I've been tracking several respectable blogs for a few years. Commenters on Max's website (including myself) have been nagging him about the new global currency coming in, the implications, how will it be precious-metal-backed rather than virtual, etc.

Will it be SDR's, GLO's, or something as yet unknown? The whole of this turmoil over the last few years seems to play straight into the 'problem-reaction-solution' scenario, and it's going to be awful for many who are completely unprepared.

I strongly advise you to listen carefully to this broadcast, where between deep swallows, Max and Stacey lay it out, and take immediate action to protect yourselves. It is being predicted as happening some time this year:

People Protest in Iraq

Very little news gets out about the destroyed country of Iraq, and that's just how the elite want it. That's why we should share articles like this:

Regime Change - Libya

The truth is so startlingly, blindingly obvious:

Egyptians Support Palestinians

Not being reported in the MSM , naturellement, the good people of Cairo blockade the Israeli Embassy, after more unreported bombing of Gaza. If only this solidarity of the oppressed was understood and acted upon in the West, we might start to get somewhere:

"Humanitarian Intervention" in Libya

Personally, I'm wondering how many "speech marks" we can put around this phrase, to show how utterly contemptible the phrase is, in this context:

NB Dandelion Salad is a great blog, well worth following. Good, solid, honest journalism, as it should be.

The Hypocricy of the Invasion of Libya

'What a cynical and despicable bunch of bastards are the ruling class.'

from an excellent article:

Speech by Qaddafi of Libya

It is worth taking the time to hear what he has to say. See also my other entries on Libya. It would have been mighty interesting to see/read something like this from Saddam Hussein too, before they removed him, for 'humanitarian' reasons, of course:

Israel Bombing Gaza

While the world looks the other way. What, no 'humanitarian intervention'?:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Obama's Lobotomy

I never mind airing a conspiracy theory that may explain a lot (except the bit about him being an alien!). It's true he does seem to lack certain normal character traits, like compassion:

Here he loses it:

John Pilger on Libya

'The Euro-American attack on Libya has nothing to do with protecting anyone; only the terminally naive believe such nonsense.'


Libya vs. Central Banks

'Libya has been one of the last nations in the world that had its own state run banking system, and control over its own money supply. By having this system in place, they could demand oil purchases from their oil fields to be made in Lybyan Dinar, and not the US Dollar. It also means that Libya has ensured themselves a stable economy, with little inflation and currency devaluing as most of the industrialized world has under private central banks.'

from a very good article:

Seems to me truth is coming out thick and fast these days - excellent!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Iceland has a pair

This is how to deal with financial terrorists:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Radioactive Iodine in Rain in France

From an independent research body:

Radioactive Water released into Pacific

I feel heartily sorry for the people trying to deal with this awful situation: a never-before-experienced event in an earthquake-ravaged country, it's no wonder this man is overcome with emotion making the announcement. If ever it is proven that this was man-made, I would find it difficult to appeal for clemency for the perpetrators:

New Earthquake Japan

A 7.1 earthquake today:

Thoughts For The Day

A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have.
- Thomas Jefferson

In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very existence of external reality was tacitly denied by their philosophy. The heresy of heresies was common sense. And what was terrifying was not that they would kill you for thinking otherwise, but that they might be right. For, after all how do we know that two and two make four? Or that the force of gravity works? Or that the past is unchangeable? If both the past and the external world exist only in the mind, and if the mind itself is controllable – what then?
- Winston Smith in George Orwell’s 1984

“History is a set of lies agreed upon.”
- Napoleon Bonaparte


Japan and Global Economy

Here is the respected Chris Martensen, corroborating what Michael Ruppert says, that the collapse of the Japanese economy is a very, very serious event, with global ramifications:

From a couple of days ago, re radiation levels:

Dumping into Pacific Ocean:

Knock-on effects for global economy:

Fulford 6th April Message

I'm going to keep putting up Benjamin's messages, as I see a lot of people are interested, and he may well be on to something. If he's a fraud, no-one will have lost anything except face (and that's just fine with me) and if he's right, then more of us need to wake up and smell the coffee, and perhaps work together to help, somehow:

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fed Bails out Ghadafi

Here's a great article from the wonderful Matt Taibbi, telling it like it is:

Japanese Economy

This confirms what Michael Ruppert has been saying, and even corroborates the new small paragraph from Fulford, that the Japanese gave $60 trillion to the Fed under threat of another HAARP attack on Mt. Fuji. Time to get into cash, crops and commodities, methinks:


Some truth about Yemen:

Libya - Italy

News you won't read in the MSM:

Fidel Castro on Libya

Entitled 'NATO's Fascist War', it deserves a read. Difficult to deny his assertions:

Benjamin Fulford re Camp Bondsteel

Update on Kosovo situation

The US military's Camp Bondsteel in Kosovo was apparently not hit by a suitcase nuclear bomb on April 4th as threatened by Serbian operatives because the US promised on April 3rd to shut down the base.

The above from Benjamin's website. Have we got the Empire on the run?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

EU also Increases Acceptable Radiation levels

Do you think they're working together?


Harrowing account of what is really going on in our name:

Plus this great article from the outraged Felicity Arbuthnot:

Imperialism at its very worst.

'Japan is Pulling the World Economy Down'

Quote by Michael Ruppert in this show, who thinks events in Japan are accelerating global economic collapse. His advice: get into cash:

EPA Raises Acceptable Radiation Levels

From the 'you couldn't make this stuff up' Department:

El Baradei Grows a Pair!

I'm in shock - someone standing up to Israel! Or is this nothing more than cynical electioneering, like Obama with his call for 'change'? I hope, at least, that Israel is taking note of the change in tone in N Africa:,7340,L-4051939,00.html

UN Report says HAARP can cause Nuclear-Type Explosions

Getting this to you hot off the press - please share far and wide:

Benjamin Fulford Radio Interview with Rense

This is from the 30th March, and contains some pretty interesting information, to store at the back of your mind whilst checking it out, like the good investigative journalists that we are!:

Chomsky on Libya

Here is what Noam thinks of Libya, and it's no surprise to peak-oil theorists that oil is in the mix:

Monday, April 4, 2011

Benjamin Fulford's latest - esoteric - message

"This Week’s Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis will come out on Tuesday, April 5th because we wish to see if our Serbian intelligence contact was right about the impending nuclear attack on Camp Bondsteel. If he is, then some sort of announcement by the perpetrators of this attack is expected to follow. If not, then we try to figure out what the purpose of will have turned out to be disinformation was."

Camp Bonsteel:

Fukushima Nuclear Power Station - latest

Six Epochs of The Singularity

Fascinating stuff:

Singularity University

Where man and machine merge:

(now accepting invitations).

From Wiki:

Singularity University
is an academic institution in Silicon Valley whose stated aim is to "assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies and apply, focus and guide these tools to address humanity’s grand challenges."[2]

Running contemporaneously with the International Space University, Singularity University is not an accredited four-year university, but is instead intended to supplement traditional educational institutions.[3] It offers an annual ten-week summer course intended for graduate and post-graduate students and ten day programs for senior corporate executives and senior government leaders. The first Graduate program began in June 2009, with full tuition costing US$25,000 (although a majority of the participants were provided full or partial scholarships). The inaugural 2009 class was limited to forty fellows chosen from over 1,200 applicants. Eighty graduate and postgraduate students were accepted for the graduate course beginning summer 2010 from a pool of 1,600 applicants.[4][5]

All sounds very snuggly, but I feel it is very sinister...


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Transhumanism is an international intellectual and cultural movement that affirms the possibility and desirability of fundamentally transforming the human condition by developing and making widely available technologies to eliminate aging and to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities.[1] Transhumanist thinkers study the potential benefits and dangers of emerging technologies that could overcome fundamental human limitations, as well as study the ethical matters involved in developing and using such technologies.[1] They predict that human beings may eventually be able to transform themselves into beings with such greatly expanded abilities as to merit the label "posthuman".[1] Transhumanism is therefore viewed as a subset of philosophical "posthumanism".[2]

The contemporary meaning of the term "transhumanism" — which is now symbolized by H+ (previously >H[3]) and often used as a synonym for "human enhancement" — was foreshadowed by one of the first professors of futurology, FM-2030, who taught "new concepts of the Human" at The New School of New York City in the 1960s, when he began to identify people who adopt technologies, lifestyles and world views transitional to "posthumanity" as "transhuman".[4] This foresight would lay the intellectual groundwork for British philosopher Max More to begin articulating the principles of transhumanism as a futurist philosophy in 1990,[5] and organizing in California an intelligentsia that has since grown into the worldwide transhumanist movement.[4]

The transhumanist vision of a transformed future humanity, which is influenced by the techno-utopias depicted in some great works of science fiction, has attracted many supporters and detractors from a wide range of perspectives.[4] Transhumanism has been condemned by one critic, Francis Fukuyama, as the world's most dangerous idea,[6] while one proponent, Ronald Bailey, counters that it is the "movement that epitomizes the most daring, courageous, imaginative, and idealistic aspirations of humanity".[

see more, including the controversy surrounding this:

The New Manhatten Project (AGI)

This is a must-read for those people wanting to get up to speed with where the elite are headed:

As George Carlin said: 'It's one big club, and you ain't in it'.


Or insanity? I find the arrogance very scary - we already think we can control the weather (Google it), so for people who think like this the next logical step is fusion of man and machine:

(dig the bit where he casually talks about back-engineering the brain!)

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goldstone - Breaking News

As suspected, there were 'personal' reasons behind Judge Goldstone's change of mind, or 'regrets' about the conclusions of the Operation Cast Lead report on the bombing of Gaza. Threats against his family:

Webster Tarpley Gets it Right!

WOW! WOW! WOW! This week's programme is so cram-packed with truth, that it has been removed from his website! When you try to access Tarpley's Crisis Radio, there is just a message 'Not Found'. However, there are now so many people out there in the blogosphere who have caught on to the lies, deception and evil that is being reigned down on us from 'above', that his programme quickly went up onto You Tube, and here are all episodes for your listening pleasure.

He names names, explains the whole Libyan set-up and the whole show rings out with so much truth that I fear for his safety. He asks for translators to come forward too, which is probably what frightened the elite, as they would quake with fear at the thought of the whole Arabic world getting hold of this. I just hope he has a bullet-proof vest:


This is filed in the 'truth is stranger than fiction' dept. as stories emerge in the MSM about mini-celebrities 'losing it' on air, and speaking gibberish, along with a tale of a well-known actress admitting to being brainwashed by a man who later went on to work for the CIA and MK-Ultra experiements - which are getting a lot of attention lately in the blogosphere:

PS As mentioned before, I'll admit that the Daily Mail is not exactly a source with the highest reputation, but these stories can be found in many other places, and are surfacing more regularly. I suggest they're making the Daily Mail headlines as they involve celebrities, which will tittilate the masses, whilst the under-lying information is not taken on board.

Planning Earthquakes

By those who play God. Here's how they do it:

Get ready, folks, your life is about to change...

Israel to build Marina off Gaza Coast

You wouldn't expect any sensitivity, but still this is increadible:

Friends of Israel

Treason, on many fronts:

Goldstone Report - Israeli War Crimes

Here's an interesting piece in the Mainstream Media. Judge Goldstone, who issued the report on Israel's murderous attack against innoccent civilians in Gaza, in 2008, has suddenly expressed 'regret' at the conclusions of his Report. Did Judge Goldstone have a sudden change of heart, or did he receive a death threat or two? You decide:

The South African judge Richard Goldstone, author of a report on the war in Gaza of Winter 2008-2009.REUTERS/DENIS BALIBOUSE

All Israeli newspapers devoted their front pages Sunday to "regret" expressed by Judge Richard Goldstone in an article published by The Washington Post after his report accusing the Israeli army of "war crimes" during its offensive against Gaza in the winter 2008-2009. "Had I known what I know now, Goldstone would have been a different document," he told the magistrate including South Africa.

"Goldstone is finally clear (...). His accusations have caused irreversible harm may be to Israel, but with two and a half years late, he realizes he went too far," Yediot Aharonot welcomes . "His regrets, even late, deserve respect," said Nahum Barnea, a columnist of the great tabloid.


"After all the damage you've caused, you wake up. Good day! But it's too late," he said Yaron Dekel, however, an expert on political affairs public radio. Columnist for Maariv newspaper, the South African judge "does not deserve forgiveness." "He acted in a miserable and shameful, contrary to the most fundamental standards of morality, justice and common sense." Worse, "he put our lives at risk by introducing ourselves as immoral. Apologies are not enough of this man," laments the Jerusalem Post, very strong right.

According to Haaretz, the withdrawal of Judge Goldstone is "a great victory for Israel media." "Richard Goldstone had come to represent more than any other efforts the legitimacy of Israel as a civilized obeying the law," the leftist daily.

Chris Hedges

According to Chris Hedges, it's over, they won:

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The US is still a British Colony

Explains everything:

Conspiracy theory comes out of the closet. Amen to that!

Dr Judy Wood

This brave lady has been painstakingly piecing together the forensic and eye-witness evidence about that fateful day, ten years ago, and has finally published her results - after much intimidation and many threats. Please support her by getting a copy (or two!) of her book:

Tectonic Warfare

Interview with Leuren Moret on the secret war going on:

Who is Leuren Moret? See here:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Leuren Moret is a former scientific laboratory employee known for her study of the adverse health and environmental effects of depleted uranium. Moret worked for two periods at two U.S. nuclear weapons laboratories, including Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.


Moret earned her Bachelor of Science in Geology at University of California, Davis in 1968, and her Master of Arts in Near Eastern Studies from University of California, Berkeley in 1978.

Depleted uranium

Moret is a critic of the use of depleted uranium. She contributed to the United Nations subcommission investigating depleted uranium. She researched the environmental and public health effects of low level radiation from atmospheric testing fallout, nuclear power plants, and depleted uranium weaponry.

In 2003, she testified at the International Criminal Tribunal for Afghanistan held in Japan. Moret claims that hundreds of medical conditions are caused by exposure to depleted uranium. She was a presenter at the World Depleted Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg, Germany, and at the World Court of Women at the World Social Forum in Bombay, India in January 2004. She is a Contributing Editor to Global Outlook, was one of nine members of the Berkeley Community Environmental Advisory Commission, and a former president of the Association for Women Geoscientists.


And here is another very interesting angle on the war of terror:


A TED talk on cracking Stuxnet. It is called a cyber weapon:

HAARP Induction Magnetometer

Here is the official chart showing the activity of HAARP . Scroll down, and type in the date of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, in the format: 20110311 and you will see there is a lot of activity. If you then click on 'previous day' a couple of times, you will see that the activity drops off to nothing a few days before the eleventh of March. Unfortunately I do not understand this fully, I just know this is significant:

Friday, April 1, 2011

Nuclear Energy and Water

One of the discussions that is never had when talking about the pros and cons of nuclear power stations is the cooling process. It occured to me years ago, whilst driving along the Loire River in France, that all of these reactors (there are five, I think, along that river alone) need to be constantly cooled with, constantly. The water that runs off from them, which will have been warmed by the reactors, then goes back into the rivers and seas.

Over the last decade there has been much less rainfall, the river levels are lower, and the industrial and agricultural extraction of water from rivers has increased. This is one of those slow-burn problems that people do not think about, or deliberately do not want to think about, until it is too late.

Here in France the climate has been getting dryer and dryer - 24° in the shade today - and this will have an effect on the ability to cool down the reactors. 85% of France's electricity is produced from these reactors, and I recently heard that last year France had to import electricty from the UK, as they were not able to keep all the power plants cool, necessitating the shutting down of some of them - not a quick process.

This problem will only get worse, and I foresee power cuts becoming a regular feature of European life. This is fine for the average household, who can (or should) easily go without for an hour or two, but much more problematic when we come to think of hospitals, industry, and even those same power stations.

These are energy issues which we could and should have thought about a long, long time ago. Back then, solutions would have been possible - now I am not so sure.

Corporate Fascism

How refreshing to hear a medical Doctor state as fact what a lot of us have been saying for years. The very interesting thing is these sorts of interviews are gaining in frequency, and gaining traction, whereas only a few years ago we were just called conspiracy theorists and dismissed. There is one question further to go with his theory, perhaps, and that is: are the same people behind both periods of history:

Thought For The Day

"I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country. ... corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed." - Abraham Lincoln

Operation Stillpoint - Christopher Story

Here's the outline of the Operation, uncovered by Story:

Operation Stillpoint - Failed Assault on Humanity via Financial Scams and Fraud

By Noeline Clayfield (about the author) Page 1 of 6 page(s)
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<p>Your browser does not support iframes.</p>

The almost James Bond like film script of secret maneuvers that finally upended Operation Stillpoint and names those inside and outside government who have tried for decades to implement this plan.

Financial Crisis

The following report by Christopher Story of World Reports is most serious investigative reporting and I encourage all to read about one of many failed recent attacks on Humanity meant to bring us all finally under the thumb of the One World Order that many secret societies, Factions 1, 2, Committee of 300, Council on Foreign Relation, Bilderbergers, members of US Congress and some members of President Obama's Administration have been executing. The plan to finally subjugate us to their long planned agenda, spanning some 60-100 years, while achieving total power and control of the world and its resources.

As you will see, this plan has been in action for decades and like the recent failed "Global Warming" scam. That was in operation for 40 years, and was supposed to further restrict us by imposing carbon taxes and controlling industry and resources, but was undone by the "Climategate" hacking operation that exposed all the falsified data about this unproven phenomena. Operation Stillpoint has been duly dismantled by those who have a greater interest in overcoming this power elite and their agenda, against the wellbeing of all humanity.

This report contains the activity of the past week, which has not been covered by mainstream media which of course is internationally controlled by 3 major players with the same evil agenda, and also provides a summary of the whole operation at the end of the report. For other reports of interest go to "Archives "on the site for added background. Link Below.

Operation Stillpoint to take down the USA

We are now in a position to tear part of the veil away from the secret stage on which saboteurs operating from WITHIN US Government structures have been systematically, over a prolonged period of years, seeking to do nothing less than seize the assets of the entire United States and its people, in a mad revolutionary offensive to convert the country into a fiefdom controlled by a small clique of arrogant maniacs.


In essence and in outline, the secret offensive against the United States and its people directed from within by subversives headed by George Bush Sr. and his controller-handler, Dr Henry 'Heinz' Kissinger, and micromanaged by Bush Sr.'s criminal financier Dr Alan Greenspan, with embedded participation of Leo/Lee Wanta, involved the following intended stages:

Stage 1:

Developing myriad Ponzi schemes and giga-thefts, of infinite variety, and BY ANY MEANS, in order to procure 'base money' for open-ended unreported, off-balance sheet, untaxed leveraging and hypothecation operations.

Stage 2:

Maximizing the potential for the accumulation of trillions of fiat dollars by means of such financial sorcery, both for personal self-enrichment purposes and in order to accumulate a colossal fund of fiat 'money' from Fraudulent Finance operations, ready for Stage 3.

Stage 3:

Deliberately inducing the collapse of the US financial system and economy to facilitate Stage 4:

Stage 4:

Next Page 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Here's who Christopher Story is/was:

And here is news of his sudden death, by poison:

Benjamin Fulford latest

The people of the world need to urgently take action against the cabal responsible for the nuclear and tsunami attack against Japan because it is a sign they are desperate, dangerous and are speeding up their planned artificial end-times. The next attack is almost certain to take place on US soil and is expected to be far worse than what happened to Japan, according to multiple cabal-linked sources. The cabal is also planning to announce a new global currency in the coming weeks but it will fail because it is merely a desperate bid by them to remain in control of global finance, according to sources in the British Royal Family and at the BIS.


Latest info from Japan - unfortunately not an April Fool:

Dollar Decline

Obama and The Aliens

The on-going saga about Obama and his missing birth-certificate:

Max Keiser - what's he up to?

You know you're getting near to the heart of the matter when you post innoccent questions on a popular financial website - that of Max Keiser - about the Global Settlements Foundation, and not only do those questions get quietly removed, but the whole post disappears, answers and all, without explanation. This is very unusual, and got me to thinking that I must have inadvertantly touched some raw nerves.

I noticed from the GSF that this new global reseve currency is just about ready to go, with exchange rates posted on their website (1GLO = 3,23€). There is a G20-type meeting about now to discuss a new 'basket of currencies', (I read it somewhere yesterday, and will post if I can re-find it) and I have no doubt that pretty soon we'll hear an announcement about the replacement of the dollar.

My problem is that after reading the pages on the GSF website about the implementation of this new global currency, it seems to actually be the NWO's ideas getting in by the back door. The currency will in theory be gold-backed, but is, in fact, virtual, and all transactions are done via mobile phones and computers, with no physical banks, as such. The exchange rate will no doubt lead to a massive devaluation of individual wealth, much like the introduction of the Euro did for Franc savings, effectively trebling prices almost overnight.

Another major problem I have with these GLO's is that if they are gold-backed, how can you tell? Who has the gold? How can you prove that it is sitting in a vault somewhere? How do we know it is not tungsten-backed?

Finally, the very real danger of this new system is the ease with which people can be disenfranchised: immediately outside of the system if they do not have a computer and/or mobile phone, reliant upon constant supply of electricity (not at all a given going forward) and of course open to abuse from the people who can close your account without explanation or recourse if they do not like the fact that you were spotted at a demonstration the previous week, for example.

All in all a very worrying state of affairs that I'm not sure any of us can do much to resist. It is pretty certain now that the current financial house of cards will crumble soon, and indeeed is being actively attacked by people like Max, by encouraging us all to buy precious metals, but I have the nagging suspicion that we are digging our own graves and begging for our own slavery. A very clever trick if it is pulled off, and I suppose you have to be in awe at the cleverness of the deception.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles

It's difficult in these troubled times to find heroes: people who lead by example, who give good solid, sound advice without charging you for it. Here is one of my heroes, with a thoughful piece about energy or the lack of it. His past posts are also very well worth reading, with lots of advice on how to live in the post-industrial era we are headed towards: