Sunday, April 3, 2011

Goldstone Report - Israeli War Crimes

Here's an interesting piece in the Mainstream Media. Judge Goldstone, who issued the report on Israel's murderous attack against innoccent civilians in Gaza, in 2008, has suddenly expressed 'regret' at the conclusions of his Report. Did Judge Goldstone have a sudden change of heart, or did he receive a death threat or two? You decide:

The South African judge Richard Goldstone, author of a report on the war in Gaza of Winter 2008-2009.REUTERS/DENIS BALIBOUSE

All Israeli newspapers devoted their front pages Sunday to "regret" expressed by Judge Richard Goldstone in an article published by The Washington Post after his report accusing the Israeli army of "war crimes" during its offensive against Gaza in the winter 2008-2009. "Had I known what I know now, Goldstone would have been a different document," he told the magistrate including South Africa.

"Goldstone is finally clear (...). His accusations have caused irreversible harm may be to Israel, but with two and a half years late, he realizes he went too far," Yediot Aharonot welcomes . "His regrets, even late, deserve respect," said Nahum Barnea, a columnist of the great tabloid.


"After all the damage you've caused, you wake up. Good day! But it's too late," he said Yaron Dekel, however, an expert on political affairs public radio. Columnist for Maariv newspaper, the South African judge "does not deserve forgiveness." "He acted in a miserable and shameful, contrary to the most fundamental standards of morality, justice and common sense." Worse, "he put our lives at risk by introducing ourselves as immoral. Apologies are not enough of this man," laments the Jerusalem Post, very strong right.

According to Haaretz, the withdrawal of Judge Goldstone is "a great victory for Israel media." "Richard Goldstone had come to represent more than any other efforts the legitimacy of Israel as a civilized obeying the law," the leftist daily.

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