Monday, April 11, 2011

Where was Obama Born?

If you don't think this is'd be very wrong, to put it politely.

A person can only be the President of the USA if he/she is a natural-born citizen. If they cannot prove that they are, or if it can be proven that they are not, everything they have signed, agreed to and decided is null and void. That's pretty important, if you think about it.

This has been bubbling under the radar for some while, and I haven't posted anything until now, because there were rumours but no proof. However, here is a signed affidavit from Hawaii, saying he wasn't born there (where he claims to have been born) and later I'll try to find the article I saw which said people in Kenya claim he was born there, and have a statue to prove it, so proud they are of him!

One of the most dangerous aspects of this story is that if it's true the President of the USA could be blackmailable, leading him to make all sorts of decisions he didn't want to make, to avoid risking exposure. Now think about it, even though we all know politicians lie, are his actions since his election what you were expecting from him?

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