Thursday, April 21, 2011

Libya Tried to Move to Gold-Backed Currency

As mentioned before, Saddam Hussein tried to trade Iraq's oil in a currency other than dollars just before the invasion; Iran announced the trading of their oil in non-dollar denominations, and the dogs of war have been calling for invasion ever since. Now we hear a very credible explanation about Ghadaffi and his plans to move away from the dollar into a gold-backed currency. Take the time to watch and listen to this, several times if necessary, and re-read my other posts on Libya, re their independent banking industry.

This information ties in very well with other info gleaned re China and the BRICS putting forward an alternative global currency, and explains why Fulford said the Banksters are getting desperate, as their funds are being cut off, as well as their access to oil priced in dollars:

Sounds and smells like the truth to me.

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