Monday, April 25, 2011

BRICS Pull The Plug on the Dollar

Well it always had to end this way: greed is not good, corruption is not good, elitism is not good, snobbery and social-climbing are not good. It's almost biblical, except that it's also just logical.

I believe we will have a future more well-adjusted to what the resources of the planet can provide, and this will see the eventual disappearance of mega-cities, amongst other too-high-tech creations, but the interim period is going to be very, very volatile - unless the Chinese have already thought of that, and can put in place the Global Settlements plan swiftly and painlessly.

De toute fa├žon, they have had enough of the Gordon Gecko's of this world, and all of those people who have a deep-seated white supremacist world-view are about to get a rude awakening. George Carlin was right, we shouldn't have kept killing the 'brown people'. Revenge must taste sweet.

Gold: $1516. Silver: $48.84. Oil: $112.70 as of 0721 Monday April 25th.

And here's why:

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