Sunday, April 10, 2011

CIA Drug Running - for 25 Years

A golden nugget of priceless information from the past. Here we hear Ron Paul talking about the CIA/Contra affair, recorded in 1988, telling the truth about something which is not only still going on today, but which has morphed into the multi-billion dollar industry that now encompasses Afghanistan as well, with the heroin trade.

The US invaded that country in order to corner the global heroin market and the drugs money is laundered through some of the biggest names in banking. As Ron Paul says, the proceeds are used to fund secret military operations, so-called 'black-ops'. This is also well-documented by Michael Ruppert in his 'Crossing the Rubicon' book. The Bushes are mentioned, but the Clintons are up to their necks in it all as well: Google 'Mena'.

The whole rotten system will come crashing down without a doubt - it's just a question of when:

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