Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Energy Non-Crisis (NWO)

What is happening in the world at the moment is obviously more complex than merely the results of 'peak oil', although that can explain a lot. Here we see an interesting website that incorporates the huge and long-running conspiracy theory that there is a small group of very rich and very powerful men running the world.

If you piece together information from this site, with the Pastor Lindsey Williams (who claims he had the ear of this elite, and heard some death-bed confessions from one of them, a Mr Ken Fromm) and then add peak oil and the disaster in Japan into the mix, including recently-posted info from Ben Fulford, and you'll see that whatever way we look at it, the immediate future looks very bleak indeed, and the only intelligent thing to do, is to be prepared. The worst that can happen, if all of this is not true, is that you will look stupid. The worst that can happen to you if all of this is true and you haven't prepared is.....not worth thinking about:



As usual, you'll have to excuse the awful way this information is presented, but don't let it stop you reading and thinking about it.

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