Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rigging Elections - USA

This was extensively reported by Raw Story at the time, but didn't gain any momentum in the blogosphere. The Diebold machines used for elections in the US are very easily manipulated to give the programmer the results he wants, not the results the public votes for.

I read elsewhere a while ago that when the SHTF a lot of previously-hidden information will start to surface, and this seems to be happening - the corrupt layer at the top are scrambling to save themselves by pointing fingers at everyone else, whilst the general public looks on in horror at what was done in their name.

Pretty soon we will all have our 'Dachau moment', when we can no longer hide behind the 'we didn't know' excuse. This information has been out there from the beginning. Shame on us for looking the other way, and allowing history to take the path it has:

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