Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bioprinting and Fungible Gold

A Revolution is on its way, and it won't be what you think! Here James Dines talks about progress in the world of 3D printing, which will revolutionise the world of trade and commerce. Fascinating stuff:

NB I don't agree with him about the global war between different factions of Islam: he is either believing propaganda or he's a Crusader! Not sure which. Maybe he's a friend of Ray Kurzweil, who loves new technologies but doesn't much like people?


One of the things that has most dismayed and disgusted me over the last decade or so has been the inability of intelligent and educated people to see beyond the rhetoric and propaganda that Western Nations put out, when pursuing an obvious (to me) imperialist agenda.

It's as if these people actually don't want to know or see the truth, they seem to want to believe the (deeply racist) Western propaganda. We export democracy by dropping bombs, increasing our GDP and slipping into detroyed Countries to steal their resources on the cheap. NATO is a terrorist organisation.

The Syrian situation is a case in point, but this goes back years, from oil and mineral-rich Countries in Africa, to other imperial adventures going back a couple of hundred years. In Libya we wanted the oil, the gas and the gold, in Iraq we wanted the oil, in Congo we want the minerals, in Sudan we want the oil, in Nigeria we want their oil, in Mali we want the gold, and on and on and on and on....In Syria it's about gas pipelines, coming from Iran and Russia.

Thank goodness for the few remaining investigative journalists who continue to operate on the internet, despite harassement, ridicule and sometimes worse. Webster Tarpley is a historian of great note, with a broad and deep historical perspective, which allows him to see through the smoke and mirrors.

This week (25.1.14) he starts his weekly two-hour geopolitical round-up by talking about Syria, and the truth rings out clearly. He recommends us to read in full the speech of the Syrian Foreign Minister, Walid Moallem, at the Geneva 2 talks this week (the complete speech is also on his website). As he says, the speech is dignified and full of accusations of support from the West for the so-called 'Syrian Rebels' (paid mercenaries, in fact) who have brought this once beautiful Country to its knees. For this reason Ban Ki-Moon tried to stop him speaking, but it will go down in history as a great anti-imperialist speech:

What we are looking at, and have been looking for some time, is quite clearly Colonial Democracy, the excellent title of the  Palestinian academic's book, Nassar Ibrahim. I was lucky enough to get to ask him a question when he gave us a lecture in Bethlehem, in November last year. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Germany's Gold (Continued)

I'm a big fan of Prof J Farrell, not least of all because thanks to him I learnt the word 'patristics'! Here he continues to explore the enigma of Germany's demand for the repatriation of their gold:

Here are the Zerohedge articles he talks about:


Wednesday, January 22, 2014

HSBC in Trouble

Let's hope so:

They've been involved in drugs' dealing for years. More whistleblowing:

"Poof, it's gone!"

Morphogenic Fields

It's considered a 'pseudoscience' by mainstream scientists, so there must be something to it! Here's a lecture by Cambridge Scientist Rupert Sheldrake:

Some more about him and this theory:



No-one talks about human rights any more:

Whistleblower Extrordinaire - Karen Hudes

Believe it or not, and most people won't, here is an hour-long interview with Lawyer and former World Bank worker, who was sacked by them as soon as she started to try to expose the corruption:

As she says, it is pretty incredible how deep this corruption goes, and how far back, but we're not going to start cleaning up the global  mess until people realise how much they have been lied to.

Brave New World

You'd better believe it:

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Agressions' Dynamic

 Here's another respectable, creditable voice explaining in precise detail the crimes of the big banks, especially JP Morgan. He is a Professor of Economics, a Professor of Law, a former Financial Regulator and has a Doctorate in Criminology, so I listen very carefully to what he has to say:

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Catherine Austin Fitts' 2013 Wrap-Up

This is well worth your time to listen to, as she covers a multitude of topics:

She's an honest speaker of truth to power - thank goodness she's still with us!


Webster Tarpley's weekly round-up, including some interesting information about the secretive 'trade' talks, the 'Trans-Pacific Partnership'. They will basically remove any control or authority from Governments and give it to Corporations, who will be making all the global economic decisions.


Saturday, January 18, 2014

US Real Estate Market

Here's a real-estate expert, telling it exactly how it is: Hedge Funds are buying real-estate with cheap/free money borrowed from the FED, then they'll do a classic 'pump-and-dump' scheme and sell them on, overpriced, to people who will be able to get a Bank loan without any downpayment in a 'no questions asked' mortgage application, in a repeat of the Subprime scandal. The Hedge funds make millions whilst selling over-priced assets to people who think this is their last chance to get on the housing ladder.

What will happen next is that the market will crash, and people will (once again) find themselves underwater (with their house being worth less than they paid for it) and/or interest rates going up, which means they can no longer afford to live there. Then the big fish move in again, buy the repossessed homes on the cheap (again) and away we go:

Of course it is certainly unethical, it should be illegal, but who cares about that any more, these days?

NB The Guest has a very annoying 'urgent' style, which you'll have to forgive, but it's full of interesting info.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Privatisation of Europe

An unbelievably unbalanced piece from the organ of the self-appointed elite, supporting the sale of public assets to individuals. Selling the family silver has never been easier.

What will our grandchildren think of us? What world will they live in? Orwell`s "a boot stamping on a face, forever" seems about right.

From Austerity to Abundance

Wonderful news: the gifted Ellen Brown is running for Treasurer of California!

Continuing Trade Outside of the Dollar

There does indeed seem to be a quickening pace to these international trade deals being cemented using currencies other than the present Reserve Currency, the US Dollar. Here there`s a deal between Russia and Iran, where they will swap oil for goods - Iran`s oil for Russian goods, thereby avoiding the Dollar:

So, it seems there is a global move to sink the Dollar, I just worry about who is behind it. It`s too trite to say the BRICS, too simplistic and too anachronistic to talk of Nation States as if they had any autonomy these days. They don`t, and I`m unfortunately convinced that the corruption is global and at the top. I hope I`m wrong, of course.

Solutions to Global Financial Crisis

I have a few doubts about Jim Willie`s conclusions, not least of all regarding the Fed. The Fed issued the `Road to Rout A` booklets and Bix Wier says they are deliberately enacting QE to infinity in order to crash the dollar - i.e. it`s all going according to plan, and the Global Currency Reset is the planned outcome. This seems much more logical, given recent events, than JW`s assertion that the Fed are incompetents presiding over a catastrophe, especially given who has just been made the Asst Chief at the Fed, an Israeli National. Still, we have to live in hope that there is a `Sheriff from the East`, and here is JW`s latest article in which he lists solutions which could help us out of this mess, but which are, of course, not being considered:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014


At first sight this looks like good news, but as Prof J Farrell points out, it could just be a way of privatising a very useful `asset` in a fire-sale, and thereby hide any information which might otherwise have to be made public:

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Germany`s Gold Repatriation Request

Lots of news on this topic at the moment. Here`s an interesting interview with Ned Naylor-Leyland, in which they talk about Germany getting - so far - a tiny proportion of their 700 tons back, and what they did get wasn`t what they had deposited:

Here`s Prof J Farrell with another angle on the same story:

Part Two:

And here`s an interview on KWN which talks about the same subject:

So, my question to Germany is: how`s that trust thing working out for you?

Encryption to Combat NSA

Whether you believe that the `universe provides` or just in the endless creativity of humans, here is some wonderful news from a Techie, about ways around the supposedly all-encompassing powers of the NSA. He must be ruffling feathers because `they` are out to get him! Using helicopters and anti-terrorist police - really???

Thursday, January 9, 2014


'One of the hard facts of our present predicament is that the steps that have to be taken to get ready for the future bearing down on us all require letting go of the privileges and perquisites that most Americans consider theirs by right.'


Quite! For 'Americans' read 'Europeans' or 'Westerners', if you prefer.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This doesn't concern Europeans so it has received very little attention this side of the Pond, except for the MSM comparing it to the UK's NHS. Nothing could be further from the truth, and here Dr Paul Craig Roberts spells it out, amongst other interesting topics like the US deficit, the sale of bullion to the East, and the dollar dropping:

Again, Jim Willie has also been predicting increased QE, not tapering.

The Super Entity

This is the Report often referenced by Karen Hudes when she talks about the attempt to control the world by a small group of people. This Study shows that over 60% of all global profits go back to this same group, who hide behind an opaque plethora of Corporations and Institutes.

They have a revolving-door policy on the Boards, so in fact, ultimately, it seems quite easy to have a small group of people (families) controlling where the wealth goes. It almost goes without saying that they are so powerful that they can easily influence Governments, through the power structure (old boys' network), through bribery and/or corruption or through good old-fashioned violence.

I believe the truth will come out soon enough, but it could prove to be a phyrric victory because by then they may well have bought and paid for everything on the planet,using their fiat currencies just before they go out of fashion,  thereby becoming what George Carlin calls' The Owners'. We're not far off now, and if they succeed we'd better all re-learn how to be a good serf.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


I've been watching this phenomenon over my house for at least 5 years. It's real and it's dangerous:

Monday, January 6, 2014

Jim Willie Macroeconomic Round-Up

Here's an interview from November 2013 which I somehow missed. It's a cracker!!

Hyperinflation in US in 2014

A prediction made by not just anybody, but by John Williams, who has an excellent and well-respected website called 'Shadowstats', wherein he tracks the truth of the figures that the Government puts out:

Here's his website:

Incidentally, Jim Willie has also been calling this for some while now.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Bitcoin Derivatives

Being toted as an alternative to the Central Bank Cartel, Bitcoin is certainly making some people look more closely at our global system of trade and commerce. One of those big brains is Reggie Middleton, who has just created Bitcoin derivatives:

Is this a good thing?

Living on a Finite Planet

This is all pretty obvious, and has been for some time to us vegans, but nevertheless it deserves repeating:

Gold Backwardation

A fascinating (undated) note from Professor Antal Fekete, which predicts the end of the dollar, widespread disruption and famine:

Can anyone put Humpty back together again? There is talk of two Dollars, internal and external, or Fed-produced and Treasury produced, but I don't think at this point that anyone knows what the outcome will be. The Banksters will take us to war to hide their crimes, as they have done so many times before.

Saturday, January 4, 2014