Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Super Entity

This is the Report often referenced by Karen Hudes when she talks about the attempt to control the world by a small group of people. This Study shows that over 60% of all global profits go back to this same group, who hide behind an opaque plethora of Corporations and Institutes.

They have a revolving-door policy on the Boards, so in fact, ultimately, it seems quite easy to have a small group of people (families) controlling where the wealth goes. It almost goes without saying that they are so powerful that they can easily influence Governments, through the power structure (old boys' network), through bribery and/or corruption or through good old-fashioned violence.

I believe the truth will come out soon enough, but it could prove to be a phyrric victory because by then they may well have bought and paid for everything on the planet,using their fiat currencies just before they go out of fashion,  thereby becoming what George Carlin calls' The Owners'. We're not far off now, and if they succeed we'd better all re-learn how to be a good serf.

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