Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Solutions to Global Financial Crisis

I have a few doubts about Jim Willie`s conclusions, not least of all regarding the Fed. The Fed issued the `Road to Rout A` booklets and Bix Wier says they are deliberately enacting QE to infinity in order to crash the dollar - i.e. it`s all going according to plan, and the Global Currency Reset is the planned outcome. This seems much more logical, given recent events, than JW`s assertion that the Fed are incompetents presiding over a catastrophe, especially given who has just been made the Asst Chief at the Fed, an Israeli National. Still, we have to live in hope that there is a `Sheriff from the East`, and here is JW`s latest article in which he lists solutions which could help us out of this mess, but which are, of course, not being considered:

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