Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fracking in the UK

Do you need any more proof of the veracity of peak oil?


Or 'persistent contrails' as they are called at this symposium:

Do you believe me or your lying eyes? FWIW, this is why the European weather has been abysmal this summer, with at least 20% less sunlight reaching the earth (and preventing photosynthesis) - Solar Radiation Management, which you can see from this wiki definition is "largely theoretical":

Meaning, of course, that they're doing it now, above your heads. Is this what they're scared of, Solar cycle 24?:

Geoengineering explained:

And here's a quote giving away what they're actually doing, in a dreadful article in a pseudo-'scientific' journal:

 "Slightly less dramatic, and more feasible, are schemes that would spray aerosols, or tiny particles, high in the atmosphere.

These aerosol plans are based on nature. Volcanic eruptions spew sulfur dioxide gas high into the atmosphere, which combine with water vapor and form light-reflecting particles. Just like the theoretical space shields, these particles keep Earth cool.

A variety of methods could be used to get these aerosols into the atmosphere, from spraying them out of airplanes to one plan that would use a balloon tethered by a 12.4-mile-long (20 km) hose pumping the particles into the stratosphere."


(my bold highlights - this is what they are doing, now)

Friday, June 28, 2013

European Bail-Ins Agreed

'On Thursday, EU finance ministers agreed to a shocking new plan that will make every bank account in Europe vulnerable to Cyprus-style bail-ins.  In other words, the wealth confiscation that we just witnessed in Cyprus will now be used as a template for future bank failures all over Europe. '


Ignore this at your peril.

Palestine is Everywhere

Too right. An interview with the famous Jewish musician:

911 Phone-Call Anomalies

Better late than never:

Return of Glass-Steagall?

New political and economic thinking or all part of the decades-old agenda?

Thursday, June 27, 2013

5 Broken Cameras

I've just got back from seeing this film in our local town. A large auditorium with only 25 people in it, watching a tragic film about a never-ending situation. Nobody cares until their own little life is affected. Shame on us all:

Dollar Devaluation

A must-listen information-packed interview with the incredible Jim Willie. Best quote: "It's coming unravelled":

Part 2:

Part 3:

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Russ Tice - Whistleblower

A lot of information here:

The Rise of New Fascism

I first used the 'F' word in relation to the USA when Bush was handed the 2004 elections. Friends scoffed and said I didn't understand the meaning of fascism. I did, and here we are nearly ten years later, and it's finally being called what it is. It's here, now. The trouble is, most people cannot recognise it. Luckily John Pilger can:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Obama is a Fraud

As my gut told me when he was elected with all of the hoo-ha of a messiah. He's a fake, and here's a Professor of Columbia University (where Obama allegedly went) saying so:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Major Stock Market Crash Dead Ahead

We`re shouting at the tops of our lungs, but is anyone listening? The next great crash will, of course, go down in history as a consequence of the next great war - whereas the truth is exactly the reverse - Obama went to war with Russia precisely because he (and his Wall Street handlers) was being found out and this financial Ponzi scheme was coming unwound. We are lions led by donkeys, except that donkeys have a lot more sense than these greedy central-planners:

More good reporting of the truth:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Edward Snowden

My thoughts exactly:

Why here? Why now? Why MSM?

Or maybe this is what happened:

500 Years of Darkness

 Here the mighty Mexican explains how we got into this mess, and makes some dire predictions about what will happen if we continue along the same path:

Imminent Plunge

Corroborating what Jim Willie has been saying for some while, here the GEAB lays out the next geopolitical moves. Any news you hear that the financial crisis is over is pure propaganda. May they rot in hell for not forewarning the ordinary people of the tsunami that is about to engulf the world.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Drugs, Oil & War

More truth coming out about Afghanistan, and America's policy of 'full spectrum dominance':

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Communities That Abide

Here is an interview with Dmitri Orlov, about his new book 'The Five Stages of Collapse'. They are:

* Financial
* Commercial
* Political
* Social
* Cultural

Here's the link:

(Skip to 06:20 to hear the beginning of the interview).

He uses the term 'highly resilient communities'. Ask yourself, is that what we've got?

Thought for the Day

Oftentimes I feel that we, as a species, are too self-congratulatory. Did we, for example, invent butterflies? Did we invent fig trees or tadpoles? Did we invent the sunrise and the sunset, and everything in between?

For us to have a correct sense of perspective about our true place on this planet, we need a sharp dose of humility, topped off with a removal of rose-tinted spectacles which have been telling us, for some decades now, that we are masters of the universe and are able to create at will. This arrogance has led us to believe that whatever damage we do the the ecosystem, we can fix.

I know people today - decent people - who don't feel that the environment is a priority. So what is a priority? Other humans? Yes! The fight for our rights? Yes!  Freedom and democracy, and above all liberty from serfdom? Yes! But is it not just a little bit important, that we save the planet from ourselves, first?

Otherwise, where would we live?

Unchartered Territory

The Las Vegas trader, Greg Mannarino, tries his best to educate the 'masses', that the whole fiat-backed debt-based system is fake, and actually died in 2008. It's been kept alive since then by QE to infinity, which cannot end (or 'be tapered' to use the Fed's jargon) until the whole system implodes. Collapse is happening now:

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Financial Engineering

A compelling interview with Catherine Austin Fitts:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bail-Ins Coming Soon

As Jim Sinclair says, everyone is being told, but no-one is listening. I've tried my best to warn friends and family, and only two have listened. It's going to be tough on the rest:

All Change! The Petro-dollar is Dead!

'The Petro-Dollar is dead, with the funeral only remaining, and a loud thud.'


Saturday, June 1, 2013

France & New Zealand to Trade in Yuan

Greg Hunter mentions this news amongst his other items in his weekly wrap-up:

Here's what I found by Googling the info:

And that, folks, is a very interesting development...