Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thought for the Day

Oftentimes I feel that we, as a species, are too self-congratulatory. Did we, for example, invent butterflies? Did we invent fig trees or tadpoles? Did we invent the sunrise and the sunset, and everything in between?

For us to have a correct sense of perspective about our true place on this planet, we need a sharp dose of humility, topped off with a removal of rose-tinted spectacles which have been telling us, for some decades now, that we are masters of the universe and are able to create at will. This arrogance has led us to believe that whatever damage we do the the ecosystem, we can fix.

I know people today - decent people - who don't feel that the environment is a priority. So what is a priority? Other humans? Yes! The fight for our rights? Yes!  Freedom and democracy, and above all liberty from serfdom? Yes! But is it not just a little bit important, that we save the planet from ourselves, first?

Otherwise, where would we live?

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