Monday, January 18, 2016

Göbekli Tepe


Here's the documentary he mentions, where he starts to put his toe in the water of revealing a much older human civilisation:

The Big Reset

Coming soon, to a planet near you:

Here's Willem Middelcoop's interview, from mid-2014, which got everyone talking:

And here a more recent and more in-depth interview, where Willem tries to explain more clearly the on-coming reset:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Goldman Sachs Takes Over

I love people who talk straight, and there's no-one better than Gerald Celente to tell it like it is. Here he joins all the dots, and draws a very convincing picture of... Goldman Sachs completing their global fascist takeover:

I like his idea of putting Hilary Clinton in a straight-jacket!

Monday, January 11, 2016


Proof of what we've known for years: the invasion of Libya was because of Gaddafi's desire to start a gold-backed African currency. These Bankers are murderous people, and their bought-and-paid-for Politicians are doing their dirty work:

Libya's gold was stolen by London immediately after the invasion, and their oil fields were immediately surrounded and captured. The people of Libya will never now achieve their birth-right, as before the invasion the Country was well on the way to being the richest Country in Africa, with excellent health and educations systems, plus many other benefits.

Now it's a bombed-out wasteland.

The ESF, USD & Treasury Notes

"The collapse is happening now":

Rob Kirby is a good egg, and he's mad as hell!

Cynthia McKinney in Russia

Great interview here, with another of my heroines:

And here, even more interesting, is a tapescript of another interview, given last year:

Notice who drummed her out of Office - same old, same old.

It's Our Money!

Never a truer word spoken! Here's the inimitable Ellen Brown, in conversation with Les Leopold of the Labor Institute:

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Laws of Nature

Here's an off-the-cuff comment I just posted on the KR:

susan says:
There seems to be another interesting sub-text going on at the moment: that white people shouldn’t be consigned to ‘third world’ status.

So, one has to assume that it’s OK for brown people to live in the third world?

Rarely mentioned (except by Chris Martensen) is that people in the West have been living a gorged life of over-consumption for about four or five decades. Puffing up their wealth, their bodies and their egos. I know quite a few people who consider themselves clever or important just by dint of having money. One wonders how they will feel if *poof it’s gone* happens? They’ll look around for someone to blame, I suppose.

In many ways I think ‘philosophyofmetrics’ is right, in that we have allowed all of this to happen. We haven’t remained vigilant to the scams, we just went along with them for an easier life, many people identifying with the ‘get rich quick’ mentality, and wanting to climb the greasy pole to fortune.

Those who didn’t want this got trampled in the rush, or spat on, metaphorically, for being a doomer.
Although I’m not denying for one second that there are parasitical types who have orchestrated this situation for their own gain, they could not have got to this position of supreme power and wealth if we (the people) hadn’t let them.

Look how many people still support Royal families and their off-spring for example – it’s positively medieval!

But I do see the laws of nature playing out too: birth – growth – blossoming – decay – death.

In nature, however, there is often (even surprisingly) a self-seeding that takes place, and on supposedly barren ground, and small seed will sprout up.

Is the new plant more intelligent than the parent plant that dropped the seed? I hope so!


The Problems of Agriculture

An interesting TED talk:

Monday, January 4, 2016

Understanding EROI

Most peoople seem to have no idea about the concept of 'Energy Returned Over Invested': EROI. Here a well-respected analyst, Steve St. Angelo, explains how the price of energy has a knock-on effect on PMs, the economy and the oil industry:

Here's his website:

It should be good news for the ecology, as the dropping oil price should see the end of the shale-oil boom, but unfortunately it'll also see the end of the economy.


The Bail-In Legislation 2016

Here jsnip4 breaks down the new legislation where people with money in the bank are re-defined as 'unsecured depositors'. The legislation was worked out at the G20 in Brisbane in 2014, and some Countries have been dragging their heels, getting taken to Court for their troubles. I mentioned this in my blog back when it was drafted, but it has now become law.

He looks into the exceptions and the small print of this evil move, and guess who wins? His analogy with a game of Monopoly is priceless!

The Year in Review - 2015

"To know where you're going, you've got to know where to are, and where you've come from..."

The Federal Reserve

As they say, no more 'Federal' than Federal Express:

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Understanding the Vampire Squid

It's the women who are stepping up to the plate and telling the truth these days. Here, another one of my heroines, Nomi Prins, gives another frank and open interview, explaining very clearly what she knew when she worked at Goldman Sachs, and joining the dots on what has happened since:

How far can you really take this 'cock-up' theory before it stretches beyond credibility? Just listen to the names she names: they come up time and time again.

Here's Nomi Prins' website, and I'm going to get her book 'All the President's Bankers':

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Homan Square: Domestic Rendition

Two of my heroines - Catherine Austin Fitts and Cynthia McKinney - both ex-US Government employees and both with their eyes wide open to the reality of the global situation, here have a frank and positive discussion about how we can build bridges between communities in order to try to stop this top-down control grid that is being built, piece by piece, all around us:

Is anybody listening? Anybody? Hello?