Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Laws of Nature

Here's an off-the-cuff comment I just posted on the KR:

susan says:
There seems to be another interesting sub-text going on at the moment: that white people shouldn’t be consigned to ‘third world’ status.

So, one has to assume that it’s OK for brown people to live in the third world?

Rarely mentioned (except by Chris Martensen) is that people in the West have been living a gorged life of over-consumption for about four or five decades. Puffing up their wealth, their bodies and their egos. I know quite a few people who consider themselves clever or important just by dint of having money. One wonders how they will feel if *poof it’s gone* happens? They’ll look around for someone to blame, I suppose.

In many ways I think ‘philosophyofmetrics’ is right, in that we have allowed all of this to happen. We haven’t remained vigilant to the scams, we just went along with them for an easier life, many people identifying with the ‘get rich quick’ mentality, and wanting to climb the greasy pole to fortune.

Those who didn’t want this got trampled in the rush, or spat on, metaphorically, for being a doomer.
Although I’m not denying for one second that there are parasitical types who have orchestrated this situation for their own gain, they could not have got to this position of supreme power and wealth if we (the people) hadn’t let them.

Look how many people still support Royal families and their off-spring for example – it’s positively medieval!

But I do see the laws of nature playing out too: birth – growth – blossoming – decay – death.

In nature, however, there is often (even surprisingly) a self-seeding that takes place, and on supposedly barren ground, and small seed will sprout up.

Is the new plant more intelligent than the parent plant that dropped the seed? I hope so!


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